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Another Unwanted Visitor, Part 6 (Conclusion)

Posted on Mon Aug 21st, 2017 @ 3:54pm by Freshman Bethany Davies & Category IV Dyami Bentley (Tribal: Bent Leaf)

Mission: Everyday
Location: Talon’s Lair - Location Unknown
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 22 January 2012

Bethany listened quietly to Dyami’s story. Her analytical mind went over the details that he offered, then she sat back and eyed him again. “So, your shamans are all mutants and shapechangers? And I’ve never heard of this Hydra organization. I mean, I know that’s not saying much, since I haven’t exactly been around in the modern world for very long, but still. What are we up against with them?”

Dyami finished his smoke and put the butt in an ashtray, “No, not all Shamans are mutants and shapechangers, but as yet, The Shaman is both. This has run in my family for as long as we have kept history of such things.” The Shaman looked at Beth, “I think you know what a Hydra is so I will skip the details, but over the years they have gone by many names, the most recent is Nexus.”

The tactical teen paled dramatically at the mention of Nexus, white and grey even spiralling through her thick hair rapidly. “Nexus,” she almost whispered, her jaw working furiously, her eyes sparking with a hint of rage. “The girls that all changed were called Nephilim, beaten severely in front of everyone, then taken off of the commune. No one ever saw them again and we assumed they were dead. Miss Syn says that they believe that he sold them to Nexus, or that he was being paid to produce them there, or something. Eva...” the girl squeezed her eyes shut as the memories of that night, not so long ago, played out in her mind again. “They call her the Ice Queen, but I knew her as Eva Gideon. She was one of them. When my eyes changed, I knew that they were going to hurt me, so I ran. That’s how all of this started for me...”

“I know. That is one of the reasons I sought you out; you have as many reasons to hate them as I do. You also asked what are we up against. Hydra has been behind almost every war ever. They were the Advanced Weapons arm for the Nazi’s, they assassinated Archduke Ferdinand starting WWI, and have done so many horrible things over the years, both to mutants and humans alike. They need to be stopped. That is my plan; to put as big of a monkey wrench as I can into Hydra’s machine as possible.”

Bethany nodded, her face still pale. She realized that she could easily defend a position of joining the Underground, and it would give her a sinister sense of pleasure to be able to stick it to the people that were responsible for so much of her pain. Still, she was honest with herself. Her life would revolve around nothing more than getting revenge. Could she live like that? Did she want to? It would at least give her something to work towards, even if it was a twisted purpose. After a moment, she sighed heavily, then looked back to Dyami. “You’ve given me a lot to think about, but I still need some time to think.”

“I would expect nothing less from someone who thinks as much as you do.” Dyami chuckled, “Remember this is not all about my revenge. Nexus is a corrupt and evil organization and deserves to be taken down. Take as much time as you need. I will wait.”

The green-eyed brawler looked Dyami straight in his blue eyes, and said, her voice low and dangerous, “Just like the Preacher was a corrupt and evil man that needed to be taken down. But that’s not why I did it. I took him down because he killed my mama and it made me feel good. It was revenge, and if I do this, that’s likely going to be the same reason behind it.”

“Whatever your reasons are, that is for you to decide young one. Just remember that I need you to be able to follow orders and not run off halfcocked. Trust me, we will get much more done if you stick to the plan and do not go off and get yourself killed. Besides, if you die then it may very well kill Jon as well, since your souls are linked.”

To say that Bethany paled further would have been an understatement. She went positively white when she realized that her tantrums had been putting Jon’s life at risk. “I...I didn’t realize that,” she said, her voice no more than a choked whisper. “Why didn’t someone say something? Why didn’t you tell me that before?”

“Because, I was not there to tell you and I am the only one who knows how these things work. Had I known how you were going to react, I would have warned you right away. Besides, no harm could come to you in the danger room.” Dyami gave her a reassuring smile. “I will not let undue harm come to you, or Jon, you can trust me on that.”

“I just... I thought that if I died, it would just break the link,” Bethany admitted, her voice soft and sad, sighing heavily. “Then he wouldn’t have to deal with all of this anymore. He could just move on and I wouldn’t have to deal with all of this pain anymore.”

“I have seen the feelings that a link like this can cause. I told Jon there would be consequences and he accepted them. The problem is that he knows how better to deal with emotional pain than you do, being that he has more experience. You, unfortunately, did not have much to say in the choice as you were the one dying.” Dyami said gravely.

“I still think that you should have let me die,” Bethany said, giving the man a sad smile. “I already loved him, now...I can’t even describe how much it hurts to see him with someone else. It’s a pain that just never goes away. I mean, I can shut down my emotions sometimes, and maybe in the heat of battle I’ll still be able to. But...” her voice trailed off and she stared into her nearly empty cup, trying to catch her breath, as though something had knocked the wind out of her.

“The pain will fade. And like I said, things do not always remain the same young one, there is always hope. Pain and Joy, Happiness and Sadness, Love and Hate, all these things are a part of our lives, in different amounts at different times. You will learn to balance them in time.” The shaman refilled her glass and said, “I will give you time to ponder what we have talked about tonight. Make yourself at home. You can use the guest room tonight. In the morning I will make breakfast and then we can head back to the Tower.”

She didn’t think that she could make the man understand what she was going through. She didn’t want her love for Jon to fade, she didn’t want to put him at risk, but she felt as though she were drowning constantly. Bethany nodded and glanced around as she stood. “I could use some time to rest and think. Thank you, Dyami. Even if I don’t seem very grateful for my life right now. I’ve lost all sense of purpose. Maybe this will help with that.”

Dyami smile a genuine smile,”I understand, Life can be tough, especially when your friends do not want you to die,” Dyami chuckled. “If you need anything just call out. I will come.” Dyami stood and walked to the door speaking to the bear he said, “So old girl want to go play fetch?” The bear started romping around like a spoiled puppy at the mention of its favorite game. “Oh Beth, if you would like to you can join us.”

Bethany chuckled a bit. “Maybe in the morning. Right now, I have a lot to think about. But thank you for the offer.” She glanced around again and asked, “So, umm...where is this guest room?”



Bethany Davies

Dyami Bentley
Mutant Underground


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