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Freshman Edward (Xander) Carlisle

Name Edward (Xander) Alexander Carlisle IV

Position Student

Second Position Excelsior Team Member

Rank Freshman

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Mutant
Age 19

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall, lean, and fit muscular build. Hair is usually in a state of appealing mussiness and never seems to want to lie straight. Eyes are like pools of deep chocolate that draw you into them and he has a disarming smile. Shrapnel scars on his back.

Nano tattoo: black arm band around bicep that looks like wind from a Greek vase.


Spouse Talia Cervenak (Zajic)
Children On the way
Father Edward (Ned) James Carlisle III, Baron Carlisle (deceased)
Mother Hollyn Michelle (Michaels) Carlisle (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Cecily Rose Carlisle, 20
Other Family Neville Douglas Carlisle, 37 (uncle)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gregarious and outgoing personality hides a rather intense bookish and intelligent side, which can win out over sociability if he gets engrossed. This also hides a rather marked insecurity from being a third culture kid and he sometimes does unwise things to fit in. Intense devotion to his sister, with an overprotective streak that can turn very dark, very quickly, against anything he perceives as a threat to her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Intelligent

Rubbish at math
Ambitions For the immediate future, keep his sister safe and keep away from their uncle. No immediate plans for the future, given their circumstances. Eventually would like to go back to school and back to archaeology. He wants to return to Egypt to find the long-lost tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh that he and his sister discovered when they were children.
Hobbies & Interests Reading
My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic
Languages English (native), Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Latin, Ancient Greek, German (passable), French (passable), American, British, and Israeli Sign Language; working on Akkadian/Babylonian cuneiform and Egyptian hieroglyphics

Personal History Xander was born in a hospital in London on December 3, 1992, ten months after his older sister Cecily Their father, Edward, was a native Englishman with a minor hereditary title that nevertheless came with a substantial living, allowing him to pursue his interest in archaeology. Their mother, Hollyn Michaels, was a Chicago native and the daughter of an American archaeologist. Edward's specialty was Near Eastern and Biblical archaeology, while Hollyn's was classical (Greco-Roman) literature. Both found positions at the University of Chicago, but whenever not required to teach classes they took Xander and Cecily out of the country with them to wherever they needed to work: Israel, Greece, Rome, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey.

Xander was a bright and precocious child, but it was soon discovered that Cecily was…special. She developed normal physically, but she never spoke or made a sound. There was nothing wrong with her physically, and mental testing didn't reveal any learning disabilities. She just…never spoke. She was a bright and loving child, however, empathetic and intuitive, and no one loved her more than her little brother.

Xander and Cecily went to private school during the year in Chicago and were homeschooled during the summer, usually in subjects not offered in American schools, like the traditional classical education studies of Latin and Greek. Xander showed a high aptitude for languages and history and literature, though he was rubbish at math. Cecily excelled at math and science, and in every other subject she studied, usually outdoing Xander in his grades. After lessons, both liked nothing more than to go out into the streets and play with the native children, and both were given more freedom than was perhaps good for them in a foreign country!

All of this changed when he was twelve. That summer they were in a Jerusalem market when a suicide bomber struck. In the chaos and madness after the attack, they found that their parents had been killed.

The children were given over to the custody of their favorite uncle, their father's younger brother Neville. But Neville was far different from their parents. He was the black sheep of the family, living at the ancestral home in England, womanizing, drinking, gambling, irresponsible – and spoiled Xander and Cecily rotten. For his fifteenth birthday, deciding Xander needed to be a man, Neville got the boy a prostitute. Much to Cecily's concern, Xander was a quick study of his uncle's ways, which was facilitated a bit by his being sent to Eton for school, away from the better influences of his sister.

Neville was also interested and trained in archaeology, but he wanted to use his knowledge to make money, since much of the family estate was in trust to Xander, who officially held the title, and Cecily. Neville was involved in the black market side of antiquities, smuggling and selling artifacts. But he needed more, and he set his sights on Cecily's money.

Neville found a loophole in the trust in a clause about mental competency. It was an easy enough matter to pay a doctor to insist that the highly introspective and disconnected young Cecily was mentally incompetent. It was then easy enough to disappear her into an institution and put the head of the facility on a stipend to keep her there.

Returning from Eton, Xander was devastated to find his sister gone. He insisted she wasn't crazy, and Neville reminded him that he hadn't seen her episode. Xander asked to see her, but Neville wouldn't tell him where she was and that Cecily had asked for Xander not to visit, knowing it would be hard on him, and Neville thought it would be just as hard for her to have him see her that way. He promised to forward her any letters he wrote. Xander wrote every week, and Neville simply filed the letters away. Xander was crushed. His grades suffered and he got into disciplinary trouble at school.

And then Xander found the letters. It was his first indication that his beloved uncle, the man he looked up to, was up to something. Further investigation found the trust documents and letters from the hospital. He visited his sister and found that the time spent in a place with actual crazy people had not been good for the sensitive young woman. How vowed to get her out.

Xander scrounged and stole what money he could. He bought tickets to Chicago, packed their bags, and stole his sister out of the hospital.

In Chicago, Xander and Cecily settled in a homeless shelter, helping around the place. Xander got a job as a bicycle messenger, occasionally hooking up with coworkers and giving them a place to stay.

Eventually someone recognized Xander. He met a beautiful young woman Talia Cervenak. When he was outed in the media, she helped Xander and his sister disappear, putting them up in an expensive house she owned.

Xander felt confined and annoyed at being a ‘kept’ man, but the benefits were…delightful. And it kept his sister safe. Unknown to him, Talia was the daughter of Vincent Zajic, the Czech underworld figure that had been accused of kidnapping and selling him and Ceciliy, which forced him to shut down business ventures in the United Kingdom and Europe that cost him greatly. He would like nothing more than to get his hands on the pair of siblings.