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The Passion of Neferu

Posted on Thu Aug 10th, 2017 @ 1:28am by Unawakened Melissa Wilson & Freshman Dominic Dunny

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: A quiet, remote location on the outskirts of Shady Side
Timeline: January 14th, 4 pm

Soft sounds of gentle sighs and quiet moans, wet kisses and the subtle rustling of clothing. The sound of Melissa and Tim in the back seat of the 2010 Hyundai Elantra didn’t escape the car’s walls, but filled the air within it.

Melissa gasped, coming up for air as their lips parted. She smiled, her face flushed but happy. The buttons of her shirt lay open, exposing the simple white bra and her olive-tinged skin. Tim’s fingers drifted over the cotton of her bra, tentatively tracing the edges of the plain fabric.

“God, you’re beautiful...” He breathed.

Melissa smiled, though something Ushebti said came unbidden to her mind. “Which one?”

Tim paused, blinking as his eyes lifted to hers. “Huh?”

“God. Which one?” She smirked. “We play in a game with lots of them.”

Tim’s lips curled as he caught on to the game. “You, my Neferu, are more beautiful than Aphrodite. More tempting than Ishtar. More intoxicating than Eros...”

“Eros?” She chuckled. “He’s male.”

Tim paused. “You know what I mean. The Greek one, not the Roman child cherub thing. God of lust. Passion. I meant that part, not the... man... bit... You’re not a... oh, shut up.”

Melissa snickered softly, running a hand over Tim’s hair and smiling as she stared into his eyes.

“My blood isn’t exactly flowing to my brain right now. Don’t make me think.” He grinned, lowering his lips to kiss the gentle swell of her breasts.

Melissa blushed as she gave a small moan, tilting her head back and wrapping an ankle around Tim’s waist. “Neferu could be your goddess.”

“Can I worship you like this?” He mumbled from between her breasts.

“Okay.” She laughed.

“I’ve got a few other ideas, too.” He glanced up with a smile. “For how to worship you.”

Melissa smiled as Tim’s hand slid down her body, caressing her legs in turn before sliding down between them. He gently pushed them apart, stroking her inner thighs, and Melissa thought her heart might burst out of her chest from the excitement of it all. Her own hand slipped down toward the bulge in the front of his jeans, and his eyes fluttered closed for an instant as she softly caressed the firm flesh beneath. She heard his breath catch as she touched it, the ragged exhale and excited, quick inhale that followed. She could tell how much he wanted this. Needed this. She felt exactly the same.

“Do you want me to...” He whispered anxiously, looking down at the fly of his jeans. “Are you... I mean, do you still want to...?”

“Yeah.” She nodded breathlessly. “Show me.”

There was nervousness in his eyes as he sat up, his hands moving to the fastenings of his jeans. He unbuttoned the waist first, and Melissa’s eyes were transfixed as he slowly unzipped his jeans and reached into the hole at the front of his boxer shorts.

So transfixed that she didn’t see the red flicker in his eye. So transfixed that, while she noticed him pause, she thought he was just trying to tease her by going slow.

She was even more transfixed as he pulled it out. Her eyes widened in a mix of horror and amazement.

“It’s...” She gasped.

“Big.” Tim whispered. Did he sound amazed? No.. that would be ridiculous.

“Yeah.” Melissa breathed. “It’s even bigger than Osiris’.” It was no exaggeration. The member that lay in Tim’s lap was enormous, long and thick. It seemed larger than the bulge had been and she idly wondered where he’d kept that beast inside his jeans, but then Melissa didn’t really know all that much about the physics of men’s underwear.

“Thank you.” Tim said quietly.

“Can I...?” She began, glancing up at his face.

He wore an odd expression that she wasn’t sure how to read. He only nodded in response.

She reached her hand out slowly, nervously. He gasped as her fingers grazed the velvety skin, soft over the hardness of his erection.

That, however, was all she had the chance to do. The sound of car doors outside drew her attention away from Tim. “What was that?”

He blinked, but the opening of their car door cut off any reply he might have made.

