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TO THE RESCUE!!!! part 2

Posted on Sat Nov 4th, 2017 @ 6:58am by Unawakened Melissa Wilson & Freshman Dominic Dunny & Senior Aiden Edwin

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Shady Side
Timeline: January 22nd, 2012

Aiden, we’re getting a communication from the tower. Putting it through.

Ouroboros, this is tower control. Are you there?

Aiden ducked down a side alley and held his hand to his head, as though holding a cell phone. “Yeah. What’s up?” he had been enjoying a slow walk through Baltimore Maryland that fine morning.

We just received a call for you, but before we could connect you, they hung up. It was a girl and she sounded worried. Or desperate. Came from the four ten area code. You know anyone there?

“Where is four ten?” Aiden asked.

According to our records, looks like the Eastern side of Maryland. Annapolis, Baltimore and other areas.

“i’m in Baltimore. Could it be Crystal?”

No. She said her name was Melissa from Shady Side. We know Crystal's numbers. ” another voice told him.

“Melissa? Crap. Did she say anything? Anything important?”

No. She just sounded worried. Very worried. Like something big was going on. Mean anything to you?

“I’ll check it out. I’ll keep you in the loop.” Aiden said. “If I'm silent for more than ten minutes, call me. If twenty, wake the dragon.”


“Could be. I submitted a report after New Year’s. She was attached and showing signs of possible powers. The town is highly anti-mutant so let's not stage an all out invasion just fifty miles from D.C. Can you trace her call?”

Understood. Proceed with caution. “We'll feed Munir the information.

Aiden slipped into a nearby alley. He reached to the small fanny pack he wore that held one item. His mp3 player. It didn't take long to hook it up to the strap that held the wires against his neck. The other strap attached it to his arm. He removed his sunglasses and placed those in the pack.

Aiden ran down the street. Without warning he ran into the street, a bust of energy traveled through his leg and into his foot. He was thankful for the practicing he had been doing with this new stunt from his bones and powers. This caused him to bound twenty feet into the air. a car slammed on it’s brakes to avoid him. He had been spending him time in safe homes, perfecting his new stunts. Using this power thing, he found he could jump higher than normal. He found he could throw punches that could destroy bricks and rock. And that was the light punches. His armor began to form over his body as his image inducer shut off. He landed in a run, then took another jump, snapped out his wings and then began to hum. The music player began to play and it was an oldie from the 80’s. Holding out for a Hero. His bones blared it out like he was a radio cranked up loud.

People on the sidewalks staggered back as he took off flapping as hard as he could and headed for the north

Turn around! You’re headed in the wrong direction. Head for the water. I’ll load your HUD now!

”On it!” Aiden called out. He arced up and turned.

”Hug the deck! Harder to track you on radar!”

Next left. Ahead five blocks to the harbor!

Aiden took the turn as hard as he could. He ended up vertical over the road, his belly inches from the nearby windows of the multistory buildings.

He leveled out and flapped as hard as he could to get going. He began to hum, like he used to do. After the past week or two, he wasn’t expecting much. But he had to try everything he could to get going. If he was right about Melissa, she didn't cry wolf much. And she would have only called in the case of emergency.

Punch it, Chewy! Munir said as they flew out over the water near downtown Baltimore.

It was then Aiden hit something he could only describe as turbulence. His whole body shook as the music feed strength into his bones. The wing bones popped out and his throat was very sore. Then he felt more from his throat then he ever had. It was as though something was pushing out from inside. His throat popped and he let out a gasp.

“Damn “Aiden gasped out as he began to pick up speed. Slowly at first, but it was increasing. “Our blessed lady of acceleration, don't fail me now!” He screamed out, throwing every ounce of will and power he could into his sonic thrust.

The shaking stopped. And then his vision did something akin to the sci-fi shows, when a ship hits light speed. Things seemed to stretch. The pressure of the wind hit him hard, but he ignored it and pressed forward. It took just a moment, but his eyes seemed to compensate for the speed. Behind him. There was the telltale sound of a Sonic boom.

Fucking hell, Aiden, you just broke Mach two. Hug the water! At this rate, Francis Scott Key bridge in four seconds.

Aiden whipped under the bridge, aware that he was passing fishing boats and naval vessels. None of the sailors on the vessels were prepared for how fast he was moving, just a mere five feet from the water. His speed and the sonic thrust caused a wake as he sped away.

“Status!” He called out.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge in five! Shady Side in about thirty. Techs say her cell is near a computer store in Shady Side. The address is loaded in. Munir called out.
In silence, Melissa nodded pushing open the heavy metal door.

The door swung open and Tim was sitting there, tied to a chair that was bathed in the light from the single bulb that dangled over his head. The rest of the room was dark, but the single light was all that Melissa needed to see what they’d done to her boyfriend. Red blood dripped from his fingertips and down the locks of his dark hair. His head was bowed as though he was unconscious - or worse. “No...“ Melissa breathed as she ran inside heedless of danger.

Ushebti moved forward slower, his weapon still at the ready, his eyes squinting as if he was suffering from a migraine.

She didn’t know what hit her, only that she was on the floor. Her side ached painfully where she’d been struck and she cried out in agony. A dark, malevolent laugh filled the room. “Ushebti!” She cried. “Help him!”

Ushebti stepped into the room, although each step closer to Tim seemed to take him more effort.

It took her a moment to realize that the laugh was coming from the figure strapped in the chair. Tim - no, not Tim - lifted his head with bright, glowing red eyes. Blood dripped down his uninjured face... not his own blood, from the look of it... and Tim’s lips curled in a malevolent grin as he stood up, suddenly taller and more muscular than Tim had been a day earlier.

“T-Tim?” Melissa’s voice was quiet, weak and helpless. “Wh-what... who...”

“Not Tim. Seth. Violence. Disorder. Usurper” Ushebti spat, the disdain clear on his face, hands already moving for his bag.

Very good, priest.” Tim’s voice - but not Tim’s voice - announced. The boy seemed to grow in size as he moved toward them, reaching down and picking Melissa up off the floor as if she was little more than a rag doll. She shrieked! “I saw her in you, the Minoan goddess of night. I do not see her now. How weak you seem... and this, priest, is what you devote yourself to? Pathetic. Swear yourself to me and you might live long enough to leave this room.


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