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The Mutant Apocalypse of Shady Side, Part 4

Posted on Tue Dec 19th, 2017 @ 9:49am by Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake & Freshman Dominic Dunny & Category IV Dyami Bentley (Tribal: Bent Leaf) & Category V: Supervillain Frederick Hollywood & Unawakened Lauren McArthurs

Mission: Everyday
Location: Shady Side, Maryland
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 22 January 2012

The Indian man quickly regained his composure and natural good looks upon hearing the orders of his oldest friend, although not without some effort. Turning back to the group, he said in an authoritative voice, “Move, now!” He held out his arms and began herding the family to the waiting jet. Briefly casting his gaze on Syn, he gave her a look that promised his rapid return.

Lauren stumbled back a few steps, but didn’t leave with the others.

Appearing at her side, Ushebti joined her in looking up at Seth, taking advantage of the clamour to escape. He glanced over at Lauren and gave her a reassuring smile, his eyes glazed over again. “Faith is a two way street. I think...I think they are watching. Whatever it is you’re planning to do, they have faith in you to do it.”

Lauren blinked, looking at the boy with surprise. She gave a small nod and returned the smile. She wondered idly if she really understood what he was saying and who ‘they’ were. Either way, the reminder that people believed in her was helpful. It gave her resolve.

She turned and followed Syn.


A loud roar echoed over the small town. Five of the newest and largest jets in The Spire’s air force soared along with The Watch and a small batch of infantry to try and contain the forces of Nexus from becoming too much of a problem.

Speaking over the intercom to the passengers of all the planes in formation, the Russian reminded his soldiers about the urgency of this situation. “Okay, listen up, people. Don’t forget what the boss said. This needs to be a surgical strike in a hostile civilian location. If someone gets in your way, put them down quickly and move on.” Spatz never liked the idea of mixing civilians in with military missions, and worse yet, the add on of a new bunch of nobodies bothered him even more. He didn’t like the idea of ending up on the eight o’clock news again as a bunch of murderers. Lorde was supposed to have fixed that. Said he had tried. Even mentioned something got in his way. Lorde wasn’t always clear about his intentions, but if there was something he could do to help out, the Cossack hoped he would ask.

Lorde looked over to his Spatz Not pilot. “Did you hear that?”

The large, dark-haired man gave Frederick a quizzical look. “Unless you mean the roar of those Stark knock off engines, no, can’t say I do.”

“I think we may have bigger problems than a Nexus revolt.” Crazy or not, Lorde had learned that many times his feelings were real and had impact on this world.



“I’m not as mortal as you might think,” Wyrmwood said with a chuckle of her own. “And I belong to no one.” The woman stood, now large enough to physically block the alleyway that they had stepped into, wielding deadly war fans that were now a number of feet in size.

Wyrmwood was conscious of the fact that most of them were likely normal people held in a thrall of some kind. However, they were a direct threat to everyone around them. As the wave of Seth’s minions grew close enough, those fans began spinning with a practiced ease. Broken weapons and the bodies of the serpent god’s followers began flying, or dropping, around her with each carefully controlled swing. She’d save as many as she could, but the dragon lady wasn’t exactly one that shied away from causing death and destruction.

Kobra Kai had dreamed his whole life of being a world renowned martial artist, and he was given that opportunity by Seth. Just like his movie heroes, he wanted to show off his skills to the evil dragon queen. He began to strut around and perform a kata, his hands showing off the styles of kung fu known to him. When they came to the end of a move a sound came from them like rushing air. “My Wing Chun is more powerful than your petty chi hsuan men martial arts prowess!”

Wyrmwood snorted slightly, rolling her eyes at the small, posturing man. Only three were left. She assumed they were considered to be Seth’s best, his lieutenants, as it were, but he was simply annoying. She shrunk back down to a normal height, though still larger than she actually was, her red-reptilian eyes boring into the haughty little man.

“You need to learn some humility, young one,” the dragon lady said, then delivered a swift spinning back kick to the center of his bared chest with no more effort than she had used to brush the masses of sword-bearing geeks aside. It was a kick that picked the martial artist up off of the ground and sent him flying back towards his master, striking Seth in the chest with a surprising amount of power.

The lessons Wyrmwood was trying to teach would soon be lost on the wannabe Kung Fu king.

“USELESS!!” Seth rumbled, shaking the ground. Red eyes watched Kai fall, slowly dissolving into a pile of sand at Seth’s feet. The god kicked the pale sand at Syn with disdain.

Wyrmwood blinked a few times, then shook her head. Over her long lifespan, she had seen many a wanton follower of evil fall to his own master. She sighed, then shrugged, rapidly turning her attention to the others. “Such a waste,” she muttered.

Rattler shrugged and grinned. Unlike Kai he knew what was at stake. Also, he didn’t want to be on the wrong end of Seth. He started firing his massive chain gun with its signature rattle sound. “Sorry, lady, I ain’t as much of a talker as Kai!”

