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Play With Me, pt 4

Posted on Wed Jul 26th, 2017 @ 5:11pm by Unawakened Melissa Wilson & Freshman Dominic Dunny

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Worlds of Myth
Timeline: January 12th, 4:30pm

The light revealed itself to be coming from the central courtyard of the fort, something that the corridor they had found ran parallel to, with numerous slits cut into the stone. It seemed to function almost as a viewing gallery.

As the trio drew closer, the soft sounds of movement became louder, and they saw one of the Gryphons milling around the courtyard, occasionally scratching at the dirt covered stone flooring.

Melissa clicked her mouse, refreshing the Shadow Hide spell. Gryphons were tough, but their hearing was limited. The spell would hide them and, she hoped, the lower perception scores of the gryphon in the courtyard would do the rest to keep them hidden.

[Neferu: that should be near the centre of the fort. I don't think they'd make it so easy that we could shoot ranged through these holes. We'll need to find a way around.]

[Ushebti: Alright. I wonder where this corridor goes?]

[Neferu: One way to find out...]

She moved down the corridor, walking rather than running in order to remain stealthy. It turned to border the courtyard before opening in both directions. The hallway that led to the left away from the courtyard was just before the other path, so if they chose that direction they could avoid detection by the gryphons and proceed down a richly decorated hallway into what looked like a more lavish area of the fort. From where they stood, Melissa could see at least two gryphons inside the courtyard to the right, patrolling and looking decidedly unpleasant.

[Neferu: Left or right? I bet we could find some decent loot to the left...] She glanced that way hopefully.

[Neferu: Then again, we’ll have to fight the gryphons eventually. Do you think that they would have the child in the courtyard? I can’t see him, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t hidden...]

[Ushebti: Once I begin fighting it’s unlikely we’ll be able to go back to stealth until everything in this fort is dead.]

[Neferu: Right. Whenever you're ready.] She pulled out her twin blades and entered a combat stance, crouched and ready to leap into action.

Ushebti took a few steps forward, Hugo stepping in behind him. There was a cracking noise and hugo’s spine broke in two, the dog’s front half snapping upwards. It shot towards Ushebti and started to fuse with his flesh, the dog’s front legs attaching themselves to his arms, and his skull starting to wrap around Ushebti’s own.

The avatar of Ushebti seemed to grow taller, even as he started to hunch forwards. Within a few seconds, the skull of Hugo was fully around Ushebti’s own head, a hideous helmet resembling a bone and rotten flesh version of Anubis.

As he continued walking towards the courtyard, his equipment fully melted into his new form, his staff disappearing and claws sprouting from gnarled hands.

Melissa watched her screen with wide eyes. “Woah... Impressive spell.”

[Ushebti: I can only do this once per day, so make use of it. :)]

He stepped out into the courtyard and hell broke loose. Gryphons cawed and dived at him, the two in the courtyard clearly not the only ones with view of the archway he had emerged from. The High Priest’s arm twisted and a structure of bone erupted from the ground, a gryphon slamming into it with a scream as it formed a protective shield in front of him.

Skeletal arms began to rise from the ground, gripping at the legs of any gryphons unfortunate enough to be stood on the floor.

Sliding into the shadows was hard during combat, but Neferu was a high enough level to manage it. She snuck around behind the gryphons before leaping on to the back of the one Ushebti was focused on. Both blades sunk in the creature’s back, dealing an impressive amount of damage.

She pulled her blades out as she flipped backwards, jumping from one gryphon to another as the first crumpled to the ground. Her second backstab was less powerful, but still dealt an impressive amount of damage. Ushebti was keeping them distracted well enough that Neferu was able to get in some good hits.

Through the cunning use of Neferu’s acrobatics, and Ushebti’s over the top necromantic shenanigans, it was not long before the Gryphons were largely dispatched. Hugo had detached from his back and was rooting around inside the corpse of a particularly large Gryphon, causing it to twitch occasionally.

[Ushebti: No sign of the kid yet. Where to next, do you reckon?]

[Neferu: Deeper in, I guess] Melissa typed as she directed Neferu to loot the gryphon corpses. She took a look around the courtyard to try to figure out what direction to choose. The programmers for the game were good, but they did reuse settings at times, and Melissa recognized some of the layout.

After a moment, the looting finished, she moved toward one of the archways at the far end of the room.

[Neferu: This one?]

[Ushebti: Sure, lets give it a try.] He started to follow Neferu, Hugo at his side.

She followed the path, which grew darker the further they went in.

[Neferu: you don't have a light spell, do you?]

[Ushebti: Fraid not, not really Anubis’ shindig.

[Neferu: wait... I think I do have something. One sec.]

Melissa clicked over to the special class abilities as something tweaked her mind. Worlds of Myth have additional abilities as a character leveled up or performed certain feats and quests. She'd had one ability show up a little while ago, but she couldn't remember when she'd gotten it.

With a click of the mouse, Neferu’s pale skin began to glow. It wasn’t bright, like the glow of a bright moon lighting up the midnight sky, but it was enough to illuminate the narrow walls and see a few get in front of them. More than that, Neferu looked beautiful, radiant in every sense of the word. Melissa gasped softly. She'd never used this ability before, but she made a mental note to use it again in the future.

It was silent for a few moments, before a message came through.

[Ushebti: That is...not a normal skill in the game.]

[Neferu: Huh?]

[Ushebti: Remember what I was saying at school? This is exactly it.]

[Neferu: Exactly what?] Melissa frowned at the screen.

[Ushebti: Whatever you just did, is not something normal characters can do.]

[Neferu: It's just rare. I got this ability from doing a quest, maybe about a month or so ago.]

“I must have.” Melissa added in a whisper. “What other explanation is there? What quest was it?” It bothered her that she didn’t have an answer to that. Could this have arrived around the time that she did the quest for Osiris? No... she thought she remembered having it then, even though she hadn't used it during that quest.

Ushebti said nothing, merely following the now glowing Neferu.

His silence was uncomfortable, but Melissa tried to ignore it as best she could, continuing down the corridor to a small room. She immediately went to a chest in the corner and started to loot it.

[Neferu: there are health potions in here. There'll be another fight coming up.]

“Please let there be another fight.” Melissa whispered to herself. “This is getting awkward.”

[Ushebti: Do you hear that?]

Sure enough, as Melissa listened, she could make out the faint sobbing of something that definitely did not sound like it would have wings.

[Neferu: that must be the boy. Boss fight ahead, then.]

As they rounded the corner, they found themselves coming into a large room with a vaulted ceiling. It was a room often used for boss fights in Worlds of Myth. Hanging from a cage in the back of the room was the figure of a child, occasionally doing an animation that vaguely resembled sobbing.

Sleeping in the middle of the room, however, was a gigantic black Gryphon, its mouth red with blood, and intricate runes running down its feathers. With every breath, its chest heaved up and down, the noise echoing around the stone room.

[Ushebti: Shit.]

Melissa frowned as she examined the room. There wasn’t much of a chance that they’d let stealth work to avoid the fight entirely, but it didn’t hurt to try.

[Neferu: I could try to sneak past.]

[Ushebti: Seems unlikely, once you talk to the kid you’ll drop outta stealth. Hrm….]

[Neferu: what? Do you have an idea?]

[Ushebti: Through, not around. But that’s just my style. :)]

“I hope this thing isn't ridiculously high leveled.” Melissa muttered as she typed her response.

[Neferu: lead the way]


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