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Sean tries something new

Posted on Fri Apr 1st, 2016 @ 7:02pm by Freshman Sean Edwin Ph.D & Senior Susan Edwin

Mission: Backposts
Location: Townsand Tower, Atlanta
Timeline: October 3rd 2011

Sean had to wait till the evening of the next day until he could try out Susan plan. He had thought about telling her no, but he really did want answers to everything in his mind. So he made his way to her room. He was about to knock when Susan stepped up behind him and tapped his shoulder. "Go on in." He looked and saw she had a bag from a local department store in one hand. The other held a chilled coffee drink that she liked. She also looked like she had gotten more sleep then the day before. She pressed the door open and he rolled in, then stopped his wheelchair in the middle of the room. Susan walked past Sean, pulled a package out of the bag and dropped it in his lap. “Here, put one of these on.” She said.

“Um....” He said as he looked at the package. It was a pack of girls panties, about his size and of varying colors. He could feel the heat in his cheeks rise. He was aware of what he was touching and how normally this would have been forbidden. Susan ignored him, dropped the still heavy bag on the bed and began rummaging around in her closet.

“Use my bedposts. Strip and put those on. The door is locked and I’m busy looking for what else we need for this.” Susan stated without turning around. “Unless you want someone to help you dress.”

“Susan, what about...”

Susan was still looting her closet and she waited. Finally she turned after a minute and a half of silence. Sean was still sitting in his wheelchair. “About what?”

“This?” Sean lifted the panties and pointed to his crotch.

“Oh. That’s right. One moment." She grabbed the bag and pulled out something new, then handed it to him. “Alright. New orders. Strip, then put this on like underwear first. Then the panties. When you put this on, tuck the little guy under you and try to get comfortable. You will need to adjust things. At least that's what I heard. Then we go from there.”

"Adjust what?"

Susan bowed her head. "Testicles, Sean. You'd be sitting on them."

"Oh." Sean blushed yet again. He had been blushing a lot through the day, each time he thought about what this evening would and could bring.

Susan turned back to the closet as she heard movement behind her. She had found what she wanted to rather quickly, but Sean had yet to say anything. So she kept moving things around in her closet, then she looked up and saw a robe. While she had seen him at the nudist beaches before, this was different. This was him finding a new part to his soul. "Here, when you've got those on, put this on." She tossed the robe to the bed. Once again she went to looking in the closet.

"Okay. Got the robe on. And this tucking the thingy is uncomfortable."

"But for the illusion, it is necessary." She turned around and had two items in her hands. A dark blue skirt and a white blouse.

"I'll turn back around. Put the skirt on first, then the blouse. Then warn me when I can look again. She turned and grabbed her coffee drink that she had put down and began to finish it.

"So does this mean I'm the first guy to get in your pants?" Sean asked as he pulled the skirt up. Susan began to cough and spit out the remains of her drink. It took a couple of minutes till the coughing stopped. Sean had waited to finish dressing while she choked. He had no way to help her, other than getting help from someone in charge.

After a few minutes, Susan looked at him. "What did you say?"

"Am I the first guy in your pants?" He asked again.

Susan shook her head and sighed. While very smart, some phrases were unknown to him. "Sean, to get in my pants means you're sleeping with me."

"But we've been in hotel rooms and in tents together." Sean replied.

"Sex Sean! Sex!" Susan exclaimed. "Get in my pants meant you had sex with me. That's why you should never say that. Well, at least to family members."

"Oh." Sean replied.

"Tell you what. I'll go into the bathroom and clean up, you get dressed and yell when you're finished."

Susan walked out of the room, grabbing a clean shirt on her way out. She took a few minutes to wipe down her chest and tossed her old shirt in the laundry. After a few minutes she heard her brother call out.

"Alright. I'm dressed. How does this look?" Susan could hear something in Sean's voice. Fear. But there was something else. Excitement? She wasn't too sure.

She looked out into her room and there he was, now wearing her old blouse and the skirt. He was using his crutches to keep himself standing. The shoes were still the same, but with his legs, he couldn't go too wild.

"Looking good. I'd say little brother, but that looks like I'd be wrong. So little sister, you're looking good."

"I really look like a girl?" Sean asked.

"You've always had a feminine face. So yeah, now you really look the part. You don't need makeup or anything. Maybe some pigtails or something like that...."


Susan stepped closer. "So how do you feel?"

"At first I felt stupid. Like this would blow up in my face. Like I'd be ugly." Sean admitted.

"Come here. Check out my mirror."

Sean slowly made his way to the mirror. When he stopped and looked in it, there was a girl standing there. One wearing the same skirt Susan had handed him. The same blouse too. Her body was held up by crutches. Then he noticed a tear on her face.

"Hey now. No water works. This is all a good thing." Susan said as she wrapped an arm around her brother.

"This looks so real." He said in a timid kind of voice.

"It is real. You make a very beautiful girl." Susan stated. She pulled his long hair back into a ponytail.

He looked to his sisters reflection. "What if I want to do this again? What if I feel like dressing in this skirt once more?"

"Sean, I promise you, anytime you want to dress like this. My room is open. You are safe in here."


"Really really. Aiden barely comes here. Cathy has her own life and rarely sees me. Mom and Dad always catch me in the med bay." Susan nodded, then hugged him. "Sean, we have to figure out what you are feeling. I think in giving you a place to find your feelings, and maybe yourself, you can gain confidence."

"That makes sense." Sean replied.

"Maybe this whole thing about that girl will resolve itself too." Susan added.

"That would be nice. Hate to think I'm possessed." Sean said with a smile. He moved to the bed and sat down.

"Also, you can lock your lab, but you never know when Mom or Syn will stop by. So this room is your refuge. Well, your room too, but I can help. We can pick one night a week and the two of us can hang out and figure your mind out." Susan said as she sat on the bed next to him. "I also think you should speak to a therapist. If this does turn into something else, please promise me you'll speak to one."

"Sure. I can do that. They seem to help you out." Sean said, nodded at his sisters wisdom.

"They do. I'd be lost by now if I did the dream walking thing all alone. But I know they also deal with trans-gendered kids here. You're not the first."

"I'm not?"

"Sean, in this tower you may be a first in many things. You are a first in many things outside of this tower. But honestly, in this case, you're not even close to being in the top ten."

"Heh." The small genius said with a chuckle. "A first time for everything."


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