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Freshman Sean Edwin

Name Sean Esteban Edwin Ph.DCE

Position Omega Team Member

Second Position Student

Rank Freshman

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 14

Physical Appearance

Height 4'8"
Weight 70lbs
Hair Color brown, black and red
Eye Color hazel
Physical Description Sean is small and thin for a boy his age. He is just four inches under five foot and only seventy pounds. Being this small and thin, he also has very little muscle mass. Aside from being thin and short, he had kept his hair short but in a unisex page-boy type cut, until lately. He had claimed it was to keep it out of his way when he does some inventing. Since the battle of New York, his hair is growing at a faster rate, needing to be cut almost every four weeks as it reaches his shoulders. So normally when it is growing, he keeps it in a ponytail until it’s haircut time. His features are not very male at all, in fact Sean has a girlish face. He would wear glasses, but finds contacts break less. plus they are harder to knock from his face.

He is not as pale as his eldest siblings, Aiden and Susan. Instead he is more like his other sister, Cathy with a normal Caucasian look to them, due to mix of their mixed heritage. He is a late bloomer and has yet to start puberty.

Because he has spastic cerebral palsy, Sean uses either a wheelchair or crutches to get around. If he is at home it’s the crutches and a brace. When he goes out, he uses one of three wheelchairs that he has, all made by him, his uncle and his grandfather. His form of CP is spastic diplegia, which has made the muscle in both his legs tense and hard to move. Getting comfortable in normal chairs is hard for the young boy.

He has a birthmark on his right shoulder, just a reddish blob that has streaks that reach towards his spine.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Seamus Edwin
Mother Rosa Edwin
Brother(s) Aiden Edwin
Sister(s) Susan Edwin and Cathy Edwin
Other Family Few Aunts and Uncles left on his father's side. Also his paternal Grandmother is still alive and in Margret GA with Seamus’s older brother Lee and his wife. His maternal grandparents and their extended family live in the South, all along the Florida and Louisiana coastlines. His Grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother all live in the Bayou of Louisiana.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sean can come off as highly egotistical at times, due to his enormous intelligence and how he treats those around him. While he may not “hate” them, he gets annoyed that things that are easy for him to understand can often stump his family. He can’t understand how people can’t do things he thinks are simple.

Life with his sister Cathy is hard. Many things to him are easy, but she has to struggle with them.. Most middle and high school classes are baby stuff for him and he often oversees Cathy’s homework without being asked. That annoys her. He has even gone as far as to talk to her teachers when he feels she is being treated unfairly or her school work has been graded poorly. She also hates him for making the family move to Boston, then back to Georgia.

He is closer to Susan than the rest of his family, as he is aware she knows his deepest secret, one he tries to hide from even himself. Perhaps this is why he has the closest bond to her out of any of his family. Sean is one of the few males in Susan’s life that have an open invite to her bedroom.

He has little interactions with Aiden, other than to use his brother as free manual labor. While Aiden isn’t an idiot, he is unable to follow many of Sean’s plans and ideas, unless it is explained in great detail, using laymen terms.

Sean has a typical relationship with his mother, although he feels she coddles him too much, he does miss it when she backs off. Of his immediate family, he seems to get on okay with his father on a non intellectual level. But it's his father who he can truly discuss new ideas and not hold back on the techno jargon.

While he tries not to be, he can come off as having a chip on his shoulder and he hates to be viewed as “That crippled kid” so he pushes himself in the things he can do. Which is why he was in MIT at such a young age. He has no friends of people his age. And very few friends outside of his family or those he knows online. Deep down he wants to be loved, but he is afraid his secret will push people away from him.

Sean is at home in his lab, inventing and working on new computer gear. He watches all news on breakthroughs that Tony Stark makes for new ideas on how to improve them. His life revolves around Stark and he is in awe of the man.

In MIT he suffered from bouts of depression, due to having no friends his age. When she was there, Susan was his rock. The one that kept him going forward. When she left, that absence made life even harder for him, but he refused to fail and let people think he was a fluke.

He has a limited range of entertainment things he enjoys. He rarely tries out new movies or books, unless someone, usually his sister Susan, tells him to try it. He normally keeps to his usual music, something classical, or old Folk songs from the sixties, a favorite of his Maternal Grandmother. Now his musical tastes have branched out, after grabbing his father’s mp3 player by mistake and finding it full of classic rock of the sixties, seventies and eighties
Strengths & Weaknesses His mind and ability to invent things are his greatest strength. He is a mental giant compared to most people he knows. Many ideas tend to float through his brain and Sean normally writes them down and somewhere in his lab is a notebook, dedicated to the ideas and plans he wants to tackle.

The designs for his computer systems, including his SOPHIE program, his wheelchairs and his lab toys were all invented by him. The plans at least. He had help with manufacturing of the tools and toys.

His biggest weakness is his lack of movement in his lower body. His legs slow him down, plus they barely bend, making climbing almost impossible. Even just average walking for a normal person tires him. His other big weakness is his ego. While not a weakness, he also couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag. He is crippled by the fear to open up about his feelings to family.

