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Future Frog

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Mission: The Villain's Spire
Location: Mesoamerica
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse

Title: Future Frog
Location: Mesoamerica
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse


Arriving in the far flung past hundreds of years before, Lorde wanted to visit his friend in the Mayan town first. He wanted to see how the family had fared in the time he had been gone. Both Leapfrog and Lorde had donned costumes representing the local timeline. Also, his froggy companion had a holo emitter that made her at least look fairly normal. It was nice to see they had cleaned up after the flood. Lorde pointed out some of the niceties he had enjoyed while here. Of course, his favorites had to do with food and music.

As they neared his old friend’s house, the man came running out to him in a state. “My friend! You must leave! It is not safe here!” The man was shaking a bit and had wounds on his hands and arms.

Frederick grabbed his shoulders. “What has happened to you, my friend?” As he touched the man, he used a simple healing spell, and the wounds on the man disappeared.

“The Aztecs. They have taken our temple. They captured all of the city’s people and made sacrifices of them. They warned us that if we don’t do as they say that we will be next.” Then the man’s face grew even more sullen. “They have a god with them. He is called Huitzilopochtli. He is a god of war.”

“A god, you say?” Lorde’s face lit up as the possibilities raced through his mind.


Lorde sat down with his foster family and explained his plan. “I don’t want you or your family to be in the way in case this goes badly.” Then he smiled a bit. “Do you remember what I went searching for?”

The small framed man nodded. “It hasn’t been that long, and I am not that old. You went looking for the frog goddess.”

“Correct!” Frederick exclaimed, as though the older looking man had won a prize. Then he pointed at Leapfrog. “This is her.”

The man’s eyes widened, both from disbelief and fear. “She doesn’t look like the stories I have heard.”

Hollywood nodded. “Do you want to see what she looks like normally?” Now his grin widened.

After looking over Lorde and then the woman in question, he just had to know. “Yes, yes I think I do.”

After Lorde nodded at her, Leapfrog then pressed a button on a piece of jewelry she was wearing. Suddenly, once again, her face and arms became red, blue, and black, like that of a local tree frog.

The man’s eyes widened both from fear and amazement. “And she is not a goddess?”

The strange blond man smiled at his friend. “Not in the way you mean. She is like me. She was born with special abilities. If my guess is correct, so is this Huitzilopochtli you spoke of.”

After having some food and drink with his foster family, he explained his plan. “I want you to pack up and follow Akna and me to the people who she had protected. Either you will stay in their village from now on, or just outside in a new place I will make for you and your’s. After that, we will confront this Aztec god and try and ensure the safety of this village.”

The young superwoman knew just how much he could become attached to people and want good things for them. Sometimes it seemed he could be impressed by the smallest acts of kindness. She wondered just how much time he had spent in this place before finding her in that small lagoon.

It was hard going for his foster family. Having to bring everything of value on their backs through a rainforest was no small task. Frederick had tried to talk him out of bringing all that, assuring him that he would have newer, better versions when they arrived. He would have none of it. It was unimaginable for him to think about leaving the tools of his livelihood behind. All together they carried over two hundred pounds of gear and supplies.

When they neared the village, a sentry was waiting for them. He informed the group that they had to to wait outside while Lorde went in to speak with the tribal elder. The leader of The Watch couldn’t help but think if an Aztec god wasn’t the only idiot on the chopping block in this time.

As he walked through with the guard, many of the people looked at him with worry. This caught Frederick’s attention. What had the shaman told them? He waved at some of them. This only seemed to aggravate the problem, as if he had just cast some sort of curse.

The pair entered the small building and sat at the leader's feet. “Why have you returned, stranger? I was to understand that after you left we would see you no more.”

Although he had made no such promises, he answered the man quickly. “There is a great danger befalling my family's village. I wish for them to be able to stay here. In exchange, I will protect your people for all time.”

