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Cats and glass

Posted on Fri Oct 27th, 2017 @ 2:33am by Unawakened Devin Graham
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Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Atlanta GA

Devin sat still as the eye doctor (one of the few specialists) at Warby Parker looked at her eyes again with his light hmmming the whole time. She was used to it with each new doctor's office visit. They always hmmmed then asked the same question, "When you read, how do the words appear?"

"The words on the left are a bit lower than the ones on the right. They're always fuzzy though." she replied as she had so many times once she learned that giving more details helped get her out of there sooner, usually.

He put the lense mask (she never did learn the proper name for yet) in front of her face again and started having her tell which was better or worse and if the words got any closer together. There were more questions more hmmmming and then he called Hannah into the exam room, turning up the lights slowly. "Why don't you go look at the frames while I talk with your guardian, Devin."

She looked at Hannah who nodded and she got out of the exam chair slowly making sure she didn't catch her foot on the bottom. She walked out of the room and then the doctor's office door was closed.

Russell was looking at the sun glasses with Mace sitting quietly beside, his left side the bright MIRA tag_shash was a bit tangled but still readable. "Well how did it go?" he asked turning slowly his cane helping him keep his balance.

Devin shrugged slightly "He thinks getting new glasses will help with the headaches I have been getting, whatever else I don't know he had me leave so he could talk to Hannah." she looked past Russell to the glasses on the shelves. One pair looked a bit like cats eyes in a rich red hue. She reached out to them but missed catching her hand on the side of the shelf. Devin hissed looked at her hand and fingers then took a careful step closer to the shelf. "Can I help you with something?" one of the ladies that had been busy talking among themselves, was suddenly beside her.

"I would like to try those red frames on please." Devin replied quietly pointing to the ones she was reaching for.

"Oh you don't want those sweetie they're not for your age." the lady said reaching instead for a pair of light blue frames that were far too wide for her face.

Devin argued politely and finally got the frames she wanted to try on. She couldn't really see them clearly in the mirror her eyes always showed her things out of focus fuzzy and clouded over. She got the general idea of what things were supposed to look like but she'd never even seen a snowflake really bit was just a cold white blur to her an rainbows were colorful blurs in the sky. Devin reached up touching the frames' sides and her face. It felt like they'd fit. She looked at Russell and saw that Hannah had walked out she looked at Devin and asked if she liked the frames she was wearing.

The next stop was picking up pizza chicken and Krystal's cheeseburgers. The last stop was at the animal shelter. Devin walked in right to the counter and asked Shelby if the cats she was picking up were ready to go.

"I am sorry Devin but Scooter and Mousse got adopted this morning I do have two kittens that need attention and if Hannah doesn't mind bringing them back for check ups you can take them off my hands." Hannah had come in looking at her cell phone with a frown. "Can you tell me why we weren't told sooner? I don't have any missed calls from you nor Darrell so why?"

Devin sighed she'd wanted Scooter and Mousse but getting kittens would be okay. They'd just need time and attention. "What's wrong with the kittens Shelby?" Devin asked lightly she wanted to know what she was getting ready to take on.

"They were found in a garbage bin, they need to be bottle fed a few times a day. Until they're stronger and able to keep solids down." Shelby said showing the paperwork to Hannah.

Devin frowned softly she would have school soon how was she going to be able to feed them she could run from the school home and back during lunchtime and maybe free period. Or roller skating That could work.
"Hannah may I look at them?" she asked as Hannah finished reading the paperwork o the kittens.

"Make it quick sweetie, we have to get dinner back to the others."

Devin followed Shelby to the back of the shelter's office the cage that held the new kittens was easy to see one black ball of fluff looked up at her eyes bright blue yellow the other ball of fluff was three colors golden gray and white it's eyes were bright blue green. Babies just babies. She would find a way to take care of them.

"So what are their names going to be, Devin?" Hannah asked as she drove the Mazda 5 down the highway.

Russell sat in the back without comment, Mace who was sniffing the kittens' carrier tail wagging a mile a minute.

"Artemis and Diana." Devin said softly as she held the food in her lap. It was surprisingly still hot thanks to the insulated bags they'd bought from Costco
recently. The heat from the food felt like it was burning her thighs but she said nothing because she didn't want to be a problem when she just got her new glasses ordered and kittens to care for...


"Devin can you tell me what bthe square root of this equation?" Mr Harper asked her as he pointed to the black board. She couldn't even see the numbers. they were just white blurs on the black board before her. Her new glasses still hadn't come in. She shook her head, "I don't know Sir I can't read the numbers from here."

"Then get up and move closer until you can." His tone implied that he didn't believe her but he wasn't exactly calling her a lier, yet.

Devin got up and started forward got past the third desk before one of the boys she was passing stuck out a foot, she didn't see his foot caught her left on his and fell to the floor near Mr Harper's desk. She landed hard on her knees and hands her current glasses fell off, she heard Mr Harper moving her way his tone exasperated. She crawled forward to get her glasses from the floor, when Mr Harper's hand closed tight on her left arm yanked her to her feet and shoved her towards the board. She fumbled with her glasses getting them on her nose even as tears ran down her face. She blinked at the equation tears blurring everything worse than normal she picked up the chalk and wrote her answer. She turned and headed towards her desk once more.

"2.236 is the square root of 25 which is the square of the number 5 very good you have been paying attention." Though Harper's tone was harsh.

Devin didn't reply just got back to her desk and sat down keeping her face down as the tears still ran down her cheeks.


"Hey Graham wait up!"

Devin didn't stop walking for the yard she didn't want to be late to feed Artemis and Diana...

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