“Yet you still talk too much,” Wyrmwood’s voice said from behind the gun-wielding minion, even though the visage of the woman still stood in front of him, shielding herself with the large war fans that she used with deadly efficiency.

Quickly the lieutenant of Seth looked around, trying to track the woman’s voice, but he kept firing at his target. After all, mutants with a clone ability were not unheard of.

Boa screamed, “Behind you, Rattler!”

The warning came far too late for the man hefting the heavy gun. Wyrmwood’s fans flashed in the daylight, the razor sharp golden claws raking Rattler’s back deeply, flaying him to the bone. As the man screamed in pain and dropped his weapon to his side out of sheer shock, the dragon-eyed woman spun around him, and in a single fluid movement disemboweled him with one fan while cutting his throat with the other. She chuckled as she disappeared from view once again.

The massive snake man roared. Unlike his fellow followers, Boa’s power was based on his love of his green childhood hero, one not many people had been a fan of. “You won’t take me out that easy, you witch!” He slammed his hands together creating a sonic shockwave, then with both hands he smashed the ground, trying to unearth his prey.

Still unseen, Wyrmwood leapt into the air, trying to avoid the ground-churning shockwave as it passed by in the narrow alleyway. Fences fell over, trees within range swayed, a few of the smaller ones crashing down with the blast. “Impressive strength,” her disembodied voice said, echoing around him as though he was suddenly trapped within a dream, impossible to track. With a swiftness that had been garnered through centuries of intense training, Wyrmwood’s blades flashed in the air once again, dragging down her enemy’s chest and gouging deeply into the flesh.

Boa roared again. The pain shot through him, making him even more angry, making him less human, his mind slipping away into a feral rage. The skin on his chest seemed to age quickly, then fall off, replaced by new, uninjured skin, almost like a snake molting. Out of instinct, he quickly swatted the air in front of him with his massive arms.

Wyrmwood didn’t have time to be overly impressed with Boa’s healing factor, but she definitely found it interesting. As his massive fists swung in her direction, the dragon lady blocked the blow, the force of which drove her feet into the sundered ground. “You’re strong, but unbalanced,” she said, shimmering into view as she threw his heavy hands back. She pulled her legs out of the ground swiftly, performing a pair of backflips to get out of his melee range. “But is that your power, or his?”

The powerhouse tore off a chunk of the wall and sent it flying at the Wyrmy woman with the speed of a bullet. In a voice now like that of a mac truck muffler, he spat, “My master Seth has made me whole!” It was a battle to speak to the small thing chattering in front of him.

Wyrmwood scowled as she punched the heavy piece of wall, shattering it into a myriad of small pieces. “Seth has made you a slave,” she hissed. Typical means weren’t going to drop Boa, and the Tower’s dragon lady knew that. However, his mind seemed weak and pliable. “Now tell me your fears,” she muttered, as her mind reached out to his.

Suddenly Boa was surrounded by a dozen ghastly figures dressed in football uniforms and cheerleader outfits. One of the undead dozen groaned, “Izzz that you, Bobbo? It been a long time...ya know? Too long since you had a swirly in the little girl’s room, riiight?” The figures began to creep at him slowly, like in some kind of living dead movie.

“That’s right,” the blonde cheerleader with half her head missing uttered inexplicably. “We should show off his manhood to his big daddy, right?”

The member of the football team with the bloody number ten spoke up, “Only after we wedgy him until his ass bleeds.”

The girls began to laugh in unison like a stereotypical coven of witches. “Bobbo, Bobbo, don’t you wanna play?”

It was far more than the follower of Seth could handle. He leaped away, high into the air, screaming and crying, those dark times in his life being the birthing place of most of his rage and all of his fears.

She always felt dirty using people’s fears against them, but it was often the most expedient course of action. Wyrmwood cringed inwardly as she peered into Boa’s mind. He hadn’t always been what he was in that moment, and had her people found him first, he could’ve been a powerful ally. Growling softly, she launched herself after the surprisingly young man, knowing that if she didn’t make it look like the fight was continuing, Seth was likely to kill him.

“Cool your jets,” Wyrmwood muttered, grabbing his powerful arm and flinging him into the icy bay a good distance away. When she landed in front of Seth once again, the earth cracked around her, a crater forming at her feet, and she stood slowly, her jaw working furiously as a raging ire burned in her reptilian eyes.


Absynthe "Syn" Drake
Headmistress, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Wyrmwood"

Dyami Bentley
Indian Shaman/US Marshal
AKA - "Talon"

Frederick Hollywood
Leader, Findellion Watch
AKA - "Lorde"

Lauren McArthurs
AKA - "Spiral"

Melissa's Friend
NPC - Dominic Dunny


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