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Unawakened Alfonzo Siciliano

Name Alfonzo Siciliano

Position Unawakened

Rank Unawakened

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 18

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 210
Hair Color blk
Eye Color brwn
Physical Description A strong and athletic looking teenager. He was always well groomed with the slightest bit of stubble on a square and handsome jaw.


Father Salvador "Sally Boy" Siciliano
Mother Carmen Siciliano (nee. Esperanza)

Personality & Traits

General Overview He has very loose morals and doesn't put too much faith in the goodness of other people. He is likely jaded from the events of his father's arrest as a boy, he has an anger toward government and authority.
Strengths & Weaknesses He has a strong business sense and a deep connection with the underworld element. To the flip of the coin, he is prone to aggression and stubbornness. He has a fanciful demand of loyalty when it comes to those around him -- even if it something he doesn't exactly reciprocate.
Ambitions An ambitionless Teen as many are.
Languages English, Italian, Spanish

Personal History Alfonso “Al” Siciliano was just shy of his 9th birthday when Federal Agents and the Prosecutors from the New York District Attorney conducted an early morning raid on his comfortable northern New Jersey mcMansion.

Salvador “Sally Boy” Siciliano was rounded up with 13 other suspected Mafioso from 3 states with international arrests coming from both Italy and the UK. The majority of the charges stemmed from racketeering and conspiracy but, for Sally boy, the charges seemed the strongest. The following days would bring stories of his father’s barbarity -- murder, extortion -- all of it played out before the boys eyes on TV and the papers. This was Al Siciliano early life, one of comfort and privilege but one that changed over night when the cost of that life was paid in full.

That was nearly a decade ago now, Al and his mother Carman in the time since were seemingly taken care of by a slew of “Uncles” who came forward after his father’s incarceration. It would seem that every birthday there was an Uncle Louie or Uncle Paulie or Uncle Carmine stopping by with an envelope for him and a package for mom. He would know some of these Uncles as friends of his father, people in his life since a young age, others who were a bit younger -- strangers -- who looked less than pleased about these annual gifts.

Al was always to make notes of the Uncles, mark the gifts he and his mother received, and then pass the information to Sally Boy when it was time for visitation at the upstate penitentiary. Life changed, as I said, it changed hard and fast but the initial sting of it all was temporary. Temporary, so much to say, that in America any conniving bastard can get ahead and, periodically, we all cheer for the bad guy.

The boy’s father was in Federal prison on multiple counts of murder and other forms of nefarity, yet here he was giving interviews to magazines and appearing via closed circuit TV on afternoon talk shows. His mother, Carman Siciliano, became the subject of a reality show where she and a series of other catty women argued with each other on basic cable.

All of this wore on the boy, the circus his life had become felt as though it was an ever growing weight on his shoulders. At 16 he was legally able to separate himself from his parent and took off for parts unknown -- well, not exactly.

Baja, Mexico. The peninsula of sun and sand, touristy enough to be safe but out of the way enough to be authentic. The boy -- quickly becoming a man -- took what savings he had and bought himself a bar. A 16 year old owning a bar may seem strange to some -- but so is Mexico.