Firm hands gripped Melissa’s shoulders. She screamed as she was hauled roughly out of the car, her feet thumping against the ground as she was pulled from the car.

“MELISSA!” Tim screamed. “Let her go! Let her fucking go!”

“TIM!” She screamed, tears running down her cheeks as she was dragged further from Tim’s car. “Help me!”

Her legs kicked wildly, her arms flailing as much as possible - though given how tightly she was being held, that wasn’t much at all. She couldn’t see her abductor, though she could see two others wearing dark ski masks over their faces. One of them was a woman. She zapped Tim with some kind of taser as he tried to climb out of the car, his penis dangling haphazardly as he gripped the door and screamed in pain from the shock of the stun. His eyes seemed to flicker red again for just a moment before going back to their normal brown.

Ushebti, having seen the cars coming through the forest, stopped running as he heard the screaming. He was too late to help directly, he would need to break out his plan a little earlier than expected. He jumped up on to a large flat stone and opened his bag. He could see through the group of cars in the clearing ahead, including Neferu struggling to get away from her captor.

Removing several implements and various paraphernalia from his bag, he knelt down and began to speak, his voice raising in volume as he began his ritual. Chalk in hand, he started to draw on the rock. Though he looked like a young man, his voice was deeper and sounded much older.

“אני קורא את החזון של כל האלים, בעבר ובהווה כמו,Ushebti של שבטי הנהר, להתחיל את הטקס הזה!"

Melissa screamed again as she was dragged back towards the other vehicle. She could see the edge of the large black panel van if she turned her head to the side. Fear threatened to consume her, dominating all her other senses. “TIIIMM!!!”

The young man cried out himself as he was kicked in the side, sent sprawling on the dirt. He looked up at her and there was terror in his eyes.

"Anubis, תשמע אותי! אני קורא את הקשר שלי איתך, כי אני יכול לנתק אותו בעיני האלים."

Ushebti had drawn a large circle on the ground, with smaller circles coming off at different points. In the centre was a pyramid, and inside that, a jackals head, the symbol of Anubis. He started to undo his jacket, revealing his bare chest. Upon it were black tattoos of various types, one of which was also a symbol for Anubis. It started to burn angrily, the colour turning red and his skin sizzling angrily.

"האלים הקדומים של הנילוס, שמע אותי, אני מקשה על הקשר שלי אליך, כי אני יכול לזייף מחדש את הקשרים!"

Several other symbols on his chest also began to burn, all of them symbols from Egyptian mythology. Ushebti looked visibly pained, and his voice was now loud enough to carry across to the clearing.

“Neferu! Goddess of the lost Minoan pantheon! Feel my pledge, hear my words and know them true!” Ushebti knelt down again and brushed out the Anubis symbol, eliciting a soft moan from his lips as the tattoo on his chest burnt away completely. He began to draw the symbol of a crescent moon as he continued.

She heard Ushebti’s words, but not with her ears. It was as though he was a voice inside her head. She stopped struggling for a moment, confused. There was an unfamiliar feeling in her chest, a pressing against her insides that didn't feel unpleasant, but it did feel very strange. Her abductor made more progress, and she could see that he'd gotten her to the edge of the van.

Tim, oblivious to what was happening in her mind, crawled along the ground toward her, only to be rewarded with another kick that made him cry out in pain.

“History cast you and your kin adrift, lost to the seas of fate.” Ushebti continued. “With this symbol I have found you. I promise upon my immortal soul, you will never be forgotten again!”

“Hear me one final time, Gods of all our world. I pledge my life to Neferu, as her priest I will ensure she is never forgotten again!”

The pressure in her chest grew, and Melissa felt like she was going to burst. She groaned a little as it got stronger... more powerful... harder to contain.

Then don't contain it. She heard a voice in her head, and this one was much more familiar than Ushebti’s had been. Her own voice, but stronger. Bolder. Calmer. Much more in control.

She let go with a scream that threw her head back and tensed every muscle in her body. She closed her eyes. She could feel a crackling along her skin that made every hair stand on end and felt strangely pleasant. The hands that held her let go and she opened her eyes again.

