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Strange Awakenings, Part 2

Posted on Wed Jun 21st, 2017 @ 9:44am by Civilian Cecily Carlisle & Civilian Tamar Todd & Civilian Talia Cervanek

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Medical Wing, Townsend Tower - Atlanta, Georgia
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - Monday, 16 January 2012/Afternoon

Matthew nodded and pulled out the tablet in his lab coat pocket. He flipped through a few things and then turned it around. “Besides being just generally bruised and beat up, Miss Cervanak, you had quite a nasty concussion and some skull fracturing. Baroness Carlisle--”

Cecily shook her head and signed something.

“Just call her Cecily,” OG translated.

“Cecily,” Matthew said with a smile, “you had some fracturing of your facial bones and a few other broken bones.”

Cecily’s dark eyes widened in surprise. She touched her face and looked at Talia.

“Don’t worry. We took care of it. You’re as good as new,” he promised her. “These are your x-rays if you want to see them. We will keep them in a file for you, and you can take them with you when you leave, if you like.”

“You did get hit pretty hard,” Talia said, though she was in a bit of shock when she heard her own diagnosis. “My baby...?” she asked, her voice low and worried, a scared look in her eyes. “The baby is okay, right?”

“Yes,” Matthew assured Talia. “The baby is just fine. Perfectly healthy. There are ultrasounds, too, if you’d like.” He flipped through on the tablet and turned it to show Talia.

The redhead let out a heavy, relieved sigh and looked at the ultrasounds that Matthew offered. She smiled, reaching up to wipe a tear from her eye before it could fall. “Oh, thank God,” she breathed, trying to still the sudden racing of her heart. “Xander would probably like to see these. Where is he? Is he alright?”

Cecily nodded, eager for news of her brother.

Matthew hesitated. “ going to have to stay with us for a bit longer,” he told the ladies. “The trauma of the events that led to us rescuing you awakened Xander’s x-gene. He is a mutant, and until his powers are brought under control, it isn’t safe for him to leave his room.”

Cecily stared at Matthew for a long moment before looking to Talia.

The redheaded woman’s smile faltered and she paled dramatically. For a moment, Talia couldn’t find her voice, her eyes going wide, then blinking rapidly. Even when she did manage to speak, it was broken, nearly gibberish. “You... that can’t... some mistake...” she half muttered, trying to catch her breath, but that wasn’t happening, so she wound up nearly gasping for air that her lungs just didn’t want to take in. “No...” she said, shaking her head.

Cecily put her arms around Talia comfortingly, hugging her.

“I am afraid it is, Miss Cervenak,” Matthew said. “I can show you the bloodwork, but it’s not really something that’s clear to a layman’s eyes. Once we’ve released you, after we’ve settled you in some rooms and gotten you something to eat, we can arrange for you to see Xander.”

He looked over at Cecily and worried his lower lip. “ are a mutant, too.”

Cecily gave a silent sigh and just nodded.

Matthew blinked. “You...You knew? We did your bloodwork. How did you find out?”

Cecily just shrugged.

Talia pulled away from Cece, trying to blink away tears. “I just... I can’t...are you?” In the span of just a few days, the young entrepreneur’s life had been turned upside down, and the strain of it all finally came crashing down on her, not so different from having had her building drop on her head. “I need some space...s-some time. This is too much to process right now...”

“I understand,” Matthew said quietly. “I will get the examination done quickly and my sister will get you settled into new rooms where you will be more comfortable and have more privacy. Okay?” He gave Talia a reassuring smile.

“Fine,” Talia said. She wasn’t trying to be rude, but she was just shaken. She’d nearly killed Bethany, thinking that she was just some kind of monster, even if she didn’t particularly like her. Now the man that she loved, and his sister, were mutants. Were they monsters now, too? She snatched at the tissues on her side table and tried to clean herself up.

“All you need to do is sit still,” Matthew said. He took a few things down from the machines monitoring them onto the tablet and then moved to Cecily. He stood a few paces back and his eyes got a subtle glow. He ran his gaze over the blonde’s body, head to toe and back, studying her.

Cecily blushed a bit, but sat still, tilting her blonde head curiously.

The redhead wasn’t curious, she was scared. Was she the only person around here that was normal? Was Jon even one of them? Talia started shaking and the room started spinning on her, making her slump back on the bed. She wasn’t normally the fainting type, but in that moment, that’s exactly what she did.

Matthew blinked and looked at Talia. “Oh, dear,” he said.

Cecily turned and caught the redhead, easing her back onto the pillows.

Matthew came around and loosened Talia’s gown at the neck to let her breathe a bit easier. Then he gently cupped her face, his hands glowing slightly. Her headache and aches all faded away as his healing energy went into her, slowly bringing her back to consciousness.

“Are you okay, Miss Cervenak?” he asked.

Talia’s eyes widened as she looked into Matthew’s strange eyes, and she batted his hands away. “I’m fine. Thank you,” she said, unable to hide the raw panic in her tone. “I just...would like to get this over with, please.”

“I understand. I’m sorry. I should have explained first,” Matthew apologized tiredly. “I am a healer. That is how we were able to treat you so well and so quickly.” He removed his hands from her. “And you are just fine. My sister will be in with some clothes and to lead you up to your rooms,” he told them. “If you have any other questions about your medical care, let me or Dr. Edwin know.” He gave Talia a reassuring smile.

Cecily signed their thanks to Matthew and watched the young man leave before turning and pouring a glass of water for Talia, looking at her with concern.

[I’m sorry,] she signed, and OG translated.

Talia sighed and took the water, her eyes going to Cece’s. “I’m just shocked. I never expected... God, what Xander must think of me after the fit that I threw about Bethany. Now he’s one, and you are too, and I’m apparently surrounded by mutants. It’s a little terrifying after having had a group of them attack the world. I didn’t think that I was going to survive that, Cece. I love Xander, you, I’m just scared right now. What if the baby...?” she said, wincing slightly.

[You will love it anyway,] Cecily signed. She kissed Talia’s forehead. [And you and Xander still love each other.]

Talia nodded, and offered Cecily a weak smile. “I hope so. I don’t want to be afraid of him, or you, or our child. But I am very afraid of mutants right now. I think I have reason to be. I mean, you saw what Bethany did to that man, just with her hand. Some of the others in the news are flatly terrifying, as well.”


Cecily Carlisle
Lost Baroness

Matthew Todd
NPC Xander Carlisle

Talia Cervenak
Former Mafia Princess
NPC Bethany Davies


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