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When You Can't Get A Straight Answer, Stalk Your Ex In-Game!

Posted on Tue Aug 29th, 2017 @ 10:43pm by Civilian Faustina (Tina) Cyparissus MD & Unawakened Carson Quinn

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Tina Cyparissus' apartment/Worlds of Myth
Timeline: January 14th, 7 pm

{PickleWeasel: Hey, Seraph, do u no that freak?}

Tina frowned at the private message on her screen as she paused for a sip of Coke.

{SeraphTina: Who?}

{PickleWeasel: calimero25 followed us since delphi. too high level 4 him. someone u know?}

Tina frowned a little more as she investigated the character lurking not far away.

{SeraphTina: Level 10? Zeus... what does he think he’s doing? He’s going to get his ass handed to him if he thinks he’s joining us going to find Ares.}

{PickleWeasel: ikr? Want me to scare him off?}

Tina leaned back in her chair. Calimero... just the sort of name that Jesse might find amusing. Level 10 was doable in a few hours if a player was dedicated, even faster if that player had help. There was no one who knew Worlds of Myth better than her niece, and if Melissa had been talked in to ‘helping’... She frowned again.

{SeraphTina: Nah... I got this. Go get the scarf, I’ll join you there.}

{PickleWeasel: k.}

The tall bald mage ran off up the hill as Tina’s avatar stayed back. She turned toward the character of Calimero and crossed her avatar’s arms as she sent a public message.

[SeraphTina: Having fun staring at my ass, Jess?]

A few other players chimed in with lols or comments about just how nice an ass it was.

The avatar stopped. On the other side of the screen Jesse dropped his head, [Who?] Jesse typed into the chat box. He was enjoying the view, but he wasn’t going to admit that.

She scowled as she opened up a private chat window with Calimero.

{SeraphTina: You aren’t fooling me, Jesse Davis. I know you too well. Stalking me in the game after I told you to mind your own damn business is exactly the sort of thing you’d do if you were convinced I needed help. You did the exact same thing in senior year when we had that fight and I went to the party at the frat house.}

There was a long pause, before Jesse typed. Seeing that there was no way around it, he just gave in.

{Calimero25: Yes Tina it is me. But look, if this is a way that is going to help you, let me help.}

She glared at the screen.

{SeraphTina: If you ‘help’ on this raid I’m on, you’re going to get that pretty little ass of yours handed to you. How exactly do you propose to help? You’re low-level, Jess, and I’ve got things to do.}

{Calimero25: Well, I could distract them?}

Jesse slapped his head, “Great, distract them.”

Tina sighed. She ran a hand over her face. Jesse always had been frustratingly persistent. She supposed that was probably a useful trait in his line of work, but it could be very irritating when you were on the other side of it.

{SeraphTina: What is it going to take for you to let me do this quest in peace?}

{Calimero25: Friend me, so that I can find you when you are done. Oh and don’t hide from me, when I come online.}

Tina glared at the screen. If her dark eyes could have drilled holes into the monitor, they would have.

{SeraphTina: Why do you want me to do that? So you can find me more easily? There’s a name for this kind of following a person around without them being into it, Jess. Think there might be some kind of laws and psychological obsessive compulsive whatsit in there as well... but, hey, I just practice actual medicine, what do I know?}

She gave a slight smirk at that. She could practically picture the look on his face. He was so cute when he was focused, like a dog intent on a bone.

No! She chastized herself. Jesse wasn’t cute, he was being annoying. The smirk fell. She was Phobos’ fiance. She didn’t need to be thinking about Jesse like that. She was doing this for her beloved god of fear, not a psychologist from California. “Focus, Tina. Phobos.” She whispered to herself. “Phobos.”

Jesse rested his head into his hands. Thinking for a second he typed into the private chat box.

{Calimero25: This is not an obsessive thing. This is a concerned person, contacted by your sister, who wants to help. I know our past complicates things a bit, but give me a chance, to see if we can figure out what you are missing here.}

{SeraphTina: Okay. I'll bite... and not like that. What am I missing?}

{Calimero25: I don’t know. But that is what I intend to find out.}

Tina rolled her eyes, though there was a soft smile on her lips.

{SeraphTina: And if I belligerently insist that nothing is wrong, I'm guessing you’ll take that as denial and try even harder to solve the Tina-puzzle in front of you, hmm?}

{Calimero25: Like you pointed out, you study “real” medicine, while I study the brain. So yes.}

{SeraphTina: This is Biology 103 all over again, isn't it?} She smirked at the memory as she typed. He’d been focused even then, and she couldn't deny it was just as cute. {Not going to let it go until you've proven your point, and gotten a date with me in the process?}

{Calimero25: Exactly.} Jesse winked at the computer screen.

Tina couldn't help but smirk.

{SeraphTina: That so? :) You know, we could make this even more interesting...}

{Calimero: What? You want to actually talk, and not over chat?} Jesse knew that he could read her better in person.

{SeraphTina: I'll do you one better. A friendly wager. You win, you come over here and I'll answer ten questions. Carte blanche, anything you want to know... and anywhere that wants to lead. ;) }

{Calimero25: Ok… what if you win?}

{SeraphTina: If I win, maybe you still come over, but there will be a lot less talking involved. ;) } She chuckled as she teased. She had a feeling he wouldn't take her up on it, but if he did... well... it had been a very long time. Phobos would understand. Wouldn't he? Greek gods weren't exactly the most faithful bunch, and it wasn't like he was here to object...