“We do not need your protection, outsider. We are a strong people.” The leader said this in the proudest way he could, baring his chest and craning his neck back.

Lorde didn’t have time to fully explain, and sometimes it was better to lead by example. “The people coming have powers beyond the imagination, as do I.” He pointed at the guard and whispered words that roughly translated into death. The small man fell to the floor in a heap in an instant, not even making a final breath or word. His color drained almost as fast.

Another guard at the front door of the building came rushing to the dead man’s side, screaming, “Who has done this?”

Looking deep into the leader’s eyes, the strange man spoke. Hs lips moved, but only the shaman could hear the words in his mind. “If I must, I will kill them all. I don’t have time to debate this with you. Either let my friend’s family stay unmolested, or you will watch every man, woman, and child die in this place before I take you also.”

Color also began to drain from the leader’s face as years also seemed to be taken from him. He nodded. “I will do as you say.”

“Although I was once a vengeful god, I could also show mercy.” Lorde’s hand motioned over the still body of the tribesman. He began to stir and wake up. With a look of confusion, he looked about, then ran out quickly. “Like I said, your people will be safe for all time.”


The duo stood outside the great Aztec city. Leapfrog, now in all her glory, and Lorde,with his telltale long, black trench coat with his armor underneath. To Frederick, this wasn’t a time for subtlety. He used a spell to amplify his voice thousands of times. “Huitzilopochtli!” he yelled for all of the city to hear. It reminded him of Achilles at the gates of Troy. “Huitzilopochtli!” he yelled again. He could see many people scamper about on the walls, but no sign of some South American Aztec superhero. “Huitzilopochtli, come face me!”

Holding her hands over the spots that covered her ears, Akna exclaimed, “A, Papi, say it loud, say it proud.” Luckily her tympanum-like hearing system meant that she could take the effects of loud noises quite well. It did make her puff up a bit. They both looked at that and then at each other. “Hey, hey, stop looking at what you seen already.”

He used his telepathy-based spell to answer her, so he didn’t have to break the shout spell. “Honestly, I have never seen that happen to you.”

“Who dares to stand before Huitzilopochtli?” The great chiseled, blue-skinned godling stood in the city’s great gateway. Lorde couldn’t help but wonder if this guy was part Kree. He had read many comics about Ronan the Accuser and Captain Marvel. Also, he figured the movie adaptation of Nebula had a reference to the Kree tucked in there. So at best he would be stopping an alien race from gaining a foothold in Earth’s far flung past, and at worst being somewhat responsible for the ease in which the Spaniards conquered the Aztecs.

“I am here to stop your storm from overshadowing these lands.” He certainly didn’t need this war creeping up to the area of the village before his plans had been completed. He would have liked to put the blue man into his menagerie to add to The Watch. Maybe if he was lucky there would be something left to study. Using his headset, he did take a picture, thinking, “Syn might like that.”

“You petty humans can do nothing to stop me! I have the blood of my ancestors to empower me to eradicate you from this place like vermin,” the bird-costumed figure behind the black mask boasted.

Hollywood traced a symbol on his gauntlet. That's it, Mr. Bluebird, you just keep yacking on and on. A sequence of runes began to flash. This was a series of magics meant to be used before a massive battle. It had originally been put together by him and his friends in that far away place. It included just about every spell in the wizards knowledge base to buff someone.

Some of the spells made him tougher. Some made him able to resist taking damage for a small amount of attacks. Others still made him stronger, faster, and more agile. Still more made him avoid things that could hurt him easier. There were even spells that protected him from elemental types of damage, such as fire, cold, and electricity. A couple of them simply made it easier for him to perform actions. With these spells he could fly and see things beyond the normal sight range.

Just a few moments after the spell sequence finished more blue figures appeared on the wall. The would-be god Huitzilopochtli’s voice boomed, “Now you shall die before an audience of my brethren. They shall witness my power and your destruction at my hands.”



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