Civilian Ushebti (Suumus Tribe)

Name Ushebti (Suumus Tribe)

Position Contact

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Neuter
Species Homo Divinus Suumus
Age 80+

Physical Appearance

Height Not Fixed
Weight Not Fixed
Physical Description Ushebti can look like anyone, or anything. His ability to transform, store and growing matter in Z-Space enables him to become multiple shapes and even objects. His moral code means he would never try to emulate someones look, unless he had no choice.

In his natural state is that of a grey or green, transparent amorphous blob.


Spouse None
Children Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Other Family Ushebti comes from a large tribe of mutants with the same powerset as him. Although not active in world affairs these days due to a lesser presence of Gods, the Suumus Tribe are are tight knit group. Ushebti does not see them often.

They are a little known, secret group, who do not involve themselves in mutant politics as a whole.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ushebti is a complicated individual, a product of his raising by his tribe. Trained by the verbal knowledge of ages past, he holds knowledge unknown of many ancient civilisations, particularly in their religious beliefs.

In ages past, his tribe was tasked with serving Gods from all pantheons, their powers utilised to assassinate, manipulate and coerce their way into positions of power on behalf of their patron. These days however, with the Gods silent, they are content to merely pass on their oral history and maintain their skills.

There are rumours that the Suumus Tribe were involved with trapping the Gods away, allowing humanity to grow. Other rumours persist that they are working to free them.
Ambitions Ushebti has aligned himself to Neferunoq’che, Minoan Goddess of Night. He follows her will, and is devoted to her pantheon.