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Aiden looks for America: Pit stop at home part 2: dealing with family

Posted on Mon Jun 19th, 2017 @ 6:46pm by Assistant Headmaster Rosa Edwin & Senior Aiden Edwin & Unawakened Melissa Wilson

Mission: Everyday
Location: Townsend Tower washroom
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 8 January 2012

It was past eleven in the evening as Rosa walked her way towards her younger daughter’s location. The past day and a half had been busy for everyone. And she was grateful that Cathy had actually agreed to help when asked, instead of coming up with an excuse and doing her own thing.

“Put it over there.” Cathy’s voice rang out, even before she was visible. Several young men carried boxes of supplies, setting them at the side of the room. “Kevin? That one goes right to the Infirmary. You know who my dad is, right? To him. Lionel? What even IS that?”

“It was with the other boxes.” A dark-skinned boy with green scales along his neck shrugged. “You said bring them all.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t know what that is. Go put it back.” Cathy commanded.

Lionel shrugged and turned around.

Rosa walked up to her and watched for a moment. As all the guys helping her moved away, Rosa moved closer and smiled at her daughter. “ I see you’re keeping busy down here.”

“I’m delegating.” Cathy said defensively. She sat on a box, watching the stream of teenage boys carrying supplies in front of her. A shirtless boy whose muscles rippled as he hefted a large box walked past, tall and toned with fantastic blonde hair tossed Cathy a smile, and she blushed slightly as she waved back. “No one said I couldn’t delegate. They wanted to help.”

“Nope. If they needed help getting things sorted down here, then it’s a good thing someone stepped up. I know they were having issues about stuff going to the wrong places earlier.” Rosa gently put a hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “Sometimes a leader is needed, and few are willing to step into the spot. Just be good with it.” She watched as her daughter watched one of the guys with a very thin shirt lifted a few boxes and carried them away. Even she had to admit he had a lot of muscles.

“Oh, it’s good...” Cathy said distractedly. “Uh, I mean, I’m good with it. Did you need something, or were you just checking how things were going?”

“Checking mostly. It is my job after all. Plus I got tired to getting in the way up in Medical. And God knows Sean is picky about his space in his lab. Not much room in there now.”

“Yeah, well maybe he needs to make himself a chair that can get around boxes better.” Cathy grimaced. “Just because I put that one a bit too high and it fell over and nearly hit him doesn’t mean I was trying to...”

Boss, we got something. The voice of Kit said in her ear.

Rosa held up a finger to stop her daughter. “Go ahead, Kit.”

Aiden is in the tower.

“Aiden is back? How long ago did he get here?”

“What?” Cathy exclaimed, suddenly forgetting about her attractive teenage male workforce.

Nearly half an hour ago. He was talking to Syn. I’m getting reports he is getting a change of clothes and picking up supplies.

Rosa sighed. “Understood. Send me his location as I head upstairs and I’ll catch him there...teach him to not come see me when he returned.” She groaned out. She looked to her daughter. “Cathy, I need to go. Aiden is back. I guess he slipped in half an hour ago.”

“I’m coming.” She declared, hopping up from her box. “Steve? Watch things here. I’ll be back.” The tall blonde shirtless boy nodded, staring at her hungrily as he moved closer. It took some effort for Cathy to tear her eyes away. “I’ll be back really soon.”


Aiden’s laundry was already in the wash cycle as he enjoyed a nice warm shower. He had stopped by his room and grabbed a towel, plus a clean change of clothes. He felt relaxed. Normally the shower did that to him. Even with the water hitting the strands of metal fibres in his body.

It was almost eleven thirty at night, so he had figured his parents were in bed. Normally at this hour, many of the younger kids were in bed. He was sure his twin was. She always worked mornings in the medical bay. Her nights were spent walking in dreams. He had no clue where the other two were at. The tower did seem busy. Even the shower had been a bit busy when he had come in. But now the room was empty.

He was using this to his advantage. The room had a great echo to it. So he was singing while showering. This time he went for a song that was quite bittersweet. The laments of a man singing about his life slowly coming to a close. Not that Aiden felt that way, but his voice carried in the room. And he loved the song, even if it was an oldie. He had no musical accompaniment, just his voice as he sang in French.

Hier encore, j'avais vingt ans, je gaspillais le temps
En croyant l'arrêter et pour le retenir, même le devancer
Je n'ai fait que courir et me suis essoufflé
Ignorant le passé, conjuguant au futur
Je précédais de moi toute conversation
Et donnais mon avis que je voulais le bon
Pour critiquer le monde avec désinvolture
Hier encore, j'avais vingt ans mais j'ai perdu mon temps
À faire des folies qui me laissent au fond rien de vraiment précis
Que quelques rides au front et la peur de l'ennui
Car mes amours sont mortes avant que d'exister
Mes amis sont partis et ne reviendront pas
Par ma faute j'ai fait le vide autour de moi
Et j'ai gâché ma vie et mes jeunes années
Do meilleur et do pire en jetant le meilleur
J'ai figé mes sourires et j'ai glacé mes pleurs
Où sont-ils à présent, à présent, mes vingt ans ++

He leaned back as he sang, the water running through his hair and down his back. He would normally listen in for people approaching, but this time he was into his song.

Just outside the stall he was in, which had a changing room Rosa was listening in, with her daughter next to her. Rosa wasn't in a good mood. Not after being hte one to track her wayward kid down.

Cathy smirked at the song. “Ecoute, Maman! Un grenouille plus grand chante!”*

“Haha. Tres amusant, petite.”** Aiden replied from his shower. Now that the singing had stopped, he had looked over and looked at the glass door and found it was fogged over. So he wiped at the fog until it revealed his mother and sister. When he saw his mother, who did not look happy.

“Someone’s in trouble, Bat-boy!” Cathy called gleefully. “And for once it isn’t me!”

“Um, hi Mom.” Aiden called out.

“Hi Mom?” Rosa arched an eyebrow. “You take off in the middle of the night, leave a damned note saying you had to go! And all I get is a hi mom?!?” She took a breath. “NEXUS is offering a reward for your sorry ass! Half the security groups in this country want a word with you and all I get is HI MOM?!? You worried your poor, frail mother sick! HI MOM!?! You sneak back in here and don’t even check in with us first! No you had to take a shower?!? Am I nothing? Is your father, your siblings nothing to you?”

“I love you?” Aiden moved away from the cleared piece of glass.

Rosa stepped forward and pulled the door open. “Really?” She asked as he stood there, shutting off the water. “Like you loved me enough to see me before you took a shower? So I knew you were home?!? So I knew you were safe?”

“Or me?” Cathy interjected. “And you all think I’m the selfish one...”

“I’m sorry, but I was...” Aiden didn’t get to finish what he was saying. Rosa had stepped in and pulled him into a hug. Aiden towered almost a foot higher than his mother. But what made him feel a bit awkward was the fact he had just been taking a shower and was still wet, and naked.

“Mom, I’m wet, let me grab a towel”

Rosa glared up at him. “Shut up and let your mother hug her son, who worried her into some new gray hairs!”

++ Heir encore by Charles Aznavour
*”Listen, Mom! A very large frog is singing!”
**“Haha, very funny, little one.”



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