“No.” Tina shook her head. “Faustina Cyparissus, you are not going to do this. Phobos is within arm's reach. Do you want to risk true love - with an actual GOD at that - on a fling with your - admittedly still seriously sexy, holy Eros! - ex? Think, Tina. Think. Behave.”

{SeraphTina: I mean, talking through watching a movie on my couch? Mouth full of popcorn? Very rude. My choice of flick, too. Muhaha.}

Jesse thought for a second. He didn’t want to play her game, but if he wanted to get through to her, sometimes it was for the best.

{{Calimero25: I guess that seems fair.}

{SeraphTina: Ok, good.}

Tina, her heart beating a little quicker, cracked her knuckles before she typed more.

{SeraphTina: see that valley in the distance? The one to the southeast on your mini map?}

{Calimero25: Ummm, yeah.}

{SeraphTina: There's a plant that grows there. Ares’ Thorn. Rare. Guarded by wild... creatures. Go get me one. You bring me an Ares’ Thorn, without dying, you can drive over and ask your questions. You die, and I'm subjecting you to some painfully girly chick flick. Deal?}

{Calimero25: Ummmmmm, you aren’t going to help me?}

{SeraphTina: Nope! That's my price. Go at it, tough guy.}

Jesse dropped his head and shrugged.

{Calimero25: Alright…. If I die….}

Carson clicked the avatar towards the section of the map that Tina had pointe out. As he got closer red dots started to appear on the minimap. He crossed into a new zone, and almost instantly….. The respawn countdown started…. “What the F!!!!!!” He threw his hands in the air. He respawned near Tina’s character.

{Calimero25: What was that??? How the HELL am I supposed to do that??!!}

Tina laughed. That had taken less time than she'd expected. Hilarious!

{SeraphTina: What, are you asking to see how it's done? :) Because, I can tell you that it isn't done like that.}

{Calimero25: Well. Only if you want too. I am probably not high enough level.}

{SeraphTina: Probably not :) Alright then. You lost the bet. Movie night. Give me 45mins to finish this quest I was doing. You still want to see me, you'll do it as we watch} She paused in her typing for a moment as she pondered her movie collection. {Troy.}

{Calimero25: Ok. I will be there in 45 minutes.}

Tina grinned as Jesse logged off, leaning back in her chair and basking in her victory. She couldn’t deny that she had a competitive streak and really liked winning - and Jesse was so fun to beat. He was so cute when he sulked, pouting slightly when he didn’t expect to lose. Not that she always won, either during their relationship or now, but the competition tended to fire things up for later, when...

“No!” Tina frowned, sitting up in her chair. “Damn it, Tina, you need to stop thinking about Jesse like that! Phobos is the one you love! Jesse belongs to this life, this version of Tina was the one who nearly asked the guy to marry her. You belong to the other world, to Phobos’ world.” She closed her eyes tightly, a bead of moisture gathering in the corner of her eye. “What kind of woman would even think about another man when she has the heart of a genuine, legitimate god?”

The tear rolled down her cheek as she opened her eyes again, and her eyes drifted from the screen toward a picture of a sculpture of the fear god that she’d found in an art book two years ago. It wasn’t a good likeness of him - the nose was a bit too straight, his hair not quite right, and her Phobos was much more impressive when nude, but it was better than nothing. The marble eyes stared at her, blank and hollow but somehow still questioning.

“I’m yours.” She whispered. “I vowed to be your wife, and no little thing like the entire universe changing history on us is going to change that. Not even stupidly sexy Jesse Davis.”

She hung her head and closed her eyes. With a soft sigh, she stood up from her computer desk and opened the closet. The debris that covered the floor was less there, evidence that she’d been in here recently.

The shrine was basic compared to the one she’d had in the old world, with simple alabaster statues of the main gods and as many of the lesser ones as she’d been able to find cheap touristy figures of on her last trip home to Greece. They stood on a small table covered with a white cloth, intermixed with small tealight candles and a small dish that was set up higher at the back of the table, presumably on a stack of books that the white cloth covered effectively. Kneeling before it, Tina picked up the figure of a woman with a spear and a helmet, and set it on the higher level beside the dish. She reached under the cloth beneath the table and pulled out a lighter and a small, dried olive branch with a dessicated green olive still attached. She used the lighter to ignite the candles and the olive branch in the dish, and then returned the lighter to its place beneath the table.

Tina closed her eyes and held her hands, palm up, before her to pray. “By Athena, goddess of wisdom, bright-eyed Pallas to whom I devoted myself as a child, she who sent Apollo to give to me my Phobos, hear my prayer and send me your wisdom. I need your guidance to help me determine the truth... because if I’m insane and I’m imagining the life in which I knew you all, wise Athena, that is going to REALLY suck. Guide me. Send me, your devoted former priestess, a sign. Or, hey, if the whole love-life thing makes you squirmy, and you want to pass this along to Aphrodite, that works too. Just send me a sign to tell me whether you exist or not? Please, wise Athena? I know I can do better than a dried out olive branch, but if you send me a sign, I’ll make my next offering one that will make all the other gods jealous.”

Her eyes opened, sadness lingering in them as she watched the flames flicker as they consumed the olive branch. She picked up the figure of Aphrodite and set her beside Athena on the raised level. “Assuming all of you you really are real, and I’m not just a completely delusional idiot, that is.”


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