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Aiden looks for America: Pit stop at home part 3: Angry family

Posted on Mon Jun 19th, 2017 @ 6:54pm by Assistant Headmaster Rosa Edwin & Senior Aiden Edwin & Unawakened Melissa Wilson

Mission: Everyday
Location: Townsend Tower washroom
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 8 January 2012

“Ok, I’m sorry.” He hugged her back. “But can I get a towel so I can dry off.”

“You worried us. All of us.” Rosa said as she pulled away from her son and held a hand out to her daughter for the towel.

Cathy grabbed a soft white towel from the bench beside the shower and handed it to her mom.

Rosa took the towel and handed it to her son. “You did have us all worried. Leaving when you did was stupid and selfish.”

“Totally stupid and selfish.” Cathy agreed. “Emphasis on the stupid.”

Aiden swung the towel behind his back, in a well practiced move. He caught it and pulled it up and tight, then wrapped it around his waist and stepped out of the shower with his mother. “I know I worried everyone, but I didn’t mean to anger anyone. I just had to think about some things. Plus I had to put those weapons in their proper spot.”

Rosa looked around the room, then at Aiden. “Where are they?”

“The family cemetery on the Island. Double Great Grams said she was fine with me putting them there. She was going to grow vines on them, to hide them.”

Rosa’s tone softened. “Yeah. That's good. They were like family to you.”

Aiden nodded. He stepped up to his sister and gave her a hug.

She hugged him back. “But, how are a bunch of vines going to hide weapons like that?”

Rosa shrugged. “You’ve never seen the others.” She said. “Many people have taken weapons of fallen friends there. The vines that create the border grow thick. They hide them. Protect them from being forgotten.”

“Weird...” Cathy shrugged, letting go of her brother.

“I left after thinking about that goat guy and what he said. Plus watching several news shows who called for my arrest. I had to get away. So I went there. Double great grams always keeps us safe. So It was a good place to think.”

Rosa nodded as she sat on the bench. “That it is. But still some warning. Alright?”

“Yeah.” Cathy nodded. “And seriously, who just leaves a note? Seriously lame.”

“Cathy, it was past one in the morning. I doubt you were all up at that time.” Aiden replied.

“So wait until morning!” Cathy protested. “Why did you have to leave at 1am?”

“I wanted to go to the island and I have an almost twenty foot wingspan. Nighttime is the best time for me to fly. I go during the day and people will see me.”

“Then the next day! You can’t just leave without saying goodbye, you dumb oaf!” She punched his chest, tears welling up in his eyes.

He sighed and pulled her into a hug. Her punch could only hurt the muscle, but she hadn't hit him that hard. He looked and saw the look on his mother’s face. She had the same thoughts. Aiden knew he had hurt them all with his abrupt departure. “Next time I’ll give you advanced notice. How much is good? Twenty four hours?”

“You just can’t leave without saying anything in the middle of the night. Say goodbye at least.” Cathy pulled back and wiped her eyes.

“Next time I’ll say goodbye, if I can.” Aiden said to her. He let her go and sat on the bench with his mother. “Oh, I got a few things.” Aiden reached over and pulled his pack to him. He was going to wait, but he wanted to empty his pack as fast as possible. “Grandma sent me with this.” He pulled out a box that was at least ten inches across, fifteen inches long and six inches high. “She said Cathy can open it. But I’d wait till dinner tomorrow. It’s magically sealed to preserve freshness.”

Rosa looked to the box and then at her son. “Oh? I’m guessing there was a family dinner?”

“Yeah, Uncle Pierre, Wainwright, And Marguerite and a few of the others were there. That box has some of the leftovers. They sent some andouille and shrimp jambalaya, a bit of crayfish quiche and grandpa’s venison stew. Another box my pack has the cornbread and hushpuppies.”

“Oh, yum!” Cathy exclaimed, grabbing the box.

“And I found something for my loving siblings, too.”

“What did you bring me?” Cathy asked greedily.

He reached over to his pack and pulled another box out. This one was thin, like a box that would hold a necklace. He passed it to her. “Just this.”

“What is it?” She asked, shaking the box gently. It jingled slightly.

“Open it and find out.” Aiden said with a smile.

She opened the box, her eyes widening as she saw the simple chain inside. A small coloured stone sparkled brilliantly in shades of green, blue and yellow as it dangled from the centre of the chain. “It’s gorgeous!”

“I’m glad you like it.” Aiden said with a smile. “Maybe all of us could enjoy dinner tomorrow, with that.” He gestured to the food he had brought. “I’ll also need to catch Susan and Sean. I figure Dad is busy right now.”

