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TO THE RESCUE!!!! part 3

Posted on Sat Nov 4th, 2017 @ 6:58am by Unawakened Melissa Wilson & Freshman Dominic Dunny & Senior Aiden Edwin

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Shady Side
Timeline: January 22nd, 2012

Pulling a small stack of short reeds from his bag, and a lighter from his pocket, Ushebti ripped open his shirt and started incanting, although he immediately stopped.

“Shit…” He looked down at the scarred ruins of his tattoos to the Egyptian pantheon on his chest, now replaced by a crescent moon. There was no connection to them anymore, no opportunity to draw from Horus’ vengeance towards Seth. And if Neferu was not inside Melissa, where was she?

Melissa shrieked as Seth-Tim lifted her above his head. “TIM! Stop this! Put me down! Ushebti, do something!”

Seth merely laughed, his malevolent amusement echoing off the stone walls. “Your priest is as impotent as my brother once was... you recall my brother, girl? The one whose phallus you returned to him, allowing me to take control of this one?

Melissa grew pale. She stopped struggling, her eyes wide with horrific realization. “Th-the... p-penis... y-you were... i-in...side...”

An irritating way to travel.” Seth-Tim frowned. “And even more frustrating that it was my wife who put you on the quest. I will deal with Nephthys in time for her betrayal. For now, I am free - and none shall stop me. None, including my former servant, Neferu, for she grows more powerful than she has a right to be. I have gained my freedom, and none shall follow, especially not the Minoan girl!

He threw her against the wall. Melissa shrieked as she flew toward it, doing her best to protect her head with her arms. In the seconds before she hit the wall, she could see several people hiding in the shadows at the edges of the room, waiting to see how this played out. Waiting to see them fail. Waiting to see them die.

She heard a crunch as she connected with the wall, agonizing pain shooting up her arms. She screamed. Blue arcs of energy tingled along her body, lighting up her skin with their electricity, but she barely noticed them. The pain of her broken arms was too strong, drew too much of her attention away from everything else that was going on.

Ushebti’s bag dropped to the ground as his arm snapped backwards with a crack, reshifting into a new position. The skin on his face starting to ripple unnaturally, but it still conveyed a hint of the concern he felt for Melissa. “You were locked away for a fucking good reason, beast.”

So it is to be war, priest? So be it.” Seth smiled through Tim’s lips and gestured toward Ushebti. The men and women stepped forward out of the shadows, at least two dozen with modern armour and assorted weaponry that spanned from firearms to rough-bladed knives and axes. One double-bladed axe stood out, a design that seemed pulled directly from Minoan iconography.

The first man came at Ushebti as his leg snapped and he dropped down to the ground, half rolling, half collapsing as his body continued to reform itself, his legs now digitigrade. Fur began to ripple down his lower body as his voice continued to lower.

“The Minoan Gods are not your slaves, Usurper. And there is more power in their pantheon than you realise.” He charged forwards, horns erupting from his forehead as his muscle mass continued to increase. He ploughed into the first of the men, gouging him on horns that continued to grow.

Isetnofret! Lend me your aid and together we will free your daughter!” He bellowed, his mouth now distended and bovine. A club hit him in the back of the head and he staggered forward a few paces, before he saw the now glowing axe held by one of the bigger men. The man looked confused as to why it was glowing.

Ushebti was not confused, and barrelled into the man, wrenching it from his grasp. The moment his hands touched the axe, his transformation completed, accompanied with the tearing of flesh. For a moment, however briefly this fight lasted, a Minotaur once again walked the Earth.

With a deep roar, he hefted the axe and cleaved through the bodies of two of the men he was facing, the first of which was completed cut in two, his gurgling death immediately silenced by the screams of the second.

Tim’s face frowned, the glowing red of his eyes glaring angrily at Ushebti. “You will regret drawing upon the power of the Minoans, priest, for theirs is a dead faith, their goddesses slaves and relics of the past. He pointed a finger, a focused jet of sand shooting toward Ushebti.

The sand screeched across his flesh, tearing at his skin. The Minotaur let out a keening wail, but continued to fight the men, his lips starting to move as he muttered under his breath. Words which, even over the commotion, Melissa seemed to hear.

Call to her. Call for her help, you must. I can fight these men but…” The words stopped for a moment as he plunged the two-handed axe into the skull of a man, going through his helmet, before he wrenched it back out again. “I cannot fight a God, even if he is still trapped inside a mortal body.

“I don’t know how!” Melissa sobbed. She looked up, shocked by the fight that was going on around her.

Carving upwards, Ushebti sent a man barreling into two more. “Give yourself to her!

“NEFERU!” Melissa screamed. “I’m yours! Help!”

None can hear you but I, pathetic child.” Seth laughed. His use of Tim’s voice, Tim’s mouth to speak, his body to move around stirred a rage inside of her. For the first time, she felt like she wanted to punch the owner of the voice that taunted her instead of just running away - at least, the first time that wasn’t part of a game. She glared hatefully at Seth as the feelings of rage grew.

Ushebti pushed a man away and ran towards Melissa, leaping over the form of Seth and landing next to his ward, cracking the ground. He reached for her broken arm and forced it onto the Two-Handed axe before she could stop him.

Neferu!” He bellowed, Melissa so close she could see the inside of his mouth, smell his foul breath. “Feel the power of the pantheon! Seek out your avatar!

Knowing he had no time, but needed to give the girl some, he dropped the axe with her arm still on it and turned to face an angry God by himself.

...but the axe did nothing.

Melissa stared at it, her feelings of rage intensifying and becoming more powerful even than the pain she felt, but nothing more than that happened. It was nothing like before when Neferu saved her from being taken captive. It was nothing like Worlds of Myth where Neferu lept into action and destroyed her enemies with a spinning takedown with her sickle-shaped blades. There was no Critical Backstab, no Hamstring Slash, no debilitating stab to the groin that would leave an enemy stunned for thirty seconds. All there was was anger and pain.

Anger, pain, and the man who saw her with the axe and charged, his sword raised, assuming that Melissa posed a threat.

She shrieked, anger quickly switching to terror as she slid backwards, trying to get away from the man. Her arms were useless, and every movement shot a hot jolt of agony through her broken limbs. There was murder in the man’s green eyes as he raised his sword and she knew - felt it in the core of her being - that she was dead. This was it. Killed by the minion of her boyfriend who had been possessed by an ancient god, while a priest who swore himself to protect the goddess that was supposed to be inside of her had gone on a coffee break or something and left them both to die.

All because she’d taken a quest to give a god back his penis. Maybe Kyle was right... dicks made people do stupid, stupid things. Sure, he’d been talking about their sister Lisa, but it applied here just as much.

No. A soft, feminine, slightly exotic voice whispered in her mind. Fight, Melissa. Release your fear, your rage. Embrace it.

She had no idea how to do that, no more of an idea than she had of who the voice belonged to. The sword was over her head now. The man brought it down toward her.

Melissa screamed.

As if released by her voice, a wave of blue energy knocked everyone over, shooting out from where she sat, crashing through the walls and shattering the one light in the room. Everything grew very quiet. The everpresent hum of energy from the florescent lights in the corridor, the heating vents in the ceiling, the computers in adjacent rooms was gone, leaving only perfect, pristine silence.

She had no idea what just happened, or what she’d done, but whatever it was, Melissa Wilson had never felt more tired in her life.


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