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Dungeons and Dragons, Part 3 (Conclusion)

Posted on Tue May 23rd, 2017 @ 8:54am by Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake & Category IV Dyami Bentley (Tribal: Bent Leaf) & Category V: Supervillain Frederick Hollywood

Mission: The Villain's Spire
Location: The Villain’s Spire - China
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 7 January 2012

Once again a red cloud surrounded them and in an instant they appeared in the back of an auditorium. The kids in a choir where practicing with the music teacher. They sang the words to a strange song. “...heaven knows, we belong way down below.”

Then Hollywood looked at Syn quite sincerely. “Do you know it wasn’t always like this. I had other dreams when I was younger. Sure in the background there was always the idea of being a world leader. That said I wanted to be a musician and then a music teacher maybe even a composer and a conductor.” He walked to the front of the class and tapped the teacher on the shoulder. She sat down in one of the desks at the front.

“Okay kids how about we take it from the top for our special guest. It will be good practice for when we play for the seniors on Friday.” The kids smiled in agreement most looked to be in high school some looked a little younger.

The music began and as it played this children clapped in rhythm. From his right vest pocket he produced a baton and tapped it on the podium. As he did the small blonde girl at the front center of the group began so sing. “Jimmy’s in the back with a pocket of high. If you listen close you can hear him cry.” Lorde waved his hand in time. The children not only didn’t look afraid of him but somehow seemed bolstered by his leadership.

The diminutive dragon lady arched a brow above one reptilian eye as she noted the magic in the director’s baton that he produced. Syn knew that Lorde was weird, and he’d proven himself to be rather dangerous recently, and the idea that he was conducting a children’s choir left a bad taste in her mouth. She stood and watched silently, her eerily calm demeanor never changing, and wishing that there was some way that she could get all of the people in this strange city out. But she knew that would take a war, and she was ill-equipped for such things at that moment. Besides, she couldn’t mess with free will. She knew that much.

Hollywood hoped that the chorus wasn’t lost on Syn. The soloist was joined by the rest of the choir at this point. “Oh Lord Heaven knows we belong way down below!” He smiled seeing how far the children had come along in learning one of his favorite songs. One that wouldn’t become popular, if it did, for another few years.

Syn’s jaw ground lightly, the words to the chosen music not lost on her. She glared at Lorde, as though trying to burn a hole in his head through thought alone, then sighed, shaking her head. “You really are twisted,” she said once the music came to an end. To the children she said, “You are quite talented. Thank you.”

She then turned back to Lorde and said, through clenched teeth, “Are we quite finished here? I have a lot of people to see to, and I need to get back to Atlanta, sooner, rather than later, preferably.” The red-tinged administrator intended to wait no longer than it took to get Silvestra, and the population that wished to leave, out of there safely.

“While I really can get you back to Atlanta sooner than later. You would have to deal with the possibility of bumping into a later version of yourself who does know your coming and explaining the duplicate. That said, Frostwyng should be just about ready for to disengage from her previous life.” He raised his hands, and in a flash they reappeared next to the cryotube holding the sleeping dragon. Then he depressed several buttons and the frosted glass cleared up in seconds.

In just a few more, clamps on the sides of the tank released and retracted into the floor. The pale, white haired woman inside began to take in deep breaths. Her green eyes flashed open for a moment then closed again. Then the glass opened upwards letting out just a bit of condensation.

Syn was ready for anything, as always. For all that she knew, this being was about to attack her. It wasn’t anything that she was expecting at this stage of the game, but Lorde wasn’t exactly predictable. She watched cautiously as Silvestra was released from the tube, and the medical robots that seemed to be the caretakers of the device, laid her onto a gurney and strapped the still unconscious woman down. “Do you know if she’s exhibited other powers? Besides her abilities with the cold?”

Lorde’s eyebrow raised a little. “Honestly, I don’t know. If I had to take a wager on it I would guess it would be very likely.” To Frederick it would be fascinating to know how much of the woman from the far flung past remained, as opposed to the new one created in his hand crafted world.