Blue electricity sparked around her, and as she stared at the terrified eyes of the man who had held her, a large arc of blue energy extended toward him. He screamed as it struck, his body jolting uncontrollably as he fell to the ground. The smell of charred hair and skin filled the air, an acrid scent that should have made Melissa gag, but it didn't. As the man's screams weakened and died, she should have felt much more than she did about what was happening.

But she didn't.

Electricity arced out toward the van and Tim's Elantra. Paint charred, and the other attackers stared at her with a mix of horror and awe.

So did Tim.

His eyes were wide and his jaw hit the dirt beneath him as he lay there on his stomach. “M-melissa?”

She met his eyes, and they flickered an angry, rage-filled red. Something deep inside of her didn't like the look of that, but she didn't - couldn't - understand the feeling of dread that came along with it. The fear when his eyes turned brown again, though, that she could understand.

That, she could feel.

The strange pressure in her chest faded along with the arcs of blue energy that surged off of her, and Melissa felt more tired than she had ever felt before. She fell to her knees on the dirt, moaning softly. “Tim...”

“What the shit?” one of the attackers asked, his voice trembling in fear.

“Leave her! Get the other one!” the woman who had been kicking Tim suggested.

“No!” Melissa protested weakly. She tried to climb to her feet, but lacked the strength and fell back full the ground. “Leave him alone!”

The pair glanced uneasily in her direction, but proceeded to grab the beaten Tim and, despite his struggles and Melissa's continued protests, dragged him to the smoking van. They left their charred and steaming companion, undeniably dead, as they sped away.

“No!” Melissa whimpered. “Tim! Please... Tim....”

Ushebti staggered into the clearing, his chest still smoking. The symbols on now scars on his flesh. He took a deep breath and forced himself to move towards Melissa, his injuries were nothing compared to the shock she was experiencing.

She made no outward show that she saw him, no movement but to stare after the van. “Where did they take him?” She whispered. “Why?”

“Whether you like it or not, Melissa, you have been thrown into a world as old as time. The answer to that question is not an easy one.”

She whimpered softly, as a tear rolled down her cheek. “We have to get him back. We need to save him.” She looked up at him, her eyes pleading. “I need to get him back.”

“I suspect getting him back will be much more complex than just physically getting him home.” He moved to help her get up from the ground. “I will help you get Tim back. I believe he still has a larger part to play in this story.”

She swayed on her feet as she stood, needing to lean on Ushebti for support. “Story? I-I... I don’t understand any of this...” She glanced down at the body the attackers had left behind. “Oh god... I... I... what did I do?”

“Melissa, you’re going to be okay. We need to get you back home. Whose car was it you came in, yours or Tims?” He started walking with Melissa, turning her so she couldn’t see the body.

“Tim’s...” Her voice was distant. “When he doesn’t... his sister is going to kill me when she finds out he’s...”

“Tim is going to be fine. I have experience at tracking these things down. Right now though, I am more worried about you. Do you remember anything? Any flashes of memories that might not be yours? Any voices? Any lingering pain?”

Her brow furrowed. “Yours. I heard you.” She turned her head to look at him. “In my head. How did I hear you?”

“That’s promising. I am now linked with Neferu, I am sorry if I caused you discomfort. I was speaking to her.”

Melissa’s brow furrowed further. “Neferu...”

“I know you don’t like being referred to by that, and I don’t fully comprehend exactly what the relationship is, but you are linked.”

She glanced over her shoulder at the charred corpse. “Did Neferu kill him?”

“Technically all three of us did.” He smiled weakly. “I gave her the power, and she used you as a conduit. I think. It’s...I’ve...The world is complicated.”

She frowned at that, and didn’t know what to make of it. “Then she can help us save Tim.” It was more of a statement than a request or a suggestion.

Ushebti said nothing for a few moments as they got further away from the cars. “With a little luck, yes.”

“Good.” Melissa gave a small nod. “It’s time the gods helped me for a change. I’m not a penis delivery service.”


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