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A leg to stand on Part 1

Posted on Sun Jul 2nd, 2017 @ 7:54am by Freshman Sean Edwin Ph.D & Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake

Mission: Everyday
Location: Sean's lab Townsend Tower
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 18 January 2012

Sean was happy with his current job. He had been given the task of making a new leg for the male friend of Beth. He could pull from other projects. Yet this time he had someone paying the bill, so he had the bigger budget to work with. He knew what they wanted. One fake leg. Any idiot could go to a local doctor and start the paperwork to get one of those. This was going to be different.

He was making this better than a normal prosthetic leg. After all, his name was being tied to it. He had to make it big. People couldn’t see half-assed work coming through with his name attached to it. When he was first told to do it, a thousand ideas ran across his mind. He pulled from those and from his other projects, intended to help him with his mobility issues.

He was also fighting time. His father wanted it as soon as possible. Which made the job harder for Sean. To aid in his work, he was just building the plans for the parts. Other people were responsible for manufacturing the larger pieces. When those were done, they were brought to him. The internal parts, namely any electronic parts were his responsibility. He was also the only one responsible for putting it all together.

He was in the smaller part of his lab, leaning against the table that was in there, so he could work on the parts on his own. His music was playing, but not nearly as loud as he normally had it. Some parts had yet to be delivered. Others, like the upper leg and knee were there already. The upper part of the leg was in two main parts. The main housing with all the servos and other internal components. Then there was the outer shell.

His only problem was that with the limited time, he wasn’t getting the chance to cover the leg in any kind of fake skin. So far the leg was metallic looking. It was shaped like a normal human leg. Except the leg had no muscles to speak of. Internally the leg had workings that acted as the muscles. This had been something he had on his last designs. Something to help him walk normally. On your average human it worked. But his muscles didn’t work right, so to him, the project was scrapped.

Yet now, Sean held back the smile he was feeling. It was possible. It could work for Jon. He paused long enough to pull some hairs away from his face. His hair was in a ponytail, but each time he bent over, loose strands attached themselves to his face. He wore a lab coat that held many smaller tools that he could need. His chair was nearby, with his laptop on a swivel, and pointed to him so he could read his schematics.

He moved his attention to the smaller parts of the upper leg.

Syn had redirected the entire R&D department into helping Sean with his project. The faster that they got it done, the easier it would be for Jon to get used to the limb. With healers, there was no need for them to wait months for a wound to heal properly before fitting the cybernetic leg either, which made the process far less traumatic on the patient. Not that it wasn’t traumatic to lose a limb and have to have it replaced to begin with.

The diminutive administrator entered the busy lab, stopping every once in awhile to peer at something being worked on, but she made it to Sean, inside the smaller inner lab, within relative short order, her hands behind her back so as to not touch anything important. “How goes the work, Doctor Edwin? Everything seems to be coming along nicely.”

“Yes.” Sean replied. He gave her a small nod. “I’m waiting for the ankle and foot parts. The upper leg part already fits into the connector point. The lower leg should be here in a few minutes. I need to add some of the internal parts when it gets here.”

“So, everything is running on schedule then. I’m impressed, Sean,” Syn said, giving him a small smile. “You’ve accomplished much in the short amount of time that you were given for this project. You seem to work well under pressure.”

“To be honest, I had already dreamed up some of those plans already. I just couldn’t make a way to get my muscles to work with it. I also had Susan put me into a deep REM state, so I could get some ideas flowing. I’ve had my computer going over everything I’ve ever looked at on the subject.” Sean replied. “I’ve been adding to them as we do this. With who it’s going to, I think he’ll like the additions I’ve put in there.”

Syn nodded as Sean spoke, then an eyebrow raised slightly above one red-reptilian eye. “Additions?” The young man had a penchant for potentially dangerous add-ons to his technology, and she suddenly found herself to be a bit worried.

“It’s nothing too dangerous. In fact, it may be something he likes.” Sean stated.

A pair of men walked in with a rolling cart. On it were two large items. One was the outer shell of the new lower part of the leg. The other was the inner parts. “Doctor Edwin, we have the lower leg.”

“Well, it’s here, so let me show you.” Sean said. “Gentlemen, take it to the other table, please.”

“Right away, Doctor.”

Sean grabbed his crutches and slipped his arm into the braces of his crutches. Then he slowly made his way to the table. “That will be all for right now. Thank you. I’ll warn you when I’m ready to assemble them.”

“Yes Doctor.” They replied and the two men left the room.

After they were gone, Sean looked to Syn. “Syn, what type of man is Jon?”



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