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Unawakened Devon Spencer

Name Devon Tate Spencer

Position Unawakened

Rank Unawakened

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human Mutant
Age 20

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9" (176 cm)
Weight 143 (65 kg)
Hair Color black
Eye Color blue and hazel(cf)
Physical Description A young adult male between the ages of 18-22 years of age who engages in intensive, extensive aerobic exercise. He has fair skin and a smooth face. He is youthful in appearance, bookish, with sparkling eyes and a cheeky smile.

Daily wear features a sharp button-down shirt, dark slacks or jeans, belt, and loafers. Formal attire ranges from sharp European fitted business suits to business casual as the occasion merits. Party attire most often consists of geeky t-shirts, low rise jeans, and ankle boots. He goes to the expense to make sure all of his clothing is fitted and high quality. Devon's signature look is to wear shirts of royal or orchid purple.

Accessories commonly worn include earrings, both ears; an ear stud, single, in his left ear; an ORB Bluetooth headset; Gargoyles “Breakaway” sunglasses: matte black with smoke lenses.

*Lambda shield in black ink on left deltoid.
*Greek spear in black ink, inside right forearm pointing from elbow to wrist

Heterochromia Iridum: Devon has partial heterochromia, both eyes are blue with a center "star" of hazel around the pupils. Eye color is vibrant and often changes based on clothing worn from royal blue and royal purple to orchid blue and purple, to turquoise, beryl, and malachite green.


Spouse Engaged to Bobbie Mitchum
Children NO! Never! I'm gay for a reason! ARGH, okay! Maybe.
Father Greg
Mother Aminta
Brother(s) * Clint (nine years elder)
* Waylon (12 years elder)
* Duke (15 years elder)
Sister(s) Arista (seven years elder)
Other Family * Sam and Patrick, identical twin nephews (18 years younger)

* Tina Cyparissus, cousin, mother's side

* Talassa Wilson, aunt, mother's sister

* Anthony Wilson, Talassa's husband

* Lisa Wilson, cousin, mother's side

* Melissa Wilson, cousin, mother's side

* Kyle Wilson, cousin, mother's side

* Chuck and Sandy Jones, surrogate parents

* Liv Jones, best friend, youngest daughter of Chuck and Sandy

* Bobbie Mitchum, lover

* Emile Chalamet, French paramour

* Harvey Nussbaum, drunken sot mentor

Personality & Traits

General Overview Meyers-Briggs: ENFJ "The Protagonist"
Astrology: Sagittarius born Snake year

At first glance, Devon appears to be a casual, pleasant, easy-going college kid. He is charming, affable, and engaging. He smiles readily and laughs easily. He has a cheeky, irreverent sense of humor. He has a big heart, he is generous, he is loyal and dependable to a fault. Don't let him get caught up in his feelings though as he can wind himself up like a kitten in silly string.

He is an unapologetic geek, steeped in sci-fi and pop-culture like movies and comic books. This leads him to a passion for the latest hi-tech gadgets and video games. He is a gifted artist and loves taking photos and painting them on his iPad or transferring them to canvas for good, old-fashioned paintings. There is a side to him that few know and he prefers to keep it that way.

Devon suffers from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder sustained from repeated violent abuse at the hands of his father and brothers. He becomes edgy, diffuse, and insecure in the presence of men, in particular, those who project an aura of authority. He has difficulty forming friendships with men. This gravely impacts his love life as he is gay. The PTSD plagues Devon with symptoms of chronic depression. He is high-strung, anxious, easily startled, and he has great difficulty sleeping. He flinches when touched. He suffers occasionally from traumatic flashbacks. The PTSD has pushed him in some positive ways too.

Devon is restless and sleeps little. He is uncomfortable with quiet and calm so he fills his life with activity. He enjoys physical activities like parkour and archery. He owns two businesses: one to sell his artwork and an online comic strip. He posts online to a blog and keeps up regularly with social media. Lastly, there is a side to Devon that is seldom seen but noteworthy in how it impacts his life and those around him.

His courage flips like a switch when there is a dire need. He jumps without hesitation to help during emergencies. He cannot stand bullies and he will put himself in harm's way to protect an innocent. He thinks nothing of his own safety during these moments. It is as if he detaches from himself and takes in everything from afar. After the emergency is over and he calms down, Devon tends to find someplace to quietly enjoy a panic attack.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Tolerant
+ Reliable
+ Charismatic
+ Natural leader

- Overly idealistic
- Too selfless
- Too sensitive
- Fluctuating self-esteem
- Struggle to make tough decisions
Ambitions Deo aspires to become one of the great masters of art for the modern age. He owned a business selling his work and most recently he worked for the Chamberlain Foundation scouting new artistic talent for scholarships as well as connecting them with potential patrons. His awakening and subsequent branding as a mutant terrorist by the US Government have completely uprooted his life. He wants it back.
Hobbies & Interests * Digital photography
* Digital painting
* Illustration
* Painting
* Computers and gadgets
* Archery
* Parkour
Languages English: native, Greek: bilingual, French: fluent

Personal History Birth: 23 November 1989 in Newport News, Virginia, United States

Mom, Aminta was born to one of the original Greek Orthodox families to migrate to Tarpon Springs, Florida from the Greek island of Kalymnos.

