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Civilian Bryan Kestrel

Name Bryan James Kestrel

Position Founder

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human-Sidhe hybrid / Tuathan Atavist
Age 51 (appears 20-24)
Codename Kiloton

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2" / 187 cm
Weight 190 lb / 87 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Amethyst
Physical Description One can look at Bryan and tell immediately that there is an epic tale behind him. He is a study in layers.

Firstly, he is a hybrid of human and Sidhe, what most in the modern world call an “elf” but not the kind seen on cookie packages. His is the kind of elf as imagined in ancient Gaelic tales and Tolkien fantasy. He is tall, broad, and tapered with muscles like a jungle cat. He has long, thick hair with the oily shine of raven feathers. He is porcelain pale in color without blemish. He could tempt saints with narrow bedroom eyes and a smile that manages to be both wicked and sweet. A nimbus of light always surrounds his body. His dark ancestry shows in the form of a pair of nubby goat horns. They appear made of pure amethyst to match the fire in his eyes.

Secondly, he is the product of gothic-punk culture. Bryan wears black leather with accents of light blue and purple, cut to accentuate his good looks. His leather is high quality and exquisite in artistry. He stands out and such is his desire. He wears three earrings on the left and four up the back of his right ear, including jeweled studs in each lobe. An eyebrow ring glitters on his right side. He wears a platinum promise ring set with amethyst as well as his gold wedding band from Jax.

He wears his hair in an undercut style with a ponytail flowing down his back. His battle armor is glossy black with a dramatic raven motif. The design incorporates the finest craftsmanship with modern manufacturing, creating a suit of body-hugging, fully articulated armor that belongs in epic modern fantasy. He swathes his battle form in a tunic, a feathered mantel and a flowing cape emblazoned with his mark, a raven sable in full aspect wreathed in purple flambant.

Lastly, and arguably, most importantly, is the true essence of Bryan. He goes to length to hide this aspect of himself but he wears it on his sleeve. It is his curse.

Anyone with any sense of a person can read woundedness in Bryan. He is a survivor of horrific pain and tragedy and he wears it like a mantle. There is always an air of sadness about him. He appears delicate and vulnerable as if he might shatter at any moment under the weight of the world on his shoulders. He is a child playing at being an adult. Peter Pan as a teenager, full of angst and self-consciousness to match his pride and arrogance. It colors everything about him and influences how others treat him.


Spouse Ainsworth "Jax" Jackson, Abigail "Abby" Tibbs
Children No! Absolutely not! I'm gay, damn it! I'll get a vasectomy first! Quit looking at me like that! Fine, maybe someday. Grumble!
Father Jack Kestrel
Mother Ember Kestrel
Brother(s) Cuele, age 46 (appears 15-19)
Sister(s) Lilend, age 49 (appears 18-20)
Other Family - Airleas, High Queen of Arcadia, maternal grandmother

- Ogun the Kestrel King, High King of the Black Forest, paternal grandfather

- Ilusra, High Queen of the Black Forest, paternal grandmother

- George and Brad: Abby's parents

- JR and Beatrice Jackson, Jax' parents.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bryan is defined by two principle concepts. First, he isn’t human, rather, he is the spiritual personification of lost children, kids that grow up on the mean streets having to fend for themselves. He is larger than life. He is walking wounded, a seasoned survivor, a child bitter and angry at being used and abused by adults who were supposed to love and care for him. He is suspicious, arrogant, combative, angsty, self-conscious, needy, and brooding. All the while he craves love and family. He doesn’t know how to get it outside showing his need. He is a forsaken child staring through a window at a happy life, weeping for how to reach it. He needs tough love, patience, and understanding from those who cherish him. Those who invest in him are never disappointed.

Secondly, and paradoxically, Bryan is the heroic dream of those same lost children. He the badass elven prince that kicks ass and takes names, and looks good doing it. He inspires kids to keep fighting in spite of adversity and to cling tightly to love as their most precious commodity. His devotion to protecting children is absolute. Anyone who harms children earns his eternal enmity.

Bryan's Theme:

Battle Music:
Strengths & Weaknesses + Tenacious, relentless, determined to get what he wants no matter how long it takes, no matter how many times he stumbles and falls.

+ Tough as nails, Bryan has suffered pain, loss, and heartbreak beyond what most gods have endured and yet he pushes on, ever driven by hope to succeed. The only true failure is in giving up.

+ Creative: Bryan is a gifted artist. He loves music but he has great talent in any medium of self-expression from drawing, painting, to sewing and crafts. Things he makes tend to be high-quality and durable.

+ Resourceful: Bryan is accustomed to making the most out of limited resources to get what he wants. He started out dumpster diving and graduated to black markets. He knows the art of the trade and gets what he wants whether legal or not.

+ Vision: Bryan is guided by Travis Townsend’s vision where mutants can live in harmony with ordinary human beings. He has lived that reality only to see it torn apart by the Elder Darks. No matter what people say or believe in this current reality, Bryan has seen it first-hand. He knows it can happen and he works to make it happen again.

+ Honest: Bryan practices Maat, the Ancient Egyptian concept of truth and integrity. His candor is brutal and relentless. He tolerates no deceit in his private relationships. He is honest in his dealings with others, including rivals and foes. The closest he willingly comes to lying is when he employs selective omission. If he is tempted to lie, most often he remains silent.

