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The Mutant Apocalypse of Shady Side, Part 2

Posted on Tue Dec 19th, 2017 @ 8:44am by Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake & Freshman Dominic Dunny & Senior Aiden Edwin & Unawakened Melissa Wilson & Academy Physician Seamus Edwin M.D. & Civilian Tamar Todd & Civilian Faustina (Tina) Cyparissus MD & Civilian Esperanza Roman

Mission: Everyday
Location: Shady Side, Maryland
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 22 January 2012

Aiden had the front door open just a crack. He could still hear everything going on. Upstairs, he could hear Melissa's family packing.

Seamus stood near his son, slowly rubbing his temples. “How do you want to do this, boss?” he asked Syn.

“I can get Melissa and mother to the jet quickly. Or even just Melissa, if you want,” Aiden said as he shut the door. “Sounds like hundreds of footsteps.”

Melissa was used to being quiet. She stood at the top of the stairs as Aiden spoke and heard every word. “No.”

“No what?” Aiden asked.

“I won’t go if my family doesn’t.” She shook her head, pushing her large black glasses higher on her nose. “My dad and Kyle have to go, too, or... or I won’t go.” She glanced at Aiden, and there was a look of pain and betrayal in her eyes.

“They'll go, but I can get you and your mother to the transport the fastest,” Aiden told Melissa.

Seamus got up and put a hand on his son's shoulder. “Son, she is scared and worried about her family. You haven't done this much. So let cooler heads prevail here. We shall move all of them, in a group, and safely. The three of us should provide enough firepower to keep all four of them safe.”

Then Seamus whispered, in a tone that only his son would have heard, “Now apologize. We don't need her scared.”

Aiden turned to face Melissa. “I didn't mean we would leave your family. I am sorry of it seemed like I wanted to take you from them. I only wanted to keep you safe, and splitting you up was the wrong idea.” He held a hand over his heart. “I promise you, I will help your mother, father, and brother get to the jet as you do. Deal?”

She nodded, blushing a little. “Sorry, I thought... Okay. I’ll, um... A-are we going now?”

“Why can’t I bring it?” Kyle asked, his voice carrying downstairs.

“You bring only what you are need!” Talassa’s shrill voice replied. “No extra!”

“Mooooom!” he protested.

“Kyle, listen to your mother. One bag,” Anthony replied as he came down the stairs with a small bag for himself and Talassa. “We’re ready to go. I’ve called Lisa and let her know that she needs to remain where she is for the time being, that someone will be by to get her shortly.”

“I’ll come and see you as soon as I can,” Tina promised, walking down the stairs at Talassa’s side. “I have a feeling I’ll be needed here for a little while, but you’ll be safe with these people.”

“You are sure?” Talassa glanced at the metas uneasily. “You will come?”

“Promise.” Tina gave her sister a hug before turning to Seamus. “Keep an eye on them for me? Doctor’s honour? Maybe Susan or Cathy can watch Melissa and Ky...” She paused. “Maybe Cathy wouldn’t be the best one to show Kyle around...”

“I promise. But come with us. We can keep you safe too,” Seamus told her.

Tina shook her head. “With the power outage, I’ll have patients to tend to. They’ll need me. I’ll be okay, I promise. If anything happens, I’ll call for help.”

Ushebti was murmuring quietly to himself. “Screams of hatred in a cloud of lost promise.” His hands gripped at the fabric of his clothing, and his eyes were glazed over so much they were almost white.

Melissa set her bag down beside Ushebti and looked at him worriedly. “Are you okay?” She whispered.

It seemed like an age as Ushebti’s eyes slowly focused on Melissa. “Sorry. There is a lot of power here. It can force the sight upon me.” He smiled weakly. “We need to get you and your family to safety.”

She nodded, gesturing to the bag at her feet. “We’re ready. What, um... what do you mean by... sight?”

Ushebti lowered his voice. “I’ll tell you about it sometime, when we’re in a private place. For now, let's focus on getting you out. Want me to carry that?” He looked at the bag at her feet.

“It's okay... i-it isn't heavy.” She shook her head. “You’re coming too, right?”

“My job is to protect you. Neferu would be displeased if I let you go without that protection.”

Melissa blushed at that, but gave a small smile. “Maybe we can talk when we get there... wherever we’re going.”


Tamar jogged up to the woman with the stroller, tapping her on the shoulder to get her attention.

“Excuse me, miss? Ah need ya ta go back inside yer house. Ya got a basement? Best go down there,” she said with a smile, brushing back her red hair.

The woman frowned, pulling out an earbud. “Huh? Who are you? I always go for a run at this time. Excuse me...”

“Well, right now we have a situation developin’, ma’am,” Tamar said, gently, but firmly, taking the mother’s hand. “Ah need ya ta go inside please. SHIELD business,” she said seriously. It was only a little fib, but hopefully the name of the agency charged with handling serious threats to national security would get her to move.

The woman’s frown deepened. She was about to speak again when she noticed Esper in the street.

Esperanza walked into the middle of the street to buy Tamar some time to get the soccer mom to safety. She cracked her knuckles and knelt down, resting her hand on the concrete street. She sent her power rippling through the stone. She would start out more subtle for now, before she pulled out the blatant displays of power. The asphalt rippled, becoming uneven, making the footing of the mob treacherous and unstable, sending several falling over, clutching at their neighbors, dragging them down, getting trampled, but slowing the group.

The Shady Side resident gasped, her eyes going wide as she saw the asphalt ripple. She pulled the stroller away from Tamar and looked at her with terror. “You... you... you’re one of them, aren’t you?”

Tamar sighed. “Ma’am, we’re here ta help,” she said. “Please go inside where it’s safe.”

The baby in the stroller began to cry piercing terrified shrieks that echoed her mother’s fear.

She edged away from Tamar even further and looked up at the sky. “God protect us! The devil has invaded our faithful little town! Save us, Lord! Strike down these abominations where they stand! Save our children from them!” At that, she ran as fast as she could back toward her house.

“Well, that is one way to do it, redneck,” Esperanza said drolly as she rejoined Tamar.

Tamar just gave her a dirty look.



Aiden Edwin
Senior, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Ouroboros"

Melissa Wilson
Newly Awakened

Doctor Seamus Edwin
Academy Physician, Townsend Tower

Doctor Faustina Cyparissus

Melissa's Friend
NPC - Dominic Dunny

Tamar Todd
Teacher/Housemother, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Purifyre"

Esperanza Roman
Business Manager, Townsend Tower
AKA - "Solitaire"



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