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Do You Do Housecalls?

Posted on Fri Jun 9th, 2017 @ 8:58pm by Civilian Faustina (Tina) Cyparissus MD & Unawakened Carson Quinn

Mission: Everyday
Location: The Wilson Household, Shady Side / Dr. Jesse Davis' Office, San Diego
Timeline: January 13th, 2011

Talassa Wilson was concerned.

It wasn’t like Faustina to behave this way. Sure, she could be impulsive at times - she was a Cyparissus and a Greek, such things were to be expected - but this went beyond anything Talassa had come to expect from her younger sister. The sight of her apartment alone had been worrying, and the fact that she’d been skipping work to play some silly computer game? Claims that people were in danger, but that she couldn’t talk about it?

Something was very wrong. Talassa didn’t like it when things were wrong and she couldn’t understand why. She liked it a whole lot less when it involved her family.

She’d called Xanthias first. Their brother was usually good at talking to Faustina and getting to the heart of the things that were bothering her. Xanthias was closer to Faustina than she was, even if Xan still lived with their mother in Kalymnos. She was sure he’d talk some sense into Tina.

She hung up on him.

More than once, in fact. He’d been trying to get her to talk for the better part of the week, and he’d gotten no farther with their sister than she had.

She never hung up on Xanthias, even when he deserved it. Never. Well, except for that one time, but that was different. She’d just broken up with Jesse, and...


It was like a lightbulb went off in Talassa’s head. She grinned. Tina would be furious, but that was alright. She could be as furious as she liked, as long as she got over this foolishness with the video game, went back to work, and tidied herself up like the respectable woman she was supposed to be.

She wondered what had become of Jesse, and even if she’d be able to find him. He and Tina had been serious once upon a time, serious enough that Tina had brought him home from university to meet the family. She’d taken him to Greece once as well, and the family was certain that the two would be married at some point - though, perhaps hopeful was a better word than certain. Their mother, Myrhinne, had liked Jesse - they all had, really. Tina didn’t talk about what happened between them, but Talassa knew that her little sister had respected and listened to the man. He’d been studying psychology, if she remembered correctly. He’d be done that now, probably set up with his own practice, just like Faustina.

With any luck, not only would Jesse pull Faustina out of whatever this madness was, the two would get back together and soon, Talassa hoped, her little sister would be married and have little ones of her own. Talassa’s smile widened. She did love babies... Faustina and Jesse would have beautiful little babies...

With a piercing shriek, Talassa called her son Kyle to help her figure out how to use the Google. Talassa didn’t like computers much, and was glad that her children understood them better than she did. They found Jesse without too much difficulty, and Talassa picked up the phone.

--San Diego, California--

Jesse walked into the reception area of his office building. He rarely ever got to get out of the office for lunch so when he did, he went all out. In one hand he carried a few patient files that he went over during lunch, and in the other his water bottle. His red-headed receptionist, Pam, looked up and smiled at him. She was roughly in her 20s and was just wanting to save money so that she could go to school. For that smart reason, is why Jesse hired her.

There were a few people sitting in the waiting room. He wasn’t aware of any appointments so soon after lunch. Giving a confused look at Pam she motioned him close, “Walk-ins. That one you probably recognize, Mrs. Doubtfire, having an identity crisis again.” She said pointing to an older looking woman, “That gentlemen said that he needs his “head evaluated”.” she said with air quotes. “Oh, and you have this message.” she said handing him a slip of paper.

Jesse looked at the slip through his black rimmed glasses. His heart sunk into stomach, “Inform them that I am busy until…” he glanced at the clock, it was 12:30pm, “One.”

Pam nodded as she stood from her desk and walked over to the two people waiting.

The blonde haired man opened the door into his office and set the files on his desk. Moving to the chair, he sat down. Looking at the name on the paper, Talassa Wilson, and the phone number to go with it. Quickly before he could change his mind he dialed the number and waited.

[Hello?] A female voice answered the phone, too young to be Talassa’s own.

“Hi. My name is Doctor…” He paused, “I am looking for Talassa Wilson.” is all the man decided to say for now.

[I’ll get her.] The young woman replied. He heard the phone being put down and her call for her mother.

The phone was picked up and Talassa’s thick accent answered. [Hello? This is Talassa.]

Swallowing, Jesse stumbled oved his words. Never thinking that he would ever talk to anyone in this family again, “H… hi Talassa. This is Jesse Davis.” he had years of training and experience in handling the emotional problems of other, but when it came to his own he was a novice. He had truly only loved one woman, and they had split ways many years ago.

[Jesse? You get my message!] Talassa exclaimed excitedly, her English little better than it had been years before. [Good! Good. You need call Faustina. Something is wrong with her. She needs a psyc.... Phys... psi...] She stumbled on the word. [She need help. She will listen at you.]

