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Play With Me, pt 3

Posted on Wed Jul 26th, 2017 @ 5:10pm by Unawakened Melissa Wilson & Freshman Dominic Dunny

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Worlds of Myth
Timeline: January 12th, 4:30pm

The dark-haired assassin ran toward the shoreline. Within moments, Shadow Hide took effect and she faded from view. An outline of her figure was just barely visible to any who were paying close attention and had decently high perception stats. It didn’t usually matter much. Unless an enemy was actively looking for her, Shadow Hide worked about 99% of the time. At least, it did with as many points as Melissa had put into it during her time playing Neferu.

She stayed close to the shore, at a distance from the fort. They usually made use of caves and tunnels for this sort of thing, so she scouted the rocky crevices to try to find anything unusual. The first two caves she tried led nowhere, though she did find a nice chest with some decent gear and gold in it.

[Neferu: Need a ring of magic +3?]

[Ushebti: I’m okay, thank you. Priests get a special ring as a reward for getting to High Priests, so I’m pretty set in that department. :)]

[Neferu: Fair enough.]

She kept exploring.

A few minutes later, a far more promising cave appeared. Initial scouting looked even more promising. The dark tunnel seemed to even out as it moved roughly in the direction of the fort, and a burnt-out torch was mounted in the rock wall.

[Neferu: I think I found it. Can you get to me?]

[Ushebti: Yeah, I can do something temporary. Give me a few.]

[Neferu: Ok.]

After a few minutes, there was a rustling noise, and a small patch of black mist appeared next to Neferu. It only lasted a couple of seconds before it rose up and developed into a deep, impenetrable darkness that suddenly separated to show Ushebti. The black mist disappeared, and his avatar leaned on his staff slightly.

[Ushebti: Ohh, this looks promising.]

Neferu nodded and began running down the passageway. Her sandalled feet splashed in the shallow water that ran toward the fort. After a moment, she began to glow with a faint, almost moonlike incandescence as she swapped her broad collar for an unusual medallion. It was a round, pale yellow stone with a crescent shape on it, and it hung around her neck from a delicate silver ribbon. Rather than the glow coming from the stone itself, it came from her entire body, as though long-vanished sunlight reflected off her pale alabaster skin.

There was the sound of faint mumbling in Egyptian as Ushebti followed close behind, the eyes on the carving on his staff glowing faintly. He lopped after her, his legs covering an unnatural distance even with his long stride. The mumbling continued as they went deeper into the passage.

It was a little unnerving.

[Neferu: Are you mumbling? Is that some kind of spell or something?]

[Ushebti: Yeah. It takes a while to cast. Normally I’d have done it ages ago but mounts interfere with it so I thought I’d best wait.]

[Neferu: What are you casting?]

[Ushebti: This one. :)]

The corridor got darker, and another patch of black mist rose up from the group, followed shortly by a sharp snapping noise, like large bits of wood being broken. Boney limbs rose from the mist, clawing at the air for purchase. After they found it, they dragged more of its form from out of the ground, the clawed dog like creature beginning to grow flesh on its bones. As the flesh wrapped itself around the head it gave out a low growl, its ears pointing up sharply. Black matted fur began to cover the flesh, although it still looked very unhealthy.

[Ushebti: This is Hugo. All High Priests get something different from their God. A kind of power give or something as a reward for choosing them above all others. This is mine.]

Melissa blinked at her screen. “That animation was gross.” She muttered to herself.

[Neferu: Cool. Nephthys just gave me my daggers.] She pulled her twin sickle-shaped blades from behind her back to show them to Ushebti.

[Ushebti: Those are awesome. :) It’s never a ‘just’ with a God, I think. ;) And there’s always a catch too, I’ve noticed. Especially with the Egyptian Gods. Every miracle seems to come with some kind of caveat. :/]

[Neferu: as does every mission.]

Melissa’s fingers typed that without her really thinking about it. She supposed that there had been catches and miracles associated with the quest to return Osiris’ penis to him. What other than a miracle was going into the game? Though, the more she thought about that statement, the more it bothered her.

[Neferu: wait... do you really think that? That every miracle a god gives is, well, coming with some kind of caveat? All of them?]

The trio - Neferu, Ushebti and Hugo - sloshed through the tunnel. It turned ahead, and there was a faint hint of light in the distance.

[Ushebti: I’m happy to be proven wrong but mortal politicians can’t help but think of the general population as just numbers, why would a creature that lives on a different plane of existence think any differently?]

It was a good question. She didn't have a good answer for it. Once again, words seemed to flow from her fingers without much thought.

[Neferu: Politicians have motives that generally focus on becoming re-elected. Gods do not have such motives. Why would they behave in a similar manner? Most gods are a level above gutter-dwelling slime. A noble few are multiple levels above politicians.]

Melissa blushed as she read what she wrote. She had no reason to think that politicians were bad people. She didn't think much about them at all, really.

Ushebti was silent for a few moments as the light grew brighter.

[Ushebti: I hope you’re right.]


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