Father, Greg was born in Gainesville, Florida. He served as an Army Ranger during the Vietnam War from 1967-1975. He struck up a stormy romance with Aminta while doing odd jobs for her family. Aminta's father forbade the romance as Aminta was betrothed to a local Greek youth, Hector Stavros. Young Aminta eloped with Greg and they fled to Newport News, Virginia where Greg invested in property.

Greg built a house for his then-pregnant girlfriend and over the years the house grew into a sprawling horse ranch, called "Riverview Park." Greg proved a grim and loveless man who rejected Aminta's heritage and insisted on naming all of his sons after his cowboy heroes. Decades passed and Greg focused on his role as the family provider as his way of showing his family love. From the birth of his first son onward, the Spencer Family endured a humorless environment where the only thing that mattered was work.

As the years passed Aminta grew to miss her Greek heritage and quietly made contact with her family. Her father passed away ten years after her departure and after a few more years of tearful soul-searching, her mother finally forgave her and welcomed Aminta home. During one visit she reunited with her former betrothed, Hector and they shared a special night together.

Aminta by this time was going through menopause. She had no idea she could get pregnant but lo and behold Devon surprised her. He was born sickly and puny but he quickly grew into a rambunctious ball of joyful enthusiasm. He and his sister, Arista were close but Devon's brothers treated him far differently. Clint, youngest of the three took time to play with his littlest brother but the others slapped Devon around as an "annoying brat."

Greg treated his youngest son cruelest of all. He harbored suspicions that Devon was not his son, especially given how differently Devon looked and behaved from his brothers. He found his son's sensitive nature and love of art disturbing and effeminate. He subjected Devon to boot camp discipline and when that failed he beat his son to "man him up."

Devon grew to hate life on the ranch. He spent time in the woods or at his friend Liv’s house. He could not sit still to read books but he loved comic books and copied his favorite art. In later years he declared himself an out and proud, card-carrying "geek." That he was gay was something of a given from a very young age. Frankly put, Devon never knew what “the closet” was.

Liv and Devon grew to become soulmates of a different sort. They discovered their interest in their same gender together. They shared their deepest thoughts, trials, tribulations, and had plenty of adventures together. Liv tutored the restless Devon in his school work and he poked her to develop socially. They proved a perfect complement, each compensating for the weaknesses of the other and bolstering their strengths.

Devon's 16th birthday proved eventful. His mother took him on her annual trip to see the Greek family in Tarpon Springs. Once there the Greek family quite literally mobbed him with joy. They introduced him to his Greek heritage and knowing he was a teenage bottomless pit when it came to food, they plied him with every manner of Greek cuisine at a festival in his honor. He had never experienced such love and acceptance outside his mother and sister. Aminta's brother, Devon's uncle, now the patriarch of the family, sat down with Devon and asked him to accept formal adoption into the family.

The priest baptized him with the Greek name “Deo Sotiris Karistinos” and from that moment forth he answered equally to "Devon" and to "Deo." He participated in the Dive for the Cross, a Greek Orthodox ritual where teenage boys dove into the icy cold January waters of Tarpon Springs and sought the blessed Silver Cross. He retrieved the cross and won acclaim and good fortune for the year to come. His life with the Greek side of his family became his sanctuary.

Devon had never hidden that he was gay and that brought unwanted attention at school. Bullies cornered him, his father pushed him to "man up and fight back" and his mother complained to the school about the bullying, leading to more ridicule from fellow students. Devon withdrew into his own world and experienced a goth phase. He developed biting wit to shame and humiliate his tormentors. He attempted to learn Tai Chi but his restless brain would not let him focus on repetition.

By senior year in high school his infectious optimism and innate cheerfulness dragged him kicking and screaming back into the world. He applied himself with new energy and just as Devon turned a page in his life the universe threw a cruel curveball.

Greg, Devon's father did odd jobs around the community. One of his jobs was as a handyman for the local schools. One day he overheard kids giggling about his gay son. The matter had never been acknowledged openly and hearing it from strangers sent Greg into a rage. He beat his son savagely, threw him out, and forbade any contact with the family in the future. Emotionally devastated and now homeless, Devon turned to his friend, Liv. Her family took Devon in for his final year of school.

Devon graduated in the top five of his class and won an art scholarship. He and Liv chose to attend university together. Life was hard in the beginning but for the first time, Devon led his life on his terms. He makes the most of it and looks forward to a bright future.

Bobbie Mitchum (21): Masseur, exotic dancer, and studying to become a physical therapist.
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Liv Jones (20): Devon's best friend, brilliant pre-med student.
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Harvey Nussbaum (44): Devon's mentor and morning shift manager at "Aromas"
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