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The Dragon Lady’s Dark Side

Posted on Thu Aug 24th, 2017 @ 7:13pm by Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake

Mission: Everyday
Location: Headmistress’ Office, Townsend Tower - Atlanta, Georgia
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 23 January 2012

The diminutive dragon lady sat at her opulent desk, scrolling through all of the information that she’d managed to gather since Jon and Bethany had found their way to the Tower. Sure, there was the information about the two of them, but that wasn’t what really concerned her at the moment. They’d managed to take care of that particular human trafficker with a frightening adeptness, long before she had awakened to her powers.

The file in front of her concerned Jon and his escapades before he’d met the wayward young light-bringer. He had an interesting background, one that would make for one hell of an action movie. He was a celebrated war hero before his life spun out of control and he wound up being one of England’s most notorious criminals, charged with the gruesome murders of his wife and best friend. He’d managed to beat that rap, surprisingly, and wound up in the employ of the same seedy lawyer that had managed to get him acquitted of the charges against him.

He fell into relative obscurity for a while, working as nothing more than a chauffeur and bodyguard for Gravelines. Then things got interesting again. He’d managed to break Cecily Carlisle out of a mental ward, and put her and her brother on a plane to the states. They wound up in Chicago, while he was cornered by police, shot at, and presumed dead when his body never surfaced from the murky waters of the Thames. That wasn’t the most interesting part, though. Somehow, he’d managed to put enough of the evidence on Vincent Zajic that it forced the gangster out of his place in Europe.

They hadn’t been able to make the charges stick on Zajic, but the scrutiny had been enough to force his hand, and he’d brought his criminal enterprise to the states. Oddly enough, to the same city that Xander and Cecily Carlisle had managed to land in. It was only slightly miraculous that they’d not been caught before. From everything that Syn had been able to find, Zajic had his hands in everything from drug running, to human trafficking, to antiquities theft and fraud. How he’d never been caught was something of an enigma to the old assassin.

“Money and power. The handmaidens of the mad,” Syn muttered darkly, still scrolling through the well prepared file. She wondered how it was that her contacts and connections had managed to gather all of that information, while the best and brightest investigators had missed it. Corruption was the only answer that her mind could come up with. Corruption at the highest levels. People in high places, paid a lot of money to look the other way. It turned her stomach.

“Someone needs to stop this man,” Syn said out loud, more to herself than anyone else, but OG still responded.

“Why don’t you forward all of that to one of your high placed contacts?” the digital being asked, her voice contemplative. Even OG didn’t want to mess with Syn too much when she was in one of her dark moods.

“Corruption. It’s the only explanation of how he’s managed to stay in business for so long. He’s greasing palms that I likely know nothing about,” Syn responded with a heavy sigh. “No. No, I think he’s going to need to be handled in a very special manner.” There was a threat to her tone that was unmistakable to anyone that knew her well.

“Please don’t tell me that you’re thinking about going after him yourself, Syn,” OG said with a bit of a huff. “You know you shouldn’t be thinking that way. You’re the leader of this school now. You can’t risk...

“I can’t risk what, OG?” Syn shot back, sitting back in her tall, plush chair, elbows resting on the arms of the chair, her fingers steepling at her lips. “Protecting my new wards? That man is obviously sick enough to kill his own flesh and blood when they cross him, do you really think he’s going to stop now? Hell, he almost killed Fractal and Rook. And Neville Carlisle owes him a lot of money. I’d wager that’s what put Xander and Cecily in trouble with him to begin with. He puts everyone here in danger, you know that. I think both of them need a visit from an ancient Hand assassin.” Anger flashed in her red-reptilian eyes.

“All good points, but seriously, you need to reconsider this course of action,” OG persisted.

Syn grumbled slightly and shook her head. “I didn’t ask for your input on this. That man is a clear and present danger to people now under my protection, as well as others at the school. Not to mention the population at large. I can’t just sit by and do nothing.”

“Well, it’s my job to make you question your actions, so that’s what I’m doing. Bryan...” the Tower’s digital overseer started, only to be cut off again.

“Bryan isn’t here anymore. He left things to me. Do you really think he’d leave things to someone that he didn’t trust?” Syn retorted standing and pacing the floor. She’d already made her decision, it was simply the logistics that she was pondering at that point.

OG huffed, then said, “Fine. If that’s how you’re going to be.”

Syn gave a grateful sigh as OG left her alone, and slipped just a bit further into the frame of mind that used to be her normal. The dark assassin soon stared out of her high-rise window and onto the sleeping city below, the ruins of the mall far beneath her. She wouldn’t allow more chaos to come to her charges, even if it meant becoming something that she’d left behind ages before. If the law refused to open their eyes to clear facts and take the necessary steps to put Vincent Zajic away, then she would.




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