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Play With Me, pt 2

Posted on Wed Jul 26th, 2017 @ 5:09pm by Unawakened Melissa Wilson & Freshman Dominic Dunny

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Worlds of Myth
Timeline: January 12th, 4:30pm

The game loaded and Neferu soon found herself face to face with the High Priest. Ushebti was tall, taller than Neferu, and he had a fatherly face, stern but with the beginnings of laugh lines visibly etched onto it. He wore a priest’s traditional leopard hide, although fitting with his role as High Priest, it was more luxurious and had been altered. Wrapped around his lower midriff and secured by a wide but simple bit of brown cloth, it draped down to just over his white shendyt, a type of skirt.

He wore simple sandals, and around his shoulders was an usekh, a type of wide collar, made of black beads and gold. He had a simple white cap on his head, which sat behind his ears. In one hand, he carried a rolled up scroll of papyrus, the other a wooden staff with a black carving of an African golden wolf head.

It was a more elaborate and detailed avatar than many that she’d seen, clearly customized. Melissa could appreciate that. Neferu was hardly a standard-issue avatar either, but rather a series of customization options she’d played with for hours until the assassin was just right. His gear was decent, at least what she recognized of it was. She’d never played the High Priest class, so she wasn’t as familiar with the class gear as she was the assassin and rogue gear, or the warrior gear that Ankhramesses used. Still, she could tell that Ushebti was a high-level character, and that a great deal of time had been put in to him.

Neferu’s beautiful and slender figure, draped in a sheer midnight blue cloak and the wisps of fabric that hung from the sides of her hips, was not wearing the armour that Melissa was certain she’d left her in when she turned off the game last night before going to bed. She frowned. A quick check of her inventory confirmed that the Breastplate and Panties of Min were in her inventory. Instead, Neferu wore a silver chestplate that covered her breasts in a solid band of metal with scalemail fabric covering her stomach. A short skirt of similar scale covered the tops of her legs. The armour looked good, but she couldn’t ignore the fact that it covered significantly more of Neferu’s skin than the Breastplate and Panties of Min would have. In Worlds of Myth, at least when female armour was concerned, less coverage generally equated to higher armour class. There weren’t many armour sets with a higher class than Min’s.

“What the...?” Melissa frowned at the screen. “How did... would Kyle have...?”

She dismissed the thought. He’d walked to school with her this morning, and she was sure he couldn’t have snuck in to her room overnight. It was the sort of trick he’d pull, though. Who else would log in to her account and change her avatar into different armour?

Pulling up the options console, Melissa quickly changed her password to something Kyle would be a lot less likely to guess. She changed back into Min’s armour. Small, chain-linked circles of metal covered Neferu’s nipples and a small rectangle of metal linked with chain covered the minimum required area between the assassin’s shapely legs. Her armour class went back to normal.

[Ushebti: I’ve got some roleplaying outfit sets in my bank as well. Working on a new one for the Norse content. The idea of an Egyptian High Priest going on holiday to Scandinavia amuses me. :)]

[Neferu: lol. Yeah... I’ve only played a few Norse quests. There’s enough in the Mediterranean for me for right now. I want to try Celtic sometime, though. I might make a new character for that, but probably not... I like playing Neferu.]

Ushebti’s character nodded, and then pulled open a map, a sign he was looking at his map on his computer screen. After a few moments, the map closed again and his avatar clapped its hands.

[Ushebti: Too far to run and too close to teleport anywhere else. Have you got a mount of some kind?]

[Neferu: I’ve never really used them. Where are we going?]

[Ushebti: Up the coast a little ways. I’ve got a two person chariot you can hop a ride in.]

Ushebti removed something from a pouch beneath his leopard tunic and briefly turned it in his hand before placing it back. There was the sound of hooves on stone and from around the corner came a two horse chariot. It was relatively simple, one of the cheaper of the mounts available. It pulled to a stop by Ushebti and he climbed on board.

She clicked on the chariot to climb on board and stand beside Ushebti.

[Neferu: Anything else I should know about the quest?]

[Ushebti: Have you fought corrupted gryphons before?]

[Neferu: Ugh. Once. I was lower level then though.]

The chariot started moving out of the city, as Ushebti set it on its course to the cliffs North West of Knossos.

[Ushebti: Just keep in mind they’re a lot dumber than normal gryphons, but a lot stronger. Don’t let one charge you head on. ]

[Neferu: Yeah... I learned that lesson. How much is there before we get to the kid, or can we stealth it and sneak in?]

[Ushebti: It’s one of the newer quests that changes all the time so it’s a bit different each time. But last time I tried they were in the remnants of an old fort. I don’t really do sneaking for...well, you’ll see...but I can come at them from the front whilst you sneak in, deal with the smaller ones inside and get to the kid. His name is Arudara.]

[Neferu: Ok. When we get there, I want to take a good look around and see if I can figure out a way in that will minimize the fighting. If it comes to it, I’m good at that, I just like stealth. Shadow Hide is a really nice skill.]

[Ushebti: Sure thing. Plenty of time for scoping things out.]

Now that they had left the city proper, the countryside of Crete was spread out before them, and the road led them along the ocean that Knossos nestled against. The land started to rise, and forests gave way to more sporadic shrubbery.

Eventually, they came close enough to their target that the quest marker Ushebti had shared with Neferu turned a golden colour and they entered a private instance of the game, ready to take on their mission.

Here, the countryside broke into lots of little crags and gullies, near the top of the sheer cliffs looking out towards Greece. Although Greece itself was not visible, the sea was definitely audible, the occasional seagull cawing in the distance. Nearby one of the further away sections of the cliff sat an old ruined fort, a solitary creature flying in circles above it.

It was definitely too large to be a seagull.

[Neferu: Is that...?]

[Ushebti: A fucking big gryphon. I don’t remember that being one that massive before. Maybe the quest is harder now there’s two of us?]

[Neferu: They do do that. Yeah, I’m definitely going the stealth route.]

[Ushebti: Gotcha. How do you wanna scout it out? I can give stealth a go if you don’t think the distraction idea is a good one.]

[Neferu: If you want to be eaten by a gryphon, be my guest. A lot of these fortresses have underground passageways, ways to get water in and out in case of a siege. Those are usually a good way to get into a place with stealth, if you can find them.]

Ushebti was silent for a moment, before the chariot disappeared and they were both stood standing on the road.

[Ushebti: I’ve got a buff here somewhere that helps with perception. I don’t think I’ve ever really used it.]

Ushebti moved in a circle, his hands clasped, as four feathers appeared around him, before they spun around his head and formed a small disc of light. The disc of light flew over to Neferu and separated again, this time into four little pillars that span around her before sinking into the ground.

[Ushebti: That should help. I’m figuring you’re probably better equipped to find hidden things than I am. ;)]

“Of course I am.” Melissa mumbled to herself. “I’m a rogue class.”

[Neferu: I’ll need to scout down by the shore. I can cast Shadow Hide on you if you want to join me, or I can go look on my own and message you.]

[Ushebti: I’m happy to wait here until you can formulate a plan. I’ll get a little closer and let you know if I see anything heading your way.]

[Neferu: Okay.]


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