He also is recovering from MIT. While the classes were easy, there was stress that he felt, that he kept hidden from his mother. Stress of being so young and in that kind of class. Stress of having no one to confide in.

And a side note, he is very bad with money. He spent two months worth of food money in three days on parts for something he wanted to build.

He is also the only Edwin child with no hand to hand training at all. He does have some firearm training
Ambitions To be as big a name as Tony Stark. To live like the person he feels like on the inside. Also, he doesn't want to be always alone
Hobbies & Interests His inventing is his hobby. Though lately he was introduced to World of Mythology by his elder siblings and that has taken over a lot of his waking time. Since he has completed the main part of his schooling, Sean doesn’t attend classes in the tower, instead he sits in on the lectures he really wants to hear.

For interests he has expanded his taste in music after borrowing his Father’s MP3 player. He has secretly been borrowing the mp3 players of his whole family to find what music he works best with.
Languages Fluent in English, Spanish, French creole and French, Japanese, Chinese, German, Russian, Irish Gealic, Welsh, Scottish Gealic and is very familiar in many programming languages

Personal History Born the fourth child of Rosa and Seamus Edwin on October 31st of 1997 . While he should have had a twin, his twin was robbed from the family when someone attacked Rosa while she was pregnant, also taking the life of Rosa’s sister, Cordelia, as well and causing Sean to be born almost two months early. Cordelia was a magic user, like many in Rosa’s family. Cordelia’s last action was to save Rosa’s life and sacrifice her own for the babies. She failed one of the twins

When Sean was three months old, he had begun to speak. At six months he was speaking clearly clearly and learning to read with his eldest siblings who were four. At the age of nine months, he was reading with decent comprehension of his subject material. When he had reached a year old, his parents knew something was wrong. The little child couldn’t roll over, sit up or walk without a lot of help. He was examined and found to have cerebral palsy, specifically spastic diplegia which affects the muscles in his legs. Both legs could barely bend at the knee at most times. Hips were fine, but the lower parts were almost still as a board. By time he hit two, he was reading almost anything he could get his hands on, mostly school books and science books, including some of the books Seamus had from his college days. His mind was a sponge for knowledge. Yet he couldn’t walk without medical aides.

At two and a half years old he took a math test for precocious youth, from John Hopkins, which he passed with flying colors. He also noticed his eldest siblings, Aiden and Susan were a bit indifferent to him. Nice, but unsure how to deal with a child that was four years younger and smarter than they were. As they brought things home from preschool and kindergarten, Sean demanded they teach him what they learned. At four he was tested and found to be beyond a high school level of education. After much fighting with different school systems, Sean enrolled in High school at age four, taking nothing but honors courses. He had also begun to try to take things apart around the house, destroying old VCR’s and DVD players, just to play with their inner workings and try to fix them. To save from buying new equipment every week, Rosa and Seamus began buying old electronics at flea markets. Anything from Computers to VCR’s.

By the time Cathy was ready for first grade, and his elder siblings were about to go into third grade, he was ready for college. He spent two years working on two separate bachelor degrees. He wasn’t quite ready for all the hard work involved, or the hatred he got from people nearly four times his age. This was when he grew close to Susan and she, plus Rosa, helped Sean tough it out. As he graduated, he then applied to MIT.

This application forced the family to move, which put a bit of strain on his relationship with his siblings. Aiden, Susan and Cathy were forced to leave their friends and move to Boston. Rosa and Seamus refused to split up the family. So at six, Sean was attending MIT in Boston.

He lived there with his siblings and parents for four years, slowly pushing his way through as many classes as he could take. His time inventing was cut to a minimum. He had little free time to play, but he also had no friends to play with. His mother had to keep him focused on the goal of a single degree. The mind of the boy kept seeing other degrees and in one year he attempted to take more classes than one person could attend. The stress was great and if it hadn’t been for his sister Susan, he would have snapped.

When his sister Susan turned fourteen and he was ten, her telepathic powers came out. this was when he reached the halfway point into his doctorate. Susan was moved to the Townsend Tower in Atlanta, where Seamus and Rosa had a couple of connections. A month or two later, Aiden began to gain weight at an alarming rate. So they shipped him there as well. Seamus moved back to Atlanta, leaving Cathy and Sean with Rosa and a cousin of hers.

For the next two years Sean and Cathy lived apart from their siblings and father. This was yet another thing Cathy blames Sean for. Although they did see them often, as Seamus was traveling around, doing work for the tower. Rosa and Seamus still managed to keep their relationship going, despite the distance. They met up at least four times a year, for a week each time. When Sean was thirteen and his sister Cathy was fourteen, Cathy’s magic came into play and she was also sent to the Tower to live with Seamus. This left Rosa and Sean alone in Boston. He had been backing off on his first degree, wanting to get a second. But now his desire to be with his family outweighed his wish for classes, so he focused on finishing his degree.

