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First Frog

Posted on Fri Oct 6th, 2017 @ 5:34am by Category V: Supervillain Frederick Hollywood

Mission: The Villain's Spire
Location: The Villain’s Spire - Mesoamerica
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse

Title: First Frog
Location: The Villain’s Spire - Mesoamerica
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse


Leapfrog was training in one of the city’s massive holographic gymnasiums. One problem with having a team filled with either ne’er-do-wells or overly hormone driven women was it made it hard to make friends. The idea of working out with them in or out of the nude kind of bothered her. Also, Lorde had kept her pretty busy.

She vaulted high into the air, allowing her weight to carry her legs overhead. As she finished the roll, she grabbed the bar fashioned ten feet down from the ceiling, from which she began to spin round and round until, releasing, she rocketed feet first. Again, she let her body turn and roll.

As she came towards the ground, she looked for marks to let her know that her feet would land on target. When the treefrog-like woman was a normal young girl, this was a hard skill to master. Now it was just second nature, and the rest just an exercise to relive old times.

When she landed and her hands and arms shot out in the shape of a vee, she heard some clapping. Turning towards the cheers, she could see Lorde in the bleachers acting like a fan at the gymnastics finals at the Olympics. The Brazilian tree frog woman’s hands went over her face, trying to conceal her amusement. “Aye, Papi, you are so crazy!”

“Or maybe I’m just the one-eyed chicken in the land of the blind, but hey, I am here about a mission for you.” His grin widened. “You still want to save your people from certain death?” He admired how the frog girl’s skin changed every now and then. Right now her backside was crimson red with large black spots. From her neck down on her front was colored an almost cobalt blue with smaller blue-black spots.

Lifetimes ago he would have tried to pick her up. Women always seemed to bring him bad luck or heartache. That said, he never minded being in the company of interesting women. She was interesting, all right. Lorde felt her evolution had just begun when he found her. The tree frog didn’t even wear cloths at that point. Some might think that was normal, considering where she was from. The Mayans had a quite developed culture in her day in age.

“Yea, man, I am all for that. How did things go playing with your favorite chess piece?” She smiled, trying to make sure he got the innuendo.

Lorde didn’t take much prodding in that department. “Quite well. Her moves made me quite happy, and landed us the first of our fallout bases.” Then he took his frog princess’ strange hand. “Are you ready for this?”


Some people might have asked why Frederick went to some of the times and places he did. In the case of ancient Mesoamerica, it was one of those places that had been studied in depth, but to his mind it didn’t answer many questions. How did day to day life go, barring cataclysmic events? What colors and day to day clothing did the normal people wear? Sure, there were pictures from that time, but most of what he had seen seemed ritualistic or symbolic. Artist depictions seemed to rely heavily on what the modern local tribes wore. Considering the level of craftsmanship of that day, he just felt something was missing.

Lorde was not let down. The people and the culture he explored were quite rich and diverse. The ziggurats looked like gateways to another place, and perhaps were just that. Most of the people had never seen something like him. He dwarfed almost everyone in both height and stature. He had somewhat expected to face a huge amount of resistance, like some of the conquistador stories he had heard. Instead, more like Christopher Columbus, he found he people quite helpful and willing to trade.

Another big reason was to find mutants lost to time. He spent quite some time in a small village just outside one of the main epicenters of Mayan life. As he built a dictionary for his translator, he also helped them with day to day life. Starting small, but as he was accepted over time he showed them more.

One day a flood came through, and the daughter of the man who had adopted him was swept away. Without thinking, he flew after her. After picking her up and redepositing the frightened, wet child back with her family, her father asked Lorde how he had done such things. Seeing the look in the man’s eyes, he spoke quickly. “Don’t worry, my friend, I am just glad I was here. Perhaps your gods have blessed you this day.”

It wasn’t long after that Hollywood put out feelers for anyone or thing with special abilities like his. Many of the answers came back telling of the Mayan gods. He wanted to avoid them for now, figuring, like the Asgardians, they might be a bit much to deal with.

One day his friend came into the house and told him of a woman with the form of a frog. This got Frederick’s attention, as to his knowledge little had been discovered about a Mayan frog goddess. The man told him that she had been seen deep in the forest by a far off tribe.

After getting someone to guide him there, he packed up some of the things he had acquired, leaving the rest to his foster family. “Don’t worry, my friend, this shall not be the last time we see each other.”

After days of travel, the guide brought him to the small agrarian village. These people were much more like the natives from his day in age, most just wearing simple clothing, some wearing very little.

Lorde was brought before the tribal shaman. Nothing like the high and mighty priests of the pyramids. Also clearly from his demeanor, not a fan of strangers asking questions. Not wanting to make wave,s the explorer quickly asked about the strange woman he had been told about.

The shaman pointed out into the distance. “She stays by the waterfall nearby, but I will not send anyone with you. She is trouble.” The man now looked a bit angry, and Frederick saw a push point.

“Maybe I can rid you of that problem.”


Another full day's travel. At least this time, when out of sight of the village, he could use more of his abilities. He first cast a location spell on the waterfall. This lit up a faintly glowing path on the ground. Then he rose above the ground and floated along following the path.

When he reached the lagoon underneath the cascading water, he figured he was in the right place. Looking around, he saw no instant sign of the woman. He waited nervously, worried he had ventured all this way for nothing.

Suddenly he was thrown face first into the muddy ground by his head by very strong hands. Lorde pulled his head off the ground to see an alien pair of eyes staring at him. The woman's face was lime green. From just under her chin, white spread down her front side, all the way down between her legs. “Oh shit.” He couldn’t help but feel like he had been caught with his pants down. If she hit him too many times in a row, one of those blows might be fatal.

Crouched down, almost touching the strange red thing’s face, the amphibian woman tried decide what to do with him. At first glance, she could see he was from a Mayan village. They had often harassed her and tried to capture her. Something was different. No one she had ever seen had hair or eyes that color. Clearly, from a patch of pale skin peeking out from under his tunic, she could see his skin was very fragile compared to normal people. “What does that mean?”

Frederick’s eyes opened wider and he smiled innocently. “It's a saying that means I might be in big trouble.” He thanked God that she spoke the same language as the locals he had met so far.

“No one... talks to me.” The green skinned girl’s voice cracked and she frowned, thinking a bit about how that felt.

Lorde was fairly sure that tone in her voice wasn’t from her mutation. He could only imagine the nightmare of becoming a mutant in times like this. Worse yet, not looking completely human and being able to hide from the world. “I do talk an incredible amount, I must say.”

Now Akna’s eyes narrowed. “What did you come here for, stranger? Speak quickly, and without riddles.”

Hollywood nodded, causing a lock of blonde hair to fall into his face. “I came looking to help you. I come from a very far away place. One of the things I do is to try and rescue people like us from bad situations. I am the leader of a great city where our kind are safe from people who might harm us.”

“Us?” The woman gave a very puzzled look. “How are you like me in any way?”

The strange man slowly raised his hands off of the ground. Soon they began to glow with a strange red hue. “Would you like to see where I am from? We could use someone like you to help protect others.”

She shook her head. “… I protect the nearby village.”

“Even though they fear you, huh?” Clearly she had some kind of moral compass.

The small woman nodded. “Yes, it is the place of my birth.”

“Ah, I see.” Lorde’s grin changed suddenly. “What if I told you they would always be safe?”



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