“I’ve spent enough time here. I need to get her back to the Tower before she wakes up,” Syn said, her voice still tight with restrained fury. At this point, it hadn’t actually been an hour since he had started the process, so she was hoping that he wasn’t handing her some mindless, insane being. “Take us the base of the Spire, since that’s where you’re having all of these people meet up.”

Again he teleported them. This time right in front of the main door to the lobby of The Spire. “Just remember you are always free to come by for tea my old friend.” With that he stepped outside and gave his best Kennedy wave.

Dyami was already at the Spire when Syn and Lorde arrived. He had already begun the preparations for the portal spell he was going to cast. It would have to remain open for quite a long time in order for as many as four thousand people to travel through it. Each person would only be in it a moment but that was a lot of moments when combined. Dyami’s magic was ritual based which meant that bigger spells like this one were possible but it took longer to cast than people like Dr. Strange did.

The Indian Shaman was in full regalia, headdress, leather britches, and face paint. Dancing and chanting around a large fire, he would swoop in arms outstretched like a bird of prey, each time he would pull away from the flame at the last moment trailing a powder that would burst into flame creating a tail of fire which followed him back to the large dance circle before petering out, leaving a puff of smoke rising into the sky. To all gathered he seemed to be completely absorbed in his work.

The diminutive dragon lady looked out over the crowd of people that were gathered, and sighed heavily. Four thousand people, each with a stuffed duffel bag, as well as a blanket and pillow. In the sea of faces, she recognized some of them as people that had been taken from the tower, but so many more were strangers. And all of them were about to basically invade Townsend Tower. “Jesus wept,” Syn muttered, as she turned to watch Dyami perform his ritual, one hand resting protectively on the bed that Silvestra was sleeping on.

~Tower security is in place, as is medical.~ Ao reported, her own voice as calm as she could keep it. ~They have privacy booths set aside and will be getting a full security sweep, as well as a physical.~

~Good. We need to send Silvestra through first.~ Syn responded, silently. ~We don’t know exactly what state that she’ll be in when she comes around, so have my cell prepared for her, as well as the restraints. The last thing we need is a rampaging dragon tearing through the Tower.~

Ao chuckled, then responded, ~OG is already on it. Along with medical and a full complement of security that has been assigned to guard her. They’re as ready as they can be with such short notice.~

“Thank you, Ao,” Syn said out loud, then spoke to random people as they approached. The bravest, most opinionated of them all, apparently, as far too many seemed more afraid than anything. The Tower’s leader did everything that she could to answer their questions, ease their concerns, but until they saw it all with their own eyes, and stepped through Dyami’s portal, they’d never believe that they were heading home.

As the Indian Shaman danced his ritual, chanting words that no one could understand, two small sapling sprang up from the ground on the North and south axis of the circle. These grew quickly into two tall thin willow trees. Soon dancing shaman neared the end of the ritual, the drooping branches of the willow trees tangled together and braided themselves into a passageway that covered an area about four feet long.

Dyami dance up to the fire burning under the branches. Speaking words of power he kicked the embers of the fire. From the fire rose not only a cloud of smoke , more importantly The embers clung to branches and floated in the air under the outstretched arms of the two intertwined trees. The Indian man stopped chanting and when he words ended the sparks coalesced into a glowing portal, with the Tower’s imposing interior park clearly visible on the other side.

As soon as the portal opened, Syn separated herself from the people that she was talking to, and guided the gurney that held Silvestra through. “You know what to do. And I really hope that you’re prepared for the masses that will be coming through in a continuous stream for a while. I’ll be staying on this side with Talon until the end.”

“Aye, Ma’am. We’ve been informed and are as prepared as we’ll ever be,” the masked guard responded, then took the gurney from his end, his team surrounded the slumbering, white-haired woman, and spirited her away.

Syn looked at Dyami and gave him a small smile. “Get yourself some food and rest. We’ve got a long night ahead of us.”



Absynthe “Syn” Drake
Headmistress - Townsend Academy

Dyami Bentley
Leader - Mutant Underground

Frederick Hollywood
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