- Obsession: The Elder Darks occupy Bryan’s thoughts waking and dreaming. They have nearly destroyed the multiverse on three separate occasions. Most everyone he loved sacrificed themselves last time to buy him one more shot to take them out. Bryan is making the most of it. The Multiverse won’t get another shot. To others who have not experienced the collapse of reality as he has, Bryan’s determination might appear to be an Ahab-level obsession.

- Vulgar: Bryan has a foul mouth, a perverse sense of humor, and a filthy, sex-obsessed imagination.

- Suspicious: Bryan has been used and abused by demons, nobility, family, gods, and heroes. He questions the motives of everyone, most of all those closest to him. Trust comes to him slowly.

- Ruthless: Bryan plays “Game of Thrones” to win. The price of failure is the final and irrevocable collapse of reality. He cannot and will not allow any personal attachment or belief to prevent him from doing what must be done. He works hard to make sure those lives he steps on are wholly deserving of their fate but when he must crush a good life under his heel, he bends over backward to make amends. It doesn’t make what he does any less evil, but he has a conscience.

- Creature of darkness: Bryan is sinister in manner and appearance. He rides a hell-steed. He calls on dragons and goblins. He has horns like a devil. He dresses in black and blasphemes gleefully. It is difficult for some to believe he is a force for good in the universe. It is equally difficult for some to see him as a good role model for children.
Ambitions - Lasting stability and safety of the multiverse.

- Implementation and maintenance of Travis Townsend's vision of peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans.
Hobbies & Interests * Monster and horror movies: Bryan enjoys collecting movie posters and memorabilia from classic monster and horror films. His treasure: Christopher Lee's "Dracula" ring from the Hammer film series.

* Music: Bryan loves music. If it has filthy lyrics, all the better. He plays guitar, the lute, mandolin, and piano. His singing voice is incredible. In one reality he lived his dream to become a rock star.

* Goth: Bryan was born into and has an abiding love of Goth subculture. He dresses in black, enjoys dark romance, moody music, all of it. It influences every aspect of his presentation.
Languages English, Spanish, Old Irish / Elvish, Russian, Goblin

Personal History Bryan tracks his age according to linear, as well as subjective, time. He has lived a total of 51 years. He appears to be in his early 20’s and the Sidhe treat him like a prepubescent which annoys him to no end. He has lived through his teenage years three separate times due to repeated collapses of reality. He crosses between the timeless Elven Realm to the Earth Dimension which has allowed him to pop in during different periods across Earth’s history from Ancient Egypt to Tang Dynasty China to the Renaissance, the Victorian Era, and into modern history. On Earth he is considered to be over 4,500 years old because of his appearances throughout history.

In his first incarnation, Bryan was a callow youth, a teenager, whom Travis Townsend recruited into his self-named academy in Atlanta. Bryan trained his power and eventually joined his fellow students as a member of Excelsior, Townsend’s team of elite specialists assembled to defeat the reality-devouring Ngelis.

Bryan’s second incarnation saw him rinse and repeat events from the first reality only this time he learned more about his origin as a faerie prince. He learned about the origin of the Tuatha de Danann, the ancestors of the Sidhe, about how they began as creatures of primordial chaos called the Elder Dark. They were sent originally to destroy reality from within, like cancer, only they came to love reality and chose to defend it. They assumed a permanent form as the Tuathans and battled their former race in the Fomorian Wars. In this time Bryan came to understand his connection to the Lanteen, the first humans, the progenitors of Atlantis. A group of Tuathans, called “The Gloom” chose to foster humans as agents to defend against the Elder Dark. They evolved the Lanteen far beyond primitive humans and through interbreeding, introduced the potential for mutation that has grown in humanity since. The Ngelis arrived and nearly destroyed the multiverse. Excelsior prevailed after a titanic battle with many lives lost. The survivors rebuilt reality to suit Travis Townsend’s vision.

Third Earth appeared idyllic. Mutants and humanity existed in harmony with the UIC, the United International Commonwealth, formerly the United Nations, slowly integrating as the world’s first global government. Townsend’s Academy served as a global education and training institution, serving government and the private sector with mutants trained to use their powers constructively and for the common good. Those of great power qualify to serve in the Excelsior Corps, teams that assist when an emergency is beyond the ability of Special Services Force or SSF to handle.

Supernatural races exist openly and send representatives to the UIC. Mythological gods rule sections of the Earth through pantheons, geographical domains that serve as temporal political borders of their worship. Bryan graduates to become a senior Excelsior team leader, fighting terrorists and witch hunters dispatched by a collection of rogue states called, ironically, the Free Nations. They are led by the Holy Roman Empire, a sinister cabal of former Imperial Roman senators that hijacked the early Catholic Church, forcing true believers to form an underground resistance while the corrupt senators amassed terrifying power in the name of god. Bryan led the fight when tensions between the UIC and the Free Nations broke into open war. During this time the Elder Dark rose in power in the absence of the Ngelis and destroyed the underpinning of the multiverse. Bryan gathered a few survivors into his realm inside the elven lands and watched, helplessly, as his friends and loved ones sacrificed their lives to empower a new reality.

The current reality resembles the first in many ways and yet it is poorer. Townsend and his team, Excelsior Prime, is gone. Most of Bryan’s original teammates are gone but pieces of their dream remain. The Elder Darks were dealt a terrific blow but they are soon to recover and resume their relentless quest to destroy all Reality. Bryan is one of few to remember the past. He is Tuathan and as such he possesses the power and ability to defend Reality against destruction. He cannot, however, do it alone. He needs a new team of defenders possessed of sufficient power and courage to succeed where all others have failed. The multiverse won’t survive another collapse.