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Knight Mare

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Mission: The Villain's Spire
Location: The Villain’s Spire - China/Arthurian England
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse

Title: Knight Mare
Location: The Villain’s Spire - China/Arthurian England
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse


Knight’s brother had been informed that there was a contender to the throne of his kingdom. He was also told that this person had shown proof that they had a legitimate claim. Lastly, it was explained to him that he was going to be fighting to keep his realm this day in mortal combat.

As the trumpets blared and the crowds cheered, the fair-haired woman stared at her brother from the cover of darkness in the entranceway to the jousting field. There he was, just outside his own entrance, in all his finest wares. His blue and gold banner at the end of his lance flew high overhead. The lance was tipped with a gold-plated coronel. The caparison on his horse also matched this theme, golden shields and stars on a background of blue. His heraldry was that of her lands and her father’s own crest. Knight could see from some of his adornment how he had spent much of the kingdom’s wealth, and that he still thought of this moment as nothing more than a chance to gain more honor and adoration.

Her brother chuckled at some joke some squire told him. His own red hair had all but gone, and now mostly grey remained. Clearly her older brother’s time at tournament had not been as good for his health as he had let on. There was the possibility he had also spent too much time partaking of the many temptations that many of the kingdoms offered the jousting champions.

Had this been her Lorde’s plan all along, Knight wondered. The answer was overly simple. If not, she would not be staring him down. Her heart would not be filled with a rage born from that child her father left behind. This would be no contest; this would be an assassination of a high lord.

Just then the fanfare died down and her brother’s herald came forward. Once in the center of the field, he was met with lovely orchestrated music that seemed to fill every corner of the great stadium. When he spoke of the many victories the great lord had achieved -- not just in England, but in lands beyond its borders -- the people cheered. From the tale the bard wove, one might think he was second to none but Lancelot himself.

Once the good story teller had exited the field, the skies grew dark. This continued just long enough to make some of the onlookers uneasy. Suddenly there was a bright flash in the center of the arena. Once the crowd’s eyes adjusted, they could see a black and red robed wizard with a wand pointed at his own neck. “CAN SOMEBODY GIVE ME A HAA ZAAH!”

After Lorde raised his hands to the air, firework began to go off. “Today I have brought before you a saint beyond reproach. Someone who has stood by my side through countless battles and never backed down from those dangers. Someone who, when I first saw her, was handing out food to the most down trodden of her people. Someone who took me into her countenance even though I was a stranger in these lands. Not only is she a pure woman to this day, she is pure of heart and soul.”

Although his voice could still be heard all through the field, its tone changed to almost a whisper. “When she takes your hand, it's as though the Virgin Mary herself had blessed you.” He smiled to the crowd. “When she speaks with authority, something deep inside lets you know it's going to be okay.”

He paused for a few moments and the sun came back out and the dark clouds rolled away. “I give you the Angel of the North, the White Dragon Slayer, my champion in this world and the next.”

Then he held his empty hand towards the entryway to the field. “Lady Gabrielle!”

Most of the crowd stood up and cheered as Knight strode in on her ebon horse with crimson mane. The beast’s eyes seemed bloodshot, matching its mane. The great steed’s armor was also red and black. It snorted and stamped the ground, as if anxious to get the action started.

Lorde disappeared from the field back to his seat in the Court of Honor. One of the serving girls almost dropped a bottle of wine upon his arrival. He quickly caught it in the air. After taking a big drink, he thanked the young lady. “Well, thank you. My, aren't you just right on time when needed?”

Knight’s own armor and lance had the same theme to them. Her flag had the symbol of the Findelion Watch. She felt powerful, and for the first time looked upon her kin as small and weak.

Knight’s brother looked slightly dumbfounded. Perhaps this is the first he had been made aware of who was facing him this day. He questioned his squire, who immediately ran off.

From the Court of Honor the great king stood up and spoke to the crowd. As outlined, he explained to them what was at stake, that this was not a simple contest of champions, but a possible fight to the death, and that the prize was the kingdom of the siblings’ ancestors.

