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Senior Aiden Edwin

Name Aiden Xander Edwin

Position Student

Second Position Excelsior Team Member

Rank Senior

Character Information

Gender Male
Species mutant
Age 18

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 165lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Light blue
Physical Description Aiden is taller than most teens his age. While not skinny, he is also not overweight, but with decent muscle mass to be able to lift items and people his own weight. He keeps up a good regimen of exercise working all the muscles needed to fly and hold people in his arms. His once long red hair is now short, following the explosion he was in during January. His left hand is currently in a glove of his brothers making, due to almost no muscle mass being left on it from the same explosion.

Currently he has no scars of tattoos on his body. Of things that are out of place on a teen boy's body, there are two big items. On his back, attached to a spot near his shoulders, are two large Bat-like wings. Inside these wings are tubes, made of vibranium, like the pipes on a pipe organ. Inside those pipes are metal poles that extend out when he is flying at near supersonic speeds. Near his butt is a flat, bat-like tail that helps with his flight. When he emits a hum at a certain pitch, small rods stick out of his tail and the rods of his wings protrude, causing him the ability to fly at speeds nearing supersonic

After he came out of his cocoon, his teeth were more canine than normal. Also his fingernails are thicker and sharper then a normal Humans. Inside his body, the metal runs through all his bones and webs of the metal are in his eyes, ears and throat. No one is sure how it got in there.

*Picture above shows Aiden using an image enhancer to show himself without wings*


Spouse none
Children None that he is aware of
Father Seamus Edwin
Mother Rosa Edwin
Brother(s) Sean Edwin
Sister(s) Susan Edwin, Cathy
Other Family Few Aunts and Uncles left on his father's side. Also his paternal Grandmother is still alive and in Margret GA with Seamus’s older brother Lee and his wife. His maternal grandparents and their extended family live in the South, all along the Florida and Louisiana coastlines. His Grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother all live in the Bayou of Louisiana.

Personality & Traits

General Overview The other friendly Edwin child. Aiden is like his twin. Friendly to new people. He doesn't have the chip on his shoulder that Sean has, or the attitude that Cathy has. But unlike Susan, he is more laid back. Susan can be friendly, but with her powers, she tends to be tired and worried about what she can pick up from them. While his siblings, except Cathy, all have other things that keep them busy, Aiden spends his free time playing WoM, singing or playing one of a few types of stringed instruments he has taught himself to play over the past six years. He does mentor younger mutants with external mutations.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Many of his strengths come from his powerset or the vibranium covered bones in his body.

+ all metal in his body is covered in Vibranium and they are nearly unbreakable.
+ Sense of hearing is better than a Bat
+ Has good night vision
+ Great sense of direction
+ good ear for music
+ Can mimic voices
+ Trained by his mother in firearms and hand to hand combat, including Krav Maga
+ Has been trained to use his wings as weapons in close quarters combat

A big weakness for Aiden is his inability to hide with his large wings. Even if he has something making their appearance, they still get in the way and make tight spaces very uncomfortable for him

- Large wings are hard to hide
- Has to have special seats and clothes for his wings and tail
- Tends to stay inside a lot, except sometimes at night.
- Damage to his throat can cause temporary power loss
- Light sensitive eyes
- If the vibranium in his body takes too much of an impact, he could possibly explode. This would be a great deal of damage, something only a fall from the upper stratosphere or repetitive falls from a shorter distance could initiate. He must release the power through his vocal chords.
Ambitions Aiden is still unsure what he wants to be when he grows up. He doesn't know what he could do with his powers and wings. For now he is willing to play hero.

One ambition is to be an Opera singer, but he doubts that would ever happen.
Hobbies & Interests Aiden is big into singing and with his voice, backed with his sonic powers and metal bones, he enjoys opera music, classic rock, country and Zydeco music. He learned how to speak Italian and German, just for the biggest Operas. He also plays the guitar, mandolin and banjo.

Since he never leaves the tower, unless on a mission, or undercover, he has the max amount of characters he can have, on all servers in WoM, most of them are maxed out.
Languages English, Spanish French Creole Also German and Italian, (mostly for the Opera music)

Personal History Born the first of the Edwin's twins. He was born nearly ten minutes before Susan. He had a normal life as a boy. His eyes were always sensitive to the light.
Service Record Aiden has been at the school for the past four years. He has graduated from the High school, but he remains there for further training in his powers.

Thanks to the mesh of Vibranium in his throat, and larger than normal lungs, Aiden can sustain loud screams over an extended period. This does not hurt his throat like yelling does to a normal person. Only outside damage can hurt his powers. He is also immune to his own sonic powers, as are his family.

Aiden's powers are sonic based and four years of hard training has brought out some of the best uses for them. He has been taught by others with sonic powers and he has mastered skills that they have.

Sonic blast: Either by shouting loudly, or holding a sustained scream, Aiden can project a sonic blast. It with either come out as a single ball of sound, directed at whatever is in front of him, or in like a continuous wave of energy from his wings.

Echolocation: using any sound from himself, including his own heartbeat, Aiden is able to get a radar type image of any thing around himself. It is so finely tuned with his wings and wires in his eyes that he can see the topography of oil paintings, if he is at a very close range, like less than a foot away.

Subsonic flight: While he can travel quickly using his sonic powers to ride the sound waves in the air, it is unknown just how fast he can be.

Sonic Shield: He can use his powers to tighten the sonic waves around him to deflect most objects.

Vocal mimicry Aiden is able to imitate almost any voice he hears, due to his sensitive hearing and unique vocal chords. He also can boast a six octave vocal range.

Speaker: While not really a power, Sean Edwin created small devices that rest on parts of Aiden's bone structure that turns him into a giant walking speaker.

Powers in training: Aiden is still working on the ability to entrance, disorientate and to render a person unconscious.


Hand to hand combat: Aiden has been taught hand to hand combat by his mother and other trainers at the tower. He can use his claws and wings as weapons.

Weapon fighting: He has been trained to use his wings as weapons while in close quarters combat. He can also use small weapons like tonfa's and sticks.