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Aiden on the road part 8: Crystal 2

Posted on Sun Sep 4th, 2016 @ 7:10pm by Senior Aiden Edwin & Unawakened Siri "Sigrid" "Ri" Smith

Mission: Backposts
Location: Frankie Tails house, Shady Side MD
Timeline: Around 8:00 PM EST 21-31-2011

Aiden followed in the air, a bit behind Crystal’s car. Following her was easy. He had already passed by Melissa’s house, and had fought the idea of scaring them by tapping on the upstairs windows. He had also made Munir contact his mother, who was going to call Dr. Tina, the other contact in the town. Aiden needed to speak to both Frankie and Tina at the same time. They had to know about the boys, Melissa and Tina should know about her patient going away.

“You know that Uncle Frankie won’t be excited about Mila going to the Tower,” Crystal said from the car, convinced that Aiden could hear her. “This could be a mess. But the fact that the recent meta-related activities have brought out the massively hateful lynch mobs, including against him, means he may be willing to accept that she can’t stay here.”

Of course, she realized, that just because he could hear her didn’t mean that she would hear his answers. Still, it was worth giving him the heads up. She remembered talking to her aunt about him back when they were at the Tower together. She’d been a complete bitch when she got there, but he’d been so sweet to see past that and help her acclimate. She knew that he’d handle this well. “Hey,” she added, “You may wanna see if the doctor can meet us at home. She could make a convincing argument with Uncle Frankie. She could make sure he’s OK at the same time.”

A moment later, Aiden’s voice came through the coms on her nano. ~Yeah, Already had Mom call her. She is one of Mom’s contacts in this town. Plus that girl I saved is her niece, so she should know about that, plus other information I have as well. But it seems she is at some fundraiser tonight.~

Crystal shook her head. ~How do I forget about the comms in this thing? And your hearing still creeps me out, you know that, right?~ A thought leapt to her mind. Blushing furiously, she thanked the gods that he may have freaky hearing, but at least he couldn’t read her mind. ~Dear gods,~ she thought to herself, ~I hope he never heard me and my bob.~

~Well to be honest with wind noise, car noise and distance, you were almost impossible to hear.~ Aiden replied. ~When you started to talk, I dropped down.~

~I guess being more dependent on yours than just an image altering device would help you remember.~

~At least we have the image thingy. I’d hate to have to stick to the shadows.” Aiden stated. “So are we close? This town is so damn tiny.~
~Next house,~ Crystal replied. ~There, big and blue.~

The house of Francis Giordano was one of the largest in town. Having been in his mother’s family for nearly one hundred years. The christmas lights still shone from the porch. A single car sat in front of the garage, with another inside. There were lights on inside, plus a pair of nightlights could be seen from the second story windows.

Aiden flew past and into a nearby line of trees. A few moments later he stepped out, fifty feet away from where he entered the trees, looking like he had when he first approached the bullies on the beach. He jogged back to where Crystal was, keeping to the shadows.

“Alright. You lead the way. After all, they are your family.”

Crystal nodded and lead the way to the door. Knocking, she called out. “Aunt Nancy, it’s me, Crystal.”

After she knocked on the door, it took just a moment for a woman with long blonde hair and a very tired looking face to open it. “Crystal.” Nancy said. “You made it.”

“I’m here. I’ve got a friend, too. Aiden, this is my aunt Nancy. Nancy, this is Aiden.”

“I see. I think you’ve mentioned him at least once or twice.” Nancy said. “He’s the one you think can help us out?”

“Yeah,” Crystal said. “He’s already been helpful to some kids here.”

“Please, step inside.” Nancy stepped in and held the door open.

Crystal motioned to Aiden and stepped into the house.

Aiden looked around the entry foyer as they stepped in. To one side was a living room, where a couch was facing a TV and as the door shut, two tiny heads peeked over the couch at them. To his other side, a dining room sat, with a very large table.

To his side was a stairwell that led up to a second floor. From where he was standing he could see a light on upstairs and hear the tapping of computer keys and two people talking. By the railing of the second floor was a small backpack.

“How exactly did he help some kids out?” Nancy asked. “Nothing too bad, I hope?”

“He said there were like 5 guys attacking a couple on the beach - particularly violently attacking.” She turned to Aiden. “Correct me if I’m wrong - you did a little head-thumping, but mostly just turned off the image generator?”

“I slapped the first three around, used my wings on one and he got the leader. When I turned off the image generator, they all ran. The girl hadn’t been stripped, but if I hadn’t intervened, they could have raped her, or worse, died trying.”

“Died trying?”

“I feel the girl is glimmering. She keeps giving off static shocks. That’s why I wanted to get that local doctor here, but she’s busy with something. So I’ll need you to pass the message that we need her watched. Be an easy one. It’s her niece.”

“Doctor Cyparissus?”

“Yeah. The very same.”Aiden said with a nod if his head. “As for me, I only showed them my true form, I never used any powers. But they also didn’t dare fight me, even though they outnumbered me five to one.”

“I told you he was a good guy,” Crystal said. “How’s Uncle Frankie?”

“Good. Working on a book and trying to be a pain in the ass.” Nancy replied, not wanting to get into everything in front of a total stranger.

“And Mila?”

“Better. Although if she uses her strength, she is sick for a day or two afterwards.”

“Have you figured out how to break the news to him?”

Nancy nodded to her niece. “Yeah. I’m giving him no option. The day after Christmas, Mila was in the backyard and she lifted that really old and heavy doghouse. The one big one? A neighbor saw and she’s been hiding in her house, and peeking through the curtains at us ever since.” She paused for a quick breath. “I think I’ve convinced him that getting her to Atlanta is best, before the lynch mob shows up on our doorstep. They find out he’s Tails and it’s all over.”

“So, Aiden, do you think you can help? Without dragging Uncle Frank into a mess?”

“I guess. What do you want me to do?”

“I want my baby out of here tonight. I need you to get her to Atlanta. If we start moving in the next day or two, it may seem suspicious. Who knows what the neighbor is planning. But if Mila goes away, maybe we can get her off our back long enough to get out of Dodge. I think his brother will take over the house, so we don’t lose it.”

“He will, and Vinnie is big enough that a lot of people won’t mess with him.” A voice from the top of the stairwell said. Aiden looked up and there was a man, looking like a fox, including the ears and a bushy tail standing there with a young teenage girl. She looked about fourteen, short brown hair and a very tired look about her.


and Mila


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