There was also a Lady’s Court. Queen Guinevere sat overseeing the entertainment of the day. If what Lorde had told Knight was true, it wouldn’t be long before Lancelot betrayed his king for her. With her perfect blonde hair and blue eyes it was easy to see she had an air few did in these lands. So much so that parallels could be drawn between her and Helen of Troy. Not unlike Helen, the queen did have a few supernatural enemies as well, one’s Knight had no doubt Lorde planned to use against her kingdom.

“Don’t worry, little brother,” Knight thought to herself. “If you survive this somehow, you can have the summer cottage.”

Soon the Grand Marshal came forth to lay out the rules. Mostly words about honor and chivalry. There were even a few lies about how to yield if it came to that. All the while, the Marshal looked over at Knight a few times in shock. While perhaps in some places and times a female knight might be common, this was not one of those.

Next, Knight and her brother were told to present to the king and the courts. They did so, bowing and making the correct pleasantries. Her brother hid his anger quite well. Of course, he had spent lots of time with this sort, the type that care more for honor and glory than for the good of the people.

Then they went back to their starting points. Again, Knight’s horse thrashed a bit, feeling the tension rise. She could barely hear and see the signal to charge. The great ebon beast thundered down the lane, her lance already crossing the barricade, readying to meet its target. “This is no joust, you fool. Breaking your lance on my shield will do nothing.” Knight’s mind seemed to be going in fast forward as everything around was almost at a stand still. She had long ago decided that if faced with this as a decision, she would strike her kin down, but part of her did not want him to die without honor. On the other hand, there was this rage coming up in here. Rage for all the years of being treated like nothing, while doing so much for her father and her brother, almost never even being acknowledged even just as family.

Uziel would not let his sister shame him this day. If she wanted to prove herself, why didn’t she have this man back her at tournament? Knight’s brother planned to unseat her before all who watched.

Lorde sat watching from the back of the court and began to use his kaijitsu mantras to focus his abilities on his champion. Just as she had shielded him from harm, so he would ensure Knight received her due. To his right, Merlin looked on with interest, because he had never seen anything like what the young mage was doing. But also because he wondered what bearing, if any, it would have on the outcome of the challenge.

With the sound of two cars crashing, the two great champions collided. Uziel’s lanced grazed Knight’s shield. Her’s, on the other hand, had driven through her brother’s right shoulder plate and out the other side, sending him hurling to the ground in a bloody heap.

The crowd gasped, then fell silent, waiting to see if the golden gladiator would make it off the ground of the field of honor. Even King Arthur had risen to his feet in anticipation of what might come next.

The sounds coming from her brother were not ones a man normally made. He whimpered and whined. His blood started to pool in the dirt.

Knight, using a certain amount of gymnastic grace, dismounted her horse and walked over to her injured sibling. She grabbed her lance and slid it out. After throwing it to the ground, she screamed out, “Get up! Meet death on your feet like a man!”

Whether because of her tone or just from instinct, Uziel did as he was told, rising up. “You will not kill me; I am your brother. I am your lord.” He drew his longsword. Even this seemed like it was performed on auto pilot. The sheath fell to the ground at his ironclad boots.

Knight walked back to her ebon horse. She unsheathed her massive greatsword and started back towards her disheveled kin. “No, dear brother. You are a childhood nightmare that is about to end.” She removed her helmet and grinned at him much the same way as her own Lorde had smiled at her in the past.

As Knight swung her sword once more, Merlin realized just what her sponsor's magics had done. Most likely there wouldn’t be a chance for mercy, a chance this young woman would let her brother live in the end. He could see the woman’s eyes filled with a hellish rage from beyond.

As Uziel’s head fell to the ground and his body fell backwards, Knight’s snapped back into focus. All that she had just done hit home. She took a deep breath, thankful that some of the guilt had been taken from her this day.


Later, when the two returned back to the future, Lorde would ask if she wanted her brother to be revived. He explained it could be done in many ways, and either version was fine. “After all...” He chuckled. “You did say you wanted him to be exiled to the summer cottage, right?”

She nodded and asked quickly, “You heard that?”

“I am always listening.”

It would be yet another tool to use in Camelot.



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