Rosa nodded. “All three are. With the new people, all of us are helping out. Though, your father may be cat-napping.”

“Even Cathy?” Aiden asked.

“Yes! I’m helping!” She frowned. “Of course I’m helping.”

“She started to gopher, but ended up taking over cause we had no one to give orders, so nothing was getting done. A case of too many Indians, not enough chiefs.” Rosa said. “We could have used someone with muscles to move things around.”

“Yeah. Sorry. I only heard they found Beth just yesterday.” Aiden said, shaking his head. “I didn’t know they had found her.”

“Yeah, and some other two were with her. New ones.” Cathy shrugged. “Plus a whole bunch of other people that we’re finding a place for.”

“I heard. Four thousand people. Crazy stuff.”

“Yeah...” Cathy said, her gaze drifting off with a wistful smile as she thought of the guys she’d enlisted to work with her.

“It’s a lot to process. Sean’s so worried about another bomb, he’s having each of them get checked out by a machine he built. It can scan the stuff used to make the bombs that Lorde asshole used on us.” Rosa told him.

“Good. Keeps Sean busy. Less chance of him blowing stuff up.” Aiden thought about the conversation so far and he sighed. “In the goal of keeping things out in the open here, I’m only here for a little bit. There is more I want to do, out there. Away from the tower.”

“What?” Cathy’s attention snapped back to Aiden, and she didn’t look very happy. “What do you mean, you’re only here for a little bit? Where are you going?”

“I’m sure mom knows. On New Year's Eve, when I went to Crystal, I found some kids in a bad situation.” Aiden leaned against the wall. “It was five drunk boys against two younger teens. A boy and a girl. The drunk teens attacked the boy and were planning to rape the girl. Then I stepped into it and kind of ruined their plans.” Adien smiled. “And their pants. I’m going back because she was setting off small shocks, like static electricity. So I’m headed back there to check up on them. Make sure the drunks have left them alone.”

“You’re going to check on a potential meta?” Cathy frowned. “Shouldn’t you, like, take backup in case she awakens or something? I could come, if you want...”

“Well, if she shows bigger signs, I’m under orders to hightail it out of there, call Syn and let the extraction team do their work. I am just making sure she isn’t being hurt by the drunks.” Aiden replied. “What about school for you? I’ve graduated. You still have to attend. I’m not saying I don’t want you around. I don’t want to get in the way of your other obligations.”

Cathy frowned, knowing she did have other obligations and that there was no way her mother was going to let her skip school to go chase Aiden around. “Yeah... well... you still shouldn’t go alone.”

“I know. But until it is confirmed as an awakening, I'm just visiting new friends.” Aiden held out a hand. “Trust me. If I knew I was in grave danger, do you think I’d rush right back to it? Again? I almost died a week ago. I’m not ready to punch my ticket yet.”

“So don’t go alone.” Cathy frowned, looking over at her mother for backup.

“I’d rather you not go at all.” Rosa said, shaking her head. “But you are a legal adult. You understand the gravity of your current legal situation and how NEXUS really wants to catch you.” She sighed and closed her eyes. “I also know that if I tell you no, you’d be gone sometime tonight, just to prove you can do it.”

“Mom, Cathy. I am not looking to get caught. I’ll be moving at night. Only at night and checking in along the underground for places to stay. If something is up with Melissa, I’m under orders to stay back and keep innocents safe. I’m not a good idea for extraction. She was sparking and I have metabones. Not a good mix.”

“You’re still an idiot.” Cathy grumbled, turning away so he couldn’t see her eyes.

“Has that ever been a question?” Aiden asked with a chuckle.

“You will stay for the night.” Rosa said as he looked to her son. “And you’ll be eating with the family the night you take off. No trying to slip out of the tower once the son is partly down.”

“Yeah. I was going to.” Aiden said with a nod. He got up and went to Cathy. Gently he placed a hand on her shoulder. “It’s not that I don’t want to be here. I need to go because I put things in motion down there by protecting those teens and threatening the drunks.”

“Whatever.” She shrugged off his hand and stormed off out of the shower room as she wiped away a tear.

Rosa watched her younger daughter leave. Then she looked to Aiden. “You’ll have to take care of any problems with Cathy on your own. You caused it. You fix it. But for now, I need to get to bed. I got work in the morning. Your father will want to see you at some point too.”

“I know. I’ll see everyone.” Aiden said as he kept watching the door where Cathy had walked out.

“Good. Now get dressed. Before you catch your death of cold.”


Aiden Edwin

Cathy Edwin NPC Melissa Wilson
and Rosa Edwin npc Aiden Edwin


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