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Frog Finale

Posted on Fri Oct 6th, 2017 @ 5:37am by Category V: Supervillain Frederick Hollywood

Mission: The Villain's Spire
Location: Mesoamerica
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse

Title: Frog Finale
Location: Mesoamerica
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse


The blue god streaked at them, making a strange humming noise. Before reaching them, he turned quickly perpendicular to the pair and set loose several darts. They also made a similar noise as they flew through the air, humming in a strange way, trying to find a mark.

Akna simply jumped high into the air back towards the treeline. “Hey, Macho Man, I thought we could be friends.” After she landed, she added, “I mean, that’s really not something you get a girl on the first date.”

One of the darts that the blue man had thrown poked into Frederick’s chest and fell to the ground harmlessly. “Thats one.”

The blue streak came back around and landed yet another blow, this time hitting Lorde’s head. The time traveler could tell if it wasn’t for his myriad of protections that might have taken his head off. “That’s two.”

Leapfrog bounced back into the fray, also moving at high speed, not wanting to test just how much of that kind of punishment her leader could take. When her legs missed their mark on top of the birdman’s head, she shot her tongue at the back of his neck and gave a quick tug. “Oh my God, you are a fatty, aren't you?” She felt like her poor froggy tongue had tried to hold back a car, or even a small truck.

Down the blue beast fell. He quickly shot up in a rage. “I will grind you both in my hands.” He grabbed Akna’s tongue on the back of his neck and pried it off. Then he began to swing her around like a lariat. Then he released the frog woman, sending her sailing towards the trees in the distance.

Although Lorde was sure that hurt like hell, he had trouble not falling down and laughing from the sight. “She is going to be so mad. Course, so might you be in a bit.”

“Let us have at each other, stranger!” Huitzilopochtli made a scepter with a snake head and a shield with a mirror on the front.

This got Frederick’s attention. “I guess things just bumped up a notch, right?” Sadly, he was a bit underread when it came to Aztecs and worse yet many of their myths could be quite unclear. He floated off the ground just a bit with his arms outspread. Then in a blink, he was gone.

The godling looked left and right. “What kind of trickery is this!”

From just behind him, he could hear Lorde’s voice. “I’m gonna guess omniscience isn’t one of your big things.” The wizard let loose a cone of multicolored light into the man’s back,each of the spectrums meant to have another effect.

Fire erupted all over the man’s skin. Acid burned him. Electricity caused him to convulse. Lastly, poison ran through his veins that would have killed a normal man. Huitzilopochtli spun around and struck Lorde quickly with his scepter, knocking him to the ground. “What kind of creature are you?”

He hit the fallen man two more times before Frederick could kick his knee and scootch away enough to get back into the air. “Five.” Keeping count of the number of times he had been hit by the big guy.

As Huitzilopochtli flew through the air at Lorde, a pair of super strong red, black, and blue legs wrapped around his neck. Leapfrog flipped with the huge man in the air, slamming him to the ground, then bouncing away quickly before he could strike her again. “Can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread frog!”

A bright light came from the Aztec’s shield. This blinded Akna for a moment, causing her to lose her landing. Then he whipped his hair around and released more of his darts at his other opponent.

Some of the missiles missed Lorde, but a couple struck home. Although they also clattered to the ground harmlessly, this was a great concern. “Eight.” Although he was quite tempted to drag out the fight, he hadn’t been in a fight like this in a long time. Now the big guy could hurt him, and just how badly Lorde had no idea. He opened his zanjin eye, staring straight into the godling’s core.

The hummingbird god suddenly felt as though the world began to slow down and melt away. He could hear an eerie music fill the air. He tried to scream, but nothing came out. Would his brothers let this happen to him?

Of course, Lorde’s martial prowess was only one way he had come to master time. He cast a spell on the blue behemoth. This stopped everything for a limited amount of time, allowing him to act. It was a practiced move, and he knew just what he wanted to do. He cast several spells that simply hovered, waiting to be delivered. Then he teleported right behind Leapfrog.

As soon as time restarted for the Aztec, he tried to run. He smashed into some kind of force field. This had been the first spell Frederick cast. Then huge, spherical flaming rocks appeared and streaked at the center like falling stars. The inside became filled with an explosion. There was now a hemispherical hole in the ground the charred man fell down into.

Lorde walked over to the fallen godling and looked to the city wall and it observers. “Is this what you want?” A very disturbing look came over his face, one Akna had never seen. He pointed his finger and uttered words that, as they left his mouth, left a foul taste. The words translated roughly to ‘disintegrate’. In a quite violent and painful way, Huitzilopochtli was torn atom by atom from this world and into the next.

One of the blue figures spoke.You have made a grave enemy. Someday we shall return and exact our vengeance upon your head! The figures faded into energy and shot into the sky like transporter beams from Star Trek.

Leapfrog walked up behind Lorde and put a hand on his shoulder. “Jeez, you can really make a mess when you want to.” Then she looked at her mentor with a far more serious look on her face. “Do you think they will really come back for us?”



Before they left, Lorde had something very important to show Akna. “The tribe is going to be a front, a distraction from a greater truth.”

They walked behind the waterfall at her lagoon and deep into the cave there. “I have a feeling our people, and perhaps the world, will have need of lifeboats to preserve mankind and mutantkind.”

Once at the far end of the cave, the strange man traced a symbol into the air. A massive door groaned as it opened. Inside, Leapfrog could see a massive roadway very similar to the ones near the Spire. “What are you, like the Great and Powerful Oz?”

He smiled widely. “A lot like that. This is how I will protect your people for all time. This is where my foster family will come to stay when they are ready.” Then Frederick patted the frog woman's back. “If we are lucky, fruit will be born from this tree that will be seen in few other places.”


Huitzilopochtli’s people hadn’t left the great city alone. The Kree had also taken most of the residents of the place with them. It stood forever in time as one of those abandoned places, seeming to have no rhyme nor reason as to why the people had disappeared. It would eventually fall completely to time, being buried, then overgrown by the rainforest, the step pyramid covered by a cone-shaped hill.

In the Twenty-first Century, when finally rediscovered, many of the archaeologists working there would comment on how many of the artifacts had been either placed or left as though the locals had just walked away in the middle of the day. Nothing had been taken. Even the food stores had been untouched.

Stranger still was the discovery of a golden coin-shaped object that didn’t fit squarely into what was known of these people. On its face was carved either a bird or a W. The only thing matching this in the city was a depiction of the great god Huitzilopochtli, struck down by the same glyph.



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