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A leg to stand on Part 2

Posted on Sun Jul 2nd, 2017 @ 7:54am by Academy Physician Seamus Edwin M.D. & Freshman Sean Edwin Ph.D & Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake

Mission: Everyday
Location: Sean's lab Townsend Tower/Operating room 1
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 18 January 2012

After they were gone, Sean looked to Syn. “Syn, what type of man is Jon?”

The diminutive dragon lady followed Sean to the table, stopping at the side of it, a thoughtful look on her face. “He’s a good man, for the most part, though I doubt you were asking for that kind of assessment. So, I suppose that the first thing that springs to mind when I think of him is that he’s a survivor, a fighter, a skilled soldier.” Again, a look of concern ghosted across her normally calm features.

“A fighter. Yes. A soldier. A man at home with weapons.” He gestured to a part of the leg that looked to be a tray.. “This here is a special thing I thought up when I heard who this was going to.” He gently pulled the tray out. It wasn’t big, just a few inches long.

“This is going to be modified for Mr. Harrison. We’re working on fabricating a holding device to fit in there. But currently they are only working to hold a small firearm. A pistol. I believe it’s a small one from the armory. I don’t recall the name.”

Syn actually chuckled. “You’re making a place for a holdout pistol for him?” She sighed, relieved that it wasn’t some kind of death ray in miniature form or something. “I honestly won’t complain about that, considering some of the situations that he manages to get himself into. So long as it doesn’t compromise the functionality of the leg.”

“No. I made sure the gun wasn’t going to get in the way of the working parts.” Sean said with a proud smile on his lips. “I had thought about more weapons, but one of the techs said we shouldn’t load it up on weaponry.”

“A sensible decision,” Syn said, chuckling again. She was going to have to come up with some way to reward the techs working with the young genius, for being able to keep him a bit grounded. “He’s going to have to get used to simply using the leg all on its own. Too much extra right now might be a bit more disconcerting than it’s already going to be.”

“Not just that. This leg should function like a normal one. I’ve been doing some reading of all the proposals out there. All the thoughts and concepts. Even Dad had some ideas.” Sean turned to look at her better. “By time we’re done, this leg will act like a normal leg, except for having any kind of nervous system in it. If something brushes against it, he’d never know.”

“Well, perhaps that’s something that we can spend some time researching for a future upgrade,” Syn said, looking the leg over. She was no engineer, but she could follow the lines and see the logical progressions and connections. “Right now, we just need for it to function as well as possible for Mister Harrison.”

“Yeah. He may need to take time to learn to use it. And if he’s like some people, he may not take to it at first. Some people can’t cope with the loss. I’ve seen many of them, throughout my many years of being fitted with different wheelchairs and crutches. And I’d suggest that until he is mentally stable, he isn’t allowed to handle any firearms.””

The small, reptilian-eyed woman nodded. She’d seen a number of amputees throughout her life that had not been able to cope with the loss, as well. “Well, all that we can do is try our best to make sure that he has the proper care, and the support structure to help pull him through it. Still, it will be up to him to put the effort into it.”

“Good. Like I’ve said, saw it before. I’ve had things a bit better. I was born with this and refuse to let it define me. For him, he has to set his limits.” Sean stated.

Syn smiled and offered Sean a short bow. “I should leave you to your work. I will be watching the surgery from the observation lounge. Good luck, Doctor Edwin.”

The kid genius nodded. “This should be a momentous day for all involved.”


Two hours later

Seamus led his son to the room just outside the operating room. “Alright. Your wheelchair stays out here. You said you had a way to stand firm in there?”

“Isn’t someone else going to go in, instead of me?”

“Son, this here is your blueprint. This came from your mind. So you’re the one who can fix things on the fly.” Seamus put a hand on his son’s shoulder. “I need you in there because almost seventy five percent of what is going to happen will be considered experimental and completely new.”

“But Dad...blood?” Sean looked to the inner room and shuddered.

“We’ve got a secret weapon coming in. She’ll be in here in just a few moments. But for now, I need you to get out of your labcoat and scrub up. Follow what I do and let the nurses help you out. Once the gloves are on, you do not touch your face. If you do, you have to wash your hands. Got me?”

“Yeah. I hear ya.” Sean replied.

Across the room, they watched Jon being brought in. As he was put to sleep, the leg was brought into the OR. The doors behind them parted and one of the towers former students came in. She was dressed in normal street clothes. “Doctor Edwin? I was asked to come in today?”

“Freida, you made it.” Seamus said with a smile. “Before we step into the OR, we need to shut off Sean’s issues with blood. Just a temporary thing. He gets nauseous when he sees blood. We need to work and work fast. But I need sean incase things go sideways on us. This is his tech after all.”

“I understand.” She went to Sean and dropped to one knee, in front of his wheelchair. “This won’t hurt at all. I’m just going to desensitize you for a little while to the sight of blood.”

“Sure, I guess. I mean if everyone wants me in there...” Sean started to say when his father cut him off.

“Not want. Need you in there. But you’re going to wait to go in. I want to make sure the process works before you step in. Understand?”

He only nodded as the lady he had just met closed her eyes. After a few moments, he sat there wondering if she had done anything yet.

After a few minutes she looked up to Seamus and nodded as she stood up. “He should be good for an hour or two. Maybe more.”

“Alright. I want you to stay in here. You can see the operating table from here so if you feel queasy, have a nurse say something.” Seamus smiled as his son. “Understand?”

“Yeah. I understand.”

“Well then, let’s get washed up.” Seamus waited for his son to stand. Then he showed him the proper way to scrub up. Seamus fought the urge to chuckle. Both Doctor Edwins in a single room. Both dressed in scrubs.

To his side, Sean watched and followed his father’s movements. After a few minutes, the leg was brought in, in a sealed device to keep outside germs from coming in with it. Seamus stepped through the door, using his back to open it. Sean watched his father go in. One of the nurses stayed inside the wash room so Sean wouldn’t have to fight with the door.

The young genius watched as the nurses and his father moved about the table. He wondered how long he would have to wait until there was some blood. Then it happened. A streak of crimson splashed across his father’s surgical scrubs.

“How you doin?” The nurse who had stayed in the room with him asked.

“Weird. It looks like kool aid or paint or something.” Sean said with a shake of his head.

“Come on, kiddo. Let’s go attach a leg.”

As Sean stepped in, he moved slowly to the brace that was sitting to the side. The nurse who had come in with him strapped his torso and legs into the device. Then she let Sean put a hand on her shoulder as he slowly walked to the table.

“What can I do?” Sean asked as he got close.

“Currently, nothing. We have to clean up some of the leg before we can put the cap on it.” Seamus replied.



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