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Windy City Awakening, Part 3

Posted on Sat Jun 17th, 2017 @ 4:31am by Freshman Bethany Davies & Civilian Talia Cervanek & Freshman Edward (Xander) Carlisle IV & Civilian Cecily Carlisle & Civilian Jonathon Harrison

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Just Outside of Chicago, Illinois
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 15 January 2012

The green-eyed brawler moved out from behind her cover, still cloaked from view, and began firing on the blinded, confused men. Bethany wasn’t exactly in a state of mind to care whether the men lived or died at that moment. Jon wasn’t there to tell her not to kill them, and the expertly trained marksman in her automatically began targeting that golden triangle, dropping men dead rather that leave them alive to continue the chase. Zajic had sealed their fates when he sent them after them. When a few of the men that hadn’t been directly affected by the flashbang noticed her muzzle flashes, they started firing blindly in her direction, and Bethany ducked back into the treeline.

Xander ran back to Jon.

“I said run!” Jon yelled at him. “Get the girls to safety! Forget about me.” He hauled himself out of the snow, his ribs aching, and shoved Xander ahead of him. He fired back behind him, as well. The Uzi didn’t have the special gel rounds that his personal weapon did, and blood sprayed the snow.

The falling snow thickened around them. Jon was grateful for the reduced visibility. But the wind was really picking up. Even in the trees, it was hard to run against the stiff gusts.

As the storm continued to strengthen, Bethany was actually glad for her strange powers. She braced herself against a particularly bad wind, then moved back into the fray. Men had begun moving into the trees around her, and she grinned. She knew that their visibility was hampered by the snow flurries, and she used it to her advantage in her attacks, their body heat standing out starkly in the wintery surroundings..

One man had managed to get fairly close to the green-eyed brawler, but still couldn’t see her. She lashed out at him, bringing her arms down on his and knocking his gun down sharply. She spun around the tree as he hurriedly brought his gun up and started firing, and put a bullet in the back of his head before moving on to find her next target, hunting them from the safety of the invisibility that her powers afforded her.

Jon missed the man that came out of the blinding snow and tackled him. His ribs protested as he hit a tree and the fell into the snow, rolling and struggling. Jon managed to get out his knife, stabbing repeatedly into the man until he was still. Blood soaked the snow and Jon as he struggled to his feet.

Xander, Cecily, and Talia ducked against the winds, his arms around the two women, helping them along as they struggled against the gusts through the swirling, blinding snow.

As Bethany stalked another target, she was blindsided by a man that seemed to come out of nowhere, landing a crushing blow to her already wounded shoulder. The pain that shot through her interrupted her cloak, revealing her as she spun to fight off the attacker, the gun in her hand skittering across the ground and instantly lost in the snow. He came at her and tried to kick her in the chest with a heavily booted foot, but she dodged out of the way, catching the leg and yanking it upwards, causing the man to fall with a thud. She advanced quickly and brought her own booted foot down on the man’s chest, cracking a number of his ribs, then put her foot roughly on his throat as he gasped for air, latching onto her boot in a vain attempt at lifting it away.

Jon ran after the younger people when a shot rang out. His bum leg exploded in pain and he gave a cry, falling to the snow, blood spurting. “Oh, fuck.” He knew from the amount of blood that his artery had been hit.

“Jon!” Xander cried. Cecily had stopped him and turned back.

“Go! Run!” Jon told them. “I’ll be fine!”

Cecily shook her head, looking pale and fearful, her blonde hair blowing in her face, crusted with frozen sweat and snow. She fell to her knees in the snow.

“It’s alright, luv, as long as you’re safe,” Jon murmured.

Cecily signed rapidly to Xander and he nodded, quickly removing his belt. Xander removed his coat and pulled off his shirt, handing it to his sister. She folded it into a pad and pressed it against Jon’s bleeding wound. Xander used the belt to tie off Jon’s leg in a tourniquet.

Bethany was about to crush the throat of the man that she was standing over when she heard Jon cry out. The girl’s heart almost stopped in her chest. She turned immediately, leaving the wounded man lying on the frozen ground, and began running towards the rendezvous point, her cloak concealing her again as she bolted through the wind and snow. “Hold on, Jon. I’m coming,” she whispered, praying that she could get to them in time.

“We’ll have to drag him,” Xander said. He couldn’t carry Jon on his own, and he wasn’t sure making him walk would be good.

“Leave me,” Jon said.

“Shut the hell up, mate,” Xander said, grabbing the back of Jon’s vest. The girls grabbed on either side, pulling him through the snow.

Jon settled his Uzi pointing behind them, occasionally sending off bursts of fire at the men following them.

Fighting through the harsh winds and stinging snow, Bethany ran as fast as her legs could carry her. At that point, she was wishing that her powers included some kind of super speed or flight. She could hear the rounds going off, and the familiar hateful voice of her father screamed out in her head, Pathetic! You’re useless! The girl buried her pain and exhaustion, pushing herself to the limits of her strength and stamina. She couldn’t fail. Not this time.

Cecily fell back as Xander and Talia continued pulling Jon. She moved back to lift his leg to help stop the bleeding and make sure the tourniquet didn’t get dislodged by the movement. She ducked her head as shots rang out around them in the swirling snow. Wood chips peppered her face as a bullet hit close, drawing blood from her cheek.

With Jon distracted trying to reload the Uzi, a large man stepped out from behind a tree and snatched Cecily roughly with one meaty hand around the arm, dragging her backwards further into the trees. He pulled a large hunting knife with an oversized crystal fitted into the pommel. He gave the struggling, silent young woman a nasty grin and hit the blonde in the face with the pommel, a sickening crack issuing forth as he tried to subdue her.

“Xander!” Jon yelled. “Cecily!” Jon slammed the new magazine into the gun, but couldn’t get a clean shot at Cecily’s attacker.

Xander dropped Jon and spun around. “Cece!”

Cecily’s blood sprayed over the snow. She whimpered silently and then glared at the man, lashing out with her foot from the ground and connecting with the man’s dangling bits.

The man doubled over, his hand tightening on the blonde’s slender arm. He hauled her up again and he growled, “Fuck the boss’ bottom line.” He flipped the blade quickly and drew his arm back. “You’ll pay for that, bitch!”



Bethany Davies

Talia Cervenak
Mafia Princess
NPC Bethany Davies

Xander Carlisle
Awakening Mutant

Cecily Carlise
The Baroness

Jon Harrison
NPC Xander Carlisle


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