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Unawakened Carson Quinn

Name Carson Ryan Quinn

Position Unawakened

Rank Unawakened

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 4"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Carson stands at 6’ 4”’, and has a fit, but not ripped build. He has a mix of Irish and German characteristics, piercing dark brown eyes, fair skin, brown hair, and has some freckles. He generally is clean shaven, but sometimes lets his five o’clock shadow show on his square jaw.

His daily wear is a v-neck t-shirt and dark blue jeans with tennis shoes. When he is at his parent’s home for dinner or at a formal dinner he wears a black suit, with a white shirt, and one of the many ties that he likes to collect.


Father Ryan Quinn, JSD
Mother Dr. Sarah Quinn, M.S.
Brother(s) Tyler Quinn; 25
Elliot Quinn; 16
Sister(s) Julia Quinn; 18

Personality & Traits

General Overview Carson is a young man that is an outgoing introvert. He loves to hang out with friends and go out to bars, but he also values his alone time.
Carson was raised in a wealthy family, so he gives off the privileged boy vibe. But he is still learning that he has to work for things that he wants.

He is currently a sophomore at Harvard Law working on his Bachelor's degree and soon his Master’s in Business Law.

He is stubborn and doesn’t like to take shit from anyone. If he is given orders he only likes to do them if it benefits him.

Carson loves doing magic tricks. He is quite adept in slight of hand tricks.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Physically strong
Strong headed

Good Looks

Let’s things get to him
Always has to be right
Ambitions To obtain his Master’s in Business Law and become an attorney and have his own major law firm.
Hobbies & Interests Driving nice cars, girls, Violin/Celtic Fiddle, reading, video games, drinking
Languages English, Gaelic, German, and French

Personal History Carson was born on March 6, 1989 to Ryan Quinn, and Dr Sarah Quinn. His father is the head partner of Quinn & Loren: Attorneys at Law, and his mother is the Head Surgeon at Grand Mountain Medical Center. He is the second born of four kids. He has an older brother, Tyler; and younger brother and sister, Julia and Elliot. They were raised in Tacoma, Washington in a huge house overlooking the Puget Sound. They were a wealthy family, that had fast cars, nannies, landscapers, and anything the children wanted. All the children attended the local private school, St. Peter’s Academy.

When Carson was younger, he would spend time with his nanny, Adrianna Dubois. She would sing to him in French and teach him French. He was already getting proficient in Irish Gaelic and German. He would visit Europe every summer with his family to visit his grandparents. He would visit his father’s parents in Ireland, and his mother’s parents in Germany. Both of which spoke little English and he had to learn their languages fast. Carson loved to travel. He would look forward to every summer when he would hop on a plane and fly in. His favorite was Ireland. He loved to stand on the cliffs and look out on the ocean and let the wind blow through his hair.

Though Carson seemed nice, he can come off as one of those rich privileged boys. He wasn’t afraid to flaunt that he could get whatever he wanted. His parents brought home a lot of money so they were able to do anything for their kids. HIs dad was a family man and his mom is a workaholic. She pulled late hours and was on call all the time. So a lot of the time she wasn’t home.

This affected his life. He started to grow apart from her as he got into his teenage years. He grew closer to his dad and started opening up to him about things. At age of 16 he got his driver's license and his parents got him a car. They let him pick out whatever car he wanted. He picked a Chevrolet Corvette, he had always wanted one.

He graduated highschool and started to pick out colleges and universities. His father let him pick out any school he wanted. After a lot of thought he decided that he wanted to take a year or two and travel. His parents liked the idea and supported him. He decided to go to Ireland and live with his grandparents for a while. His parents gave him a clump of money to help out.

Carson was not prepared for what was in store for him. His grandparents weren’t as rich as his parents so he wasn’t used to having to do chores or fending for himself. So he decided to make it his home base and travel Europe. He travelled to France, and used his French that he learned from Adrianna. He stayed in all the best hotels, and went to parties and got a lot of girls. He went and visited his mother’s parents, because he knew he wouldn’t hear the end of it if he didn’t. He spent a total of a year and a half abroad.

He came home and started at Harvard Law. He was planning on being a lawyer. He liked the idea of being in control. And he figured he could control a court room. He was doing well, studying hard, and partying. He loved parties and went to anyone he could.

Since Carson had money, he didn’t live in fraternity, he stayed in a Penthouse where he hosted his own parties. At one particular party at one of the fraternity houses he met a girl. They were drunk and well… They started going out after that.

During the summers he went home and worked for his dad at his firm. He was a paralegal and dealt with paperwork and scheduling appointments. Not what he wanted to be doing, but he did need the experience.

In fall of 2011 he went back to Harvard and begin his Sophomore year. He was starting some actual legal classes after his first year doing prereqs. On New Year’s Day, he was at a huge party off campus with his girlfriend, Rachel. Then the news popped up and showed a unison attack all around the world. Mutants attacking random places, and other mutants defending some of the places.

He watched in horror as people got struck down by creatures with mysterious powers and, according to the videos online, there were even dragons fighting over Atlanta. Carson didn’t know what to think. He was never a big fan of mutants, his father had to represent some at his firm. Carson had sat in on a few cases due to his job there. It was hard to defend someone who the world saw as different and dangerous, so he didn’t really know what to think about this. He was going to take a new course his Junior year about Mutant Law.

Carson sat there thinking about his future, unsure of what was going to happen in the world.