Jesse sat there for a second, “What’s wrong?!” that may have come out a little too worried. His stomach tied itself in knots, “Talassa, tell me what is going on.”

[Faustina is... obsessed.] Talassa’s ragged breath made her own worry clear. [She play computer game, without stop. Worlds of Myth. She no sleep, she cancels her clinic appointments, avoids outside... she will not even eat my dolmades!] Talassa exclaimed. [Faustina loves my dolmades...]

“Talassa, calm down.” Jesse said trying to calm her down a little, “Game addiction is a common thing.” Though he knew it wasn’t like Tina, or women of her age at her stage of life. “Have you tried talking to her?”

[She will not talk at me. She will not even talk at Mother or Xanthias - she hanged up on him!] Talassa exclaimed. [Jesse... Tina is only start playing last week. She sees my daughter, Melissa play, and she leaves - before I serve dinner - and is play non-stop since last Monday night. This is not Faustina. Faustina would not hang up on Xanthias, avoid her patients, or leave my house before dinner. Something is very wrong. She always listen to you! You must talk at her. Please, Jesse.]

Jesse always like Talassa, she tried her best to always make him feel like one of the family. Thinking for a second, “I’ll do better than that. I will come down for the weekend and check on her. I don’t know how she will take me being there, but… we shall see.” he said reaching into his laptop case and pulling out his wallet, opening the fold he pulled a picture of the young couple standing on a beach in Greece. He never stopped loving her, but knew that they could not be together at the time he called it off.

[Yes! Come visit! You will stay with us.] Talassa declared. [You can stay in my Lisa’s room, she is at the university now, so no one is use her room this weekend. You and Faustina get to know one another again, and you see what she is behave like. She will listen at you, Jesse. You give me your flight when you come, and I will have Anthony pick you up, yes?]

Not wanting to intrude on their family he protested, “No it’s ok. I will just get a hotel, and rent a car.” He said as he pulled up flights on his computer. For such short notice his choices were limited. But he was able to get a first class to a city near Shady Side.

[No no no.... There is no hotel in Shady Side, not since Annie pass three year ago. You stay with us. I will not take no as answer.]

Knowing that he wouldn’t win, “At least let me get a car. So that I can get to Tina’s home, without interfering with your guys’ day.” Jesse said.

[You get car.] Talassa agreed. [Better for you to visit Faustina, especially if you stay late. If you stay over, no problem too... but you have bed in our house. Thank you, Jesse... for Faustina.]

“Thank you. I don’t think that I will be staying. I don’t imagine her being happy to see me.” Jesse said honestly, “I just booked a flight, I will be there Saturday around noon. Probably be in Shady Side by two. I will probably go straight to Tina’s house.”

[You need directions?]

“Yes, to both houses.” Jesse said as he printed his receipt and made notes on it.

[Kyle, my son, he says he send you the Google Map.] Talassa said. [He send it to email on your website, where we find this number, yes? That is good one to use?]

“Yes send it there.” Jesse said pulling up his work email, waiting for it.

Talassa issued some instructions to someone else in the room, and then was oddly quiet for a moment. [Jesse, it has been long time. You are married now? Children?]

An email appeared in his inbox from Kyle Wilson, entitled “Directions to Aunt Tina’s clinic and our house”

Jesse glanced it over as he propped the phone between his head and shoulder, “No I am not married, and no I don’t have any kids.”

[Faustina is not marry either. No children. She has not had relationship seriously since you break her heart. Do not do that again while you visit. Faustina is lonelier than she wants me think, but she does not want any men in Shady Side. I try. She miss you, I think.] Talassa said softly. [Help her, but you hurt my Faustina, and I poison your baklava. You are understand me, yes?]

“Yes.” Jesse said. It was not his intention to hurt her, again. He wanted her more than anything, but he wasn’t sure she could ever forgive him, “Please don’t poison my baklava.” He said trying to lighten the mood.

[You come, you help my sister, I give you all the not-poison baklava you want. Thank you, Jesse. We are see you soon.]

“I will call you once I land.” Jesse said. Saying his goodbyes he hung up the phone. Rubbing his temples, he thought to himself, This is just another client. Nothing will happen. Don’t get your hopes up. Picking up his phone he called in Pam into his office. As the young women entered he looked up at her, “Pam, I have an emergency out of town. My flight leaves tomorrow morning. I will be back for my appointments on Monday.”

Pam nodded, “Yes Doctor. Should I put Doctor Peterson on call?”

“No, I will be on my cell phone. Just put the message with my cell phone number on the machine.”

Pam nodded, “Anything else?”

“No. Just send in the first walk-in.” Jesse said with a smile. Pam nodded yet again and walked out and grabbed the next file, and called in Mrs. Doubtfire, and showed her in.


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