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Posted on Wed Jun 21st, 2017 @ 9:48am by Freshman Edward (Xander) Carlisle IV & Civilian Cecily Carlisle & Civilian Tamar Todd & Civilian Talia Cervanek

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Danger Room
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - Monday, 16 January 2012/Evening

There was a soft knock on Talia’s door. When she opened it, Tamar stood there with that brilliant smile of hers. Cecily stood just behind the house mistress. “Did ya have a good rest?” she asked the beautiful redhead. “Would ya like ta see Xander now?”

The fiery young woman looked far more put together than she had when she’d been brought in. Talia’s hair and makeup were expertly coiffed and styled, her long red tresses braided down her back. Her outfit was a simple, yet stylish, ensemble of black jeans and a green blouse. She smiled at the other redhead and at Cecily. “I did. And I would love to see him.”

“Great.” Tamar gestured to the young ladies to follow her down the hall. “Now he’s bein’ kept secluded for safety,” she told them. “But ya’ll won’t be in any danger,” she assured as they waited for the elevator. It deposited them into a nondescript hallway, rather clinical. Several doors read DANGER ROOM. In the center of the corridor was a door labeled LOCKER ROOM. Tamar stopped in front of Danger Room #3.

Cecily arched an eyebrow and signed. OG didn’t even translate before Tamar answered.

“Danger Room is just a fun name,” she said with a shrug. “Mostly we use them to train in, but also for awakenings like Xander until they get things under control. He is perfectly safe, however,” she assured, pressing a code into the wall panel beside the door.

“PURIFYRE ACCESS GRANTED,” came the computer voice. There was the loud sound of heavy locks releasing and then the door slid open.

Inside was a small room comfortably set up with chairs and couches, almost a lounge. A table sat against an obsidian black wall with two chairs. The room was small, and a delicious smell filled it, coming from two covered trays sitting on the table.

“Ah thought ya’ll’d like ta take dinner together,” Tamar commented, gesturing for the girls to enter.

“Thank you,” Talia said, looking at the strange room tentatively. “It smells delicious.” She turned and looked at Tamar, taking a deep breath, before asking, “Purifier? Are you...” She paused, seeming unable to frame the question properly, then finally said, “A mutant, as well?” There was a bit of a worried wavering to her voice.

“Ah am. Not so scary, though, Ah hope,” Tamar said. She held out her hand and a small flame leapt to life. Her alabaster skin actually started to glow a bit, the bronze of her freckles actually taking a metallic flicker, and that shock of white forelock glowed as well. “There are things not dreamt of in your world, Horatio,” Tamar quoted with a slight smile. “Ah’m an avatar of a star an’ in touch with the Light,” she explained.

Cecily stared at the older woman in awe and crossed herself and signing.

Tamar chuckled and shook her head as she closed her hand, snuffing the flame. “No, not an angel. That’d be Tina...if she ever remembers,” Tamar said cryptically.

Tamar ushered them into the small room surrounded by black walls, the doors shut behind them and sealed once more. “OG, let’s bring down the walls.”

After a simple acknowledgement, the black obsidian walls seemed to go smokey, paling, until they were transparent. On the other side they could see a small, comfortable room, sort of modeled after Talia’s townhouse, though with a bit more space to accommodate Xander and Talia’s bed. Opposite the table with the covered trays was another table and chair with another tray. Xander stood next to the table, dressed in khaki slacks and a button up blue shirt. He looked hale and hearty, but there was a difference. His hair was still pillow chic, but the tips of his brown locks were frosted white. It moved in a small breeze, as did his collar.

Cecily clasped her hands in front of her, looking relieved to see her brother. Xander gave her a smile and then turned his dark bedroom eyes to his girlfriend. “Talia…” he spoke, voice thick with emotion. He came to the wall and put his hand up, spread against the transparent glass-like surface. Behind him a wind stirred up and knocked over a lamp. Xander winced. “Sorry,” he murmured to Talia.

Tamar chuckled. “Don’t worry about it, Xander,” she said. “It’s all force fields an’ holograms.”

Talia winced slightly at the strange winds, but then smiled and moved to the glass-like field, a tear running down her face, even Tamar’s little trick seemingly forgotten as her heart swelled with the love that she had for the young man behind the strange field. She reached up and put her hand to his and she said, “Oh, thank God that you’re alright. This is all so strange and frightening. You are okay, right?”

Xander shrugged. “Bored. Stuck in here,” he commented. “Without you. Luckily I have Worlds of Myth.” He pressed his forehead to the glass, gazing into Talia’s eyes. “I was worried about you. I-I’m sorry I hurt you…” His voice was thick with emotion.

Cecily came up to the glass and put her hand up for Xander’s other hand. She gave him a small, reassuring smile.

Tamar backed up quietly and found a chair in the far corner of the room, taking a seat and pulling out a book from the cushions.

“Well, I did kind of flip out,” Talia said, giving Xander a weak smile. “I mean, I don’t really like that little wretch, she really scared me with that laser blast from the hand thing. But...I just...I shouldn’t have tried to shoot her. Things were bad enough as it was.”

“Well, might need to tell her that, luv,” Xander said with a smile. “I’ll get out of here soon...I hope,” he said. “I’m’s kind of difficult to get this under control. Luckily nothing in here can really break.” His hair stirred more forcefully and the wind inside the glass house swirled rapidly, though the ladies were completely immune and outside of it. “They said the baby was okay?”Xander asked trepidatiously.

Talia watched the chaos in the other room blow things about, then pulled her eyes back to Xander, nodding as she said, “Yes, my love. The baby is doing well. I brought the ultrasounds that they took. I thought that you might like to see them.” She pulled out a new phone, silver rather than the typical glittering orange, and poked at it for a few seconds, then held them up for him to see, flipping through the few images slowly.

“Oh, wow…” Xander murmured, staring at the baby. “Is it a boy or girl?” He pressed a finger to the glass to try and touch the screen on the phone.

Cecily shrugged. The cute intern hadn’t told them.

“I don’t know yet. Soon though,” Talia said, one hand moving to her stomach. She had just started to notice the tiniest of changes in her normally perfect body. “Hopefully you’ll be able to be there to find out with me.”

“Of course,” Xander said. “I’ll get out of here, luv. I promise.

Cecily signed something and Xander nodded. “We should probably eat before the food grows cold,” he agreed, nodding to the table.

Tamar snapped her finger and the candles lit on the table, the lights going down a bit, though she still sat reading in her corner.

“Hey,” Xander whispered quietly to Talia. “Think you can get me something to drink? I mean, all I have is water and fruit juice in here. It’s like Prohibition.” He glanced at Tamar in the corner. “I could really use a good scotch.”

“I think you’ll have to wait on that,” Talia admonished with a bit of a chuckle. “But I’ll see about laying in some top shelf liquor for once you’re out. We’ll celebrate.”



Xander Carlisle
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Cecily Carlisle
Lost Baroness

Tamar Todd
NPC Xander Carlisle

Talia Cervenak
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NPC Bethany Davies


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