It was hard work and he managed to successfully defend his dissertation. The hard work and stress had paid off and Sean became one of the youngest people in the world with a doctorate. In May he went to New York to attend an awards ceremony for students who were picked as having excelled at their school work. Sean had won, mostly due to his age and circumstances. This was his second award, having gained a monetary award from MIT for the same thing.

While in New York with his immediate family, except Aiden, the city was attacked by aliens in what was called the Battle of New York. As the family was less than a city block from Stark tower, they were caught up in several ground skirmishes as the alien’s tired to heard all the people to holding locations. Rosa’s military training kicked in and she defended them while they hid out in a building just near Stark Tower. Sean, using a program he had been working on for nearly as long as Ironman had been around, managed to hack into Ironman’s communications and was able to keep track of the battle.

At the end of the battle, Sean had his father and sister smuggle a couple of the weapons away for further investigation. The rest he handed over to S.H.I.E.L.D. He also got his chance to meet Tony Stark in person and tell him about hacking his Armor’s communication system. In the end he had to give up a laptop with the only copy he had of the program, plus the only copy of his Sophie program.

After the battle the family returned to Boston to move Rosa and him back to Atlanta. Before he was to leave Boston for their last day, a special courier dropped off a package for him. When he opened it he found his laptop. The hacking program was gone, as were a couple other ideas that even Rosa had been worried about, mostly weapon modification ideas. Several ideas Sean had for the Ironman armor was missing as well. A letter and several photo’s from Mr. Stark were included as well, along with a check for ideas that Tony had taken from Sean’s computer.

When he returned to Atlanta, the thirteen year old wizkid has begun building computer programs and devices to help him with his special disabilities. Plus he worked on getting SOPHIE into working order. While in trouble with his parents for breaking into the coms system, he now has several pictures for his “wall of awesome people” And both the Ironman picture and the Avenger’s. Plus one of Tony Stark standing with him. Those pictures have joined the picture of Doctor Henry McCoy, whom he had seen once at a lecture on genetics, while he wasn’t interested in genetics, he wanted to see the famous hero. He had managed to get a few moments to speak to the famous mutant, just to share a few ideas, one genius to another.

So he has access to a lab for his experiments and inventions. Due to the fact that since New York, his hair has been growing at an accelerated rate, plus his almost unhealthy desire to be in the lab continuously and wanting to work on the alien weapons alone, his mother wants people to keep an eye on him, incase he were to awaken, or if something more nefarious is in play..
Service Record Education:

Bachelor of science Georgia Institute of Technology
bachelor of computer science Georgia institute of technology

PhD Computer engineering MIT

Ongoing Education

Currently taking online classes to complete the following:

PhD in applied Physics (Had taken more than half of the classes needed for this degree during his six years at MIT and still has three or four years to complete it.

Mechanical Engineering: He is unsure if he wants to go for a PhD or a masters in this. Mostly using this subject to help him in his inventing.

Computer sciences Many of the classes needed for this subject, Sean had taken while working on his PhD in Computer Engineering More then halfway though and is looking at a Master for this subject.

Future plans:

In the near future Sean has his sights currently on the subjects of Acoustics and parapsychology. He is unsure if he wants to try and go for a Ph. D, or just stay with a masters. He is also willing to wait until his 20’s to accomplish this goal.

Current tools and toys

SOPHIE program (Sean’s best friend) a computer program that sounds like a young girl. Has an avatar that is a young girl in an anime style. The program is in it’s infancy and is often being worked on, saved and changed. Sophie acts as a GPS, information gather and voice only companion for Sean when he works, as many people can’t stand being forced to sit and wait while he tinkers. Sophie has partial control over his wheelchairs, but the programs to have her smoothly drive them is not yet perfected, so he tends to drive them himself.

Three wheelchairs: all three powered. One for normal use and some lawn or gravel driveway use. One with bigger tires for total off road use, one in a steampunk fashion for attending comic cons with his sister Susan. Each of them are configured to hold just him, a laptop and a mobile version of Sophie. He has a saddle bag on the left side of each, but between him and the armrest, to keep his laptop safe. The design came from Sean, the metalworking came from his Uncle Lee, Brother Aiden and his Grandfather Mathis.

Normal crutches and braces for his legs

Several computers and laptops, tools, both standard and metric.

One lab, with all sorts of tools for working on anything that comes to mind. Lab is not his, just an empty one he took over in the tower when no one was looking, although they know he is in there. Lab is also checked over daily to ensure Sean isn't up to anything bad. Lab has auto shutoff lights and power now, forcing Sean to complete his work by eight in the evening. Power resumes by ten in the morning. He is unable to reroute the power without the Headmaster and Head Mistress knowing about it.

Current projects:

Completing SOPHIE program
Working on new ways to get around lab better
New energy ideas
attempting to crack Tony Stark’s arc reactor project and how it works.: Status Accomplished
making the best playlist possible for working in the lab
Figuring out how Neil Peart, Freddie Mercury, Jimi Hendrix and a host of hundreds are\were so good at their craft and why he has no musical talent to speak of
Getting to the level cap in World of Myth