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Play With Me, pt 5

Posted on Wed Jul 26th, 2017 @ 5:12pm by Unawakened Melissa Wilson & Freshman Dominic Dunny

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Worlds of Myth
Timeline: January 12th, 4:30pm

Ushebti’s avatar sat a few metres away from the still forms of the gryphon and Hugo, his companion. The battle had been reasonably tricky, and Ushebti had already commented on how he’d not have managed without Neferu’s help.

They were left with a still dangling child, occasionally crying at the back of the room.

Neferu sat beside him, ignoring the child for the moment. She’d take him home later to turn in the quest, after she’d had a chance to go through her inventory and sort her loot.

[Neferu: I didn’t do that much. You wore him down a lot so I could give the final blow. You’ve got some good spells. I never really did many of the Anubis loyalty quests, maybe I should do some of them.]

[Ushebti: I have a feeling that goddesses don’t need to worry so much about loyalty quests.]

That uncomfortable feeling returned. Melissa squirmed in her seat.

[Neferu: I am not a goddess. Stop calling me that.]

[Ushebti: Maybe...but something seems to be pulling you in that direction.]

[Neferu: These gods aren't real! They're just old stories!]

Melissa felt increasingly uncomfortable as he pushed. “Besides,” she whispered to herself, “there’s no goddess named Neferu. I-I wasn't born a g-goddess.” Little sparks of energy arced between her fingers, tiny flickers of blue that she didn't even notice. Her monitor flickered a little bit.

[Ushebti: There is some kind of truth behind every myth, Neferu.]

“And there's some kind of crap in what you're saying.” Melissa mumbled.

[Neferu: There are no myths about a goddess named Neferu. Stop it!]

The only answer she received was silence, accompanied by the still soft crying.

That silence made Melissa feel even more uncomfortable. Maybe it was the crying of the child, or the unstated assumption that Ushebti still believed she was a goddess, but Melissa felt a gnawing in her chest and goosebumps on her skin. Flickers of static sparked as her feet moved across the carpet of her floor.

[Neferu: I’m not a...]

She started typing, but didn’t finish. The message didn’t send. As her sock-footed toe touched the computer tower, a loud zap filled the air. The whine of the computer stopped with a pop. Her monitor blinked off.

Melissa stared at the now blank screen.

She looked down at her tower with a sinking feeling. There were no lights on it anymore.

“MELISSA? What is that? Power just flicker!” Talassa’s shrill voice called up the stairs. “What you do!?”

“Well... crap.” She muttered with a sigh.


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