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Civilian Esperanza Roman

Name Esperanza Galatea Roman

Position Faculty

Second Position Civilian Contractor

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Mutant
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 115 lbs.
Hair Color White
Eye Color Solid white
Physical Description Trim waist and curvy figure. Esper is a very beautiful Italian-American young woman with full, pouty lips, arched eyebrows and an aquiline nose. Her musculature is toned, but soft, not overly defined. After Awakening, Esper completely bleached out. Her hair, skin, and eyes all go completely white, with no visible pupils or irises in the eyes. But this isn’t like albinism, which leaves no pigmentation and leaves the skin translucent, but more like her pigmentation went white, like being dipped in white paint. More accurately, she looks like a Greek marble statue come to life, a true Galatea from myth. Her skin, nails, etc became flawless, as well. Her body retains its normal suppleness, etc, though her body temperature reflects room temperature. She just appears to be a living statue. If she stood still, she could pass as a Greek Venus in marble.

Nano tattoo: Pale blue diamond outline on her lower back, just above her bottom. Only appears for a second or two while her nano is active, otherwise her power suppresses it leaving her skin flawless white.


Spouse Marco Montague (33) – childhood friend and sometimes lover; Stephanie Luciano's husband
Children None
Father Michael Roman, Sr (deceased)
Mother Selina Roman (deceased)
Brother(s) Michael, Jr. – twin (deceased)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Claudio Roman (51) - paternal uncle; Frederico Luciano – uncle, mother’s brother (59); Bella Luciano – aunt, Frederico’s wife (57); Stephanie Luciano (33) – cousin, Bella and Freddy’s daughter and Esper’s best friend; Selina Hope Montague (10) – Esperanza's goddaughter, daughter of Marco and Stephanie

Personality & Traits

General Overview While she appears open and friendly, there is a hard edge of cynicism beneath Esper's soft, feminine features. She's not above using her attractiveness to try and take control of a life she's never really felt she had control of, often keeping relationships superficial and physical or falsely intimate to keep from being hurt again. She has deep father-figure issues that need to be resolved. She is rather morally ambiguous when the situation requires it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Driven, knows what she wants and takes it, loyal to family and friends

Weaknesses: Rather utilitarian morally; afraid of being hurt so doesn't let people close
Ambitions Currently the Number 2 in the Roman organized crime family and heir apparent to take on the Kingpin role from her uncle Claudio. She runs the legitimate side of the family business.
Hobbies & Interests Football (soccer)
Classical art and archaeology
Classical music
Sculpting in stone and jewels and making jewelry
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish

Personal History Birthday: May 9, 1982

Esperanza Galatea Roman was born to Michael and Selina Roman, members of the Cosa Nostra. She was born a few minutes after her twin brother Michael. At the time, Michael, Sr. was Underboss in the organization in New York. Unknown to most, on a weapons job, Michael and his younger brother Claudio were exposed to gamma radiation. Over the years weak and sickly Claudio grew muscular and super strong while Michael slowly descended into madness.

When Esper was nine, her mother and brother were killed by agents of Wilson Fisk in his efforts to further consolidate his hold on the New York underworld. Michael, Sr. was devastated at the loss of his wife and son. With his Family in tatters from the gang war, Michael uprooted and left New York and moved his organization to Miami where his friend Joseph Montague had gained a foothold. Michael's madness was increasing, however, and a few years later he and Joseph had a falling out and their Families became rivals.

Esper tried to gain the attention and love of her father, but he seemed to have nothing to give to her. She discovered, however, that if she wore Michael’s clothes and cut her hair short her father seemed to think she was Michael and paid attention to her, despite the fact that as she blossomed into womanhood it became increasingly harder to ignore the fact that she wasn’t Michael, Jr. This led to a rather dual existence for Esper, and a confused sexuality during high school and early college.

During her childhood, Esper gained an actual father-figure in her driver/bodyguard Tony. He seemed to take great delight in teaching her the basics of handguns and knives that were his stock in trade. Another father-figure was her uncle Claudio, her father’s Underboss. Esper also spent a great amount of time with Stephanie Luciano and Marco Montague, until the Montagues were estranged.

At thirteen, Esper was sent off to a boarding high school back in New York, seeing her father even less.

A month before Esper went to university she witnessed the murder of her father at the hands of Claudio after an argument about the declining state of their criminal enterprises. Claudio placed the gun in Michael’s hand to make it look like the increasingly depressed and unstable man had committed suