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Let's Play WoM!

Posted on Fri Jun 9th, 2017 @ 9:34pm by Unawakened Melissa Wilson & Unawakened Carson Quinn

Mission: Everyday
Location: The Wilson Household, Shady Side
Timeline: January 15th

Tears swelled in Jesse’s eyes as she stormed out of the house. He heard someone behind him.

“M-mr Davis?” A timid female voice all but whispered behind him. Melissa stood, her dark eyes wide and uncertain, wringing her hands just like Talassa had done in the kitchen. She stood behind the edge of the couch, biting her lip and looking as though she wanted to turn around and flee in terror. To her credit, she didn’t. “Um... I-I... D-do you think you can help my Aunt Tina?”

It took him a few minutes to recognize Melissa. It had been over 10 years since he’d last seen her, but you couldn’t forget her eyes. He wiped the tears away and took a step closer, “I don’t know. I still don’t know what is wrong with her. I usually would send her to a specialist, but…” He trailed. He didn’t like talking about her like she was just another client.

Melissa bit her lip a little more. “I... I might know something. Maybe. It might help.” She offered anxiously. “I was there when, um, sh-she see me play, and...” The girl's voice trailed off. “I... I-I w-want to help... i-if I can...”

Knowing that to get to the bottom of what was wrong with Tina, he would have to get mag angles. “Yes. Please, tell me what you.” Jesse said pointing to couch as he moved to take a seat.

“I... I should show you, sir.” Melissa swallowed nervously. “O-on my computer.”

“Ok.” The blonde man said before he sat on the couch.

“M-my computer is in my room. Upstairs.” Melissa gestured. “I-if you don’t mind.”

Jesse nodded as he followed her upstairs to her room.

Melissa’s room was fairly small and dark, set in the middle of the hallway that ran across the top of the stairs. The blinds were closed, presumably to reduce glare on the computer that seemed to dominate a full quarter of the room. A nicely made bed with a pale blue flowered quilt and several stuffed animals took over the opposite wall, with a narrow aisle between computer and bed. A large bookshelf took up the rest of the room, packed to overflowing with books that seemed to be predominantly of fantasy, historical fiction and mythology genres.

Without a word, Melissa sat down at the desk and gestured for him to have a seat on the bed behind her. A faint blue spark flickered from her fingers as she moved the mouse toward the Worlds of Myth icon and the Mythos Entertainment splash screen loaded.

He watched as she sat back down onto her computer chair, “So what do you want to show me? He asked as a scantily clad woman with unusually large breasts appeared on the screen.

Melissa pointed toward the character. The woman’s clothing seemed to defy the laws of gravity and any sense of logic as they covered the absolute bare minimum required. The character was clearly Egyptian, with khol-lined eyes and straight black hair that hung down to the middle of her back over a translucent cape of midnight blue. Similar fabric fell from her hips down shapely, muscled legs, and in her hands she held twin sickle-shaped blades. “This is Neferu.” Melissa said. “She’s my character in Worlds of Myth... well, my main one, anyway. I mostly play as Neferu. She’s an Egyptian assassin and really good. Have... have you ever played?” Melissa seemed slightly more confident while talking about the game, but she still looked a little nervous.

Jesse shook his head, “No, but I’ve read about it.”

“A... a few days ago... o-on Monday, I think... Aunt Tina came over. Sh-she’d been away... but she wanted to talk to me. I was playing as Neferu, doing a quest with Tim to find Aphrodite’s son.” Melissa continued. “A-aunt Tina knew Neferu’s name. I’d never told her it before. She recognized Neferu as soon as she saw her.”

“Had she ever played the game before? Maybe saw you around the world?” He asked her as he examined the toon on the screen.

Melissa shook her head. “No. Aunt Tina likes mythology, so I suggested it to her, but, she never did. Said that she didn’t have time. She... she was busy with the clinic a lot. And coming to visit us, I guess.” Melissa bit her lip. “She’d come over almost every night, until... well, until this week. She came in to ask me about... something that happened... and she got, um... kind of scary... when she found out that we were searching for Aphrodite’s son. She wouldn’t let me stop playing to go for dinner. And then, when it was Deimos and not Phobos...” Melissa looked back at him with a worried look in her eyes. “She was really upset, sir. Like it broke her heart. It was weird.”

Confused Jesse ran his hands through his hair, “So who is Deimos and Phobos. I know I was with your aunt for a while, but I never got into the mythology.” He shrugged, “And people don’t believe me about it. People keep calling me Thor for some reason.”

Melissa blushed a little. He did look kind of like Thor in the game, though she didn’t spend much time in the Norse realms. “Sorry... Deimos and Phobos are the twin sons of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and Ares, the god of war. She was married to Hephaestus, the god of the forge, but she didn’t love him, so she cheated on him with the true love of her life, Ares.” Melissa blushed a bit more. “Um... Deimos and Phobos were supposed to be really handsome like Aphrodite, and strong like Ares. Phobos was the god of fear, and Deimos the god of terror. Not always in bad ways, though... like, fear can keep you alive, and being terrified can make you avoid certain things or keep you sharp in battle. Stuff like that.” Melissa shrugged. “The game is all about the myths, and if you know them, you can do well. Um... more or less, I guess. Sometimes weird stuff happens.”

“She mentioned both of those names before… Deimos and Phobos…” He paused, “What is so important about then…” Jesse remembered something else, “Are there seraphs in the game?”

“Seraphs?” Melissa frowned. “No... those are a kind of angel, aren’t they? Worlds of Myth is just ancient mythologies and stuff. No modern religions, and nothing outside of the Mediterranean and Europe.”

Jesse also frowned, “Tina mentioned seraphs… being one… Nothing is adding up.”

Melissa looked confused and shrugged, shaking her head.

“Anything else I should know? About the game or these gods?”

Melissa blushed darker. “Umm....”

“Go ahead.”

“I... I don’t know if this is important... b-but I want to help Aunt Tina...” Melissa began tentatively. “I-it’s about Tim. He and I...” She blushed a little more, looking down with a small, shy smile. “He, um... he was sick. Aunt Tina said that it was a chronic condition. I forget the name of it, but he couldn’t go to school because he was on a dialysis machine for hours every day. We, um... we were playing in Egypt and...” her voice trailed off.

“What?” Jesse said putting a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“I don’t know what happened. It was kind of like a dream or something, but it wasn’t... we went into the game, kinda... but that’s not the important part. When we finished the quest for Osiris, he offered us blessings. That was about three weeks ago. Aunt Tina said Tim’s perfectly healthy now. She ran lots of tests. He doesn’t need dialysis anymore... but she said it was impossible. A miracle or something. She was asking me about it when she saw Neferu.” Melissa bit her lip again.

“Hmmm.” Jesse said. He wasn’t sure if this family was crazy and he dodged a bullet or if they were telling the truth. “So what you are saying is you friend was healed by a game? Or a god in the game?”

“I dunno.” She quickly shook her head. “I know she was trying to find out if he awakened as a metahuman or something - please don’t tell anyone that, Tim said she told him he wasn’t. There... there were other metahumans playing that quest with us.” She blushed a little more. “But... but they didn’t have healing powers. At least, they said they didn’t. Maybe that’s what Aunt Tina thought, that it was a god... I dunno. I can’t explain it, neither can Tim.”

Jesse sat there staring at the screen. Making him look like a pervert but he was staring at nothing.

“I-I know this sounds nuts.” Melissa’s cheeks flushed darker and she started speaking quickly. “It does. I know. B-but I’m not crazy, I swear. Y-you can meet Tim if you want, he’ll tell you what I said was true. Maybe... maybe even some of the guys from the game, if you want. T-they hang out there... I-I-I haven’t seen Aiden for a few days, b-but... I-I could find him... h-he knows Aunt Tina, too... sh-she told me she was t-talking to him b-before th-the game... I-in Atlanta... at th-the mall that got attacked...”

“I believe you Melissa” The usual thing he told clients to make them more comfortable… what if Melissa… and Tina were both telling the truth. But it was impossible, someone can’t be a seraph, or be from another universe. He had other clients who believe they were from out space, but he shipped then off to specialists as fast as he got them in. “Show me this game.” if it was a case of addiction seeing the game in action would tell him more.

Melissa nodded. “D-do you want to watch me play, or start a game for yourself?”

“Just play. Want to see the world.” Jesse said kneeling down next to her.

Melissa nodded, clicking to start the game. Neferu materialized in Egypt, standing in a sandstone temple with several other avatars. “Neferu is a pretty high level, so I can go anywhere. Aunt Tina plays Greek, so, do you want me to go to Greece and play some quests there? What do you want to see?”

“Yes. Go to where she plays. Show me things about Deimos, Phobos and Aphrodite. Those are the ones that she mentions the most.” Jesse said.

“Ok.” Melissa nodded, clicking on a warp totem and transporting Neferu to Greece. Tall white columns soared in to the blue sky and the sea was visible beyond the temple walls.

“I'll go to Aphrodite's temple. Finding Deimos and Phobos is hard - especially Phobos. You have to have really high approval with Aphrodite and with Ares, but only Aphrodite gives the quest that leads you to Phobos. I did the Deimos quest already - that's the one Aunt Tina saw me play - so I can find Deimos in a tavern in Olympus now whenever I want. He doesn't give many good quests, just fetch quests so far. Do you want me to show you Deimos, or go to Aphrodite's temple?”

“When I was over at Tina’s apartment last night she was in a brothel trying to have sex with a certain prostitute of Aphrodite to gain her favor…” Jesse said.

Melissa nodded. “That's one of the easier ways to raise Aphrodite's approval score.”

“Do you think she is trying to get to Phobos? Does he provide good quests and rewards?” Jesse asked the girl.

“Yes.” Melissa whispered. “But, I don't know the quests he gives. I've never seen him.”

“Hmmmm.” Jesse said humming again, thinking. “Can you see if she is online?”

Melissa nodded, opening up her contact list. “Yeah. She logged in two minutes ago. Why?”

“Is there any way for not to be able to see you, if you were to follow her?” Jesse asked.

“Not really... Not without making a whole new profile.” Melissa answered uncomfortably. “I can see a bit of where she goes, though, but only regions of the maps, not specific locations.”

Jesse thought for a second. He stood up, “I have an idea.” He went down the hall to the bedroom where his stuff was at and grabbed his laptop, “What is the website that I can download it from.”

“Umm, probably best to get it from Mythos’ website. Just make sure to at least get the Minos patch, because some stuff doesn't work right without it.” Melissa advised. “How good is your laptop? It, erm, might be hard to play without an external mouse... I-I have an extra, if you need one...”

“Sure.” Jesse said realising now that I have been he left it back in his apartment. He found the website and hit the create account, and downloading the software.

Melissa opened one of her desk drawers and pulled out a new mouse, still in the package. There were several others in the drawer with it. It was a fairly cheap one, but it would do the job. She handed the mouse wordlessly to Jesse.

“Thank you.” Jesse said taking the mouse and opening the package. He plugged it into his computer and watched as the computer automatically installed the mouse’s software. Within a few minutes the download was complete and he was able to play the game. “You guys have fast internet.”

“Yeah.” Melissa smiled a proud, but shy smile that lit up her face. “It helps. You’ll probably want to make a Greek character if you want to run in to Aunt Tina.”

Jesse nodded as he clicked on Greek and looked at the character options. This was going to take him a while. He started scrolling through all of the options and after almost an hour, he finally finish his idea character. A dark haired Greek man. He was tall and fit with muscles. Looking up at Melissa, “I need a Greek name.”

“Uhh...” she managed, looking a little like a deer in headlights. “There are s-some presets y-you can choose from if you don’t know one. Wh-what kind of name are you looking for? Ancient? Modern? Um... d-do you want to have it mean something?”

Jesse thought for a moment, “Maybe something a little more modern. And… something where she wouldn’t guess it was me…” He said as he Googled Greek names and started reading them. “What about….Caleem… Cali….. Camero…. Calimero? However you say it. Does that have a meaning?”

Melissa blushed, her cheeks turning a rich red. “Um... y-yes... Calimero.”

Jesse raised an eyebrow as the young lady blushed.

“It means...” Melissa’s voice lowered and she couldn’t look him in the eye. “Um... he who has a... beautiful... body.” Her cheeks darkened with each word.

Jesse let out a loud laugh, “That is good. That is golden.” He typed it as he chuckled to himself and repeated the meaning quietly to himself.

“I-It’s a p-popular name...” Melissa all but whispered.

Still laughing, “Well, that will work then. If it is popular, then she will never know.” Jesse said as he repeated it back to himself, again.

Melissa’s blush didn’t fade as she selected the name. She tried not to notice how fitting the name was as she taught her aunt’s ex the basics of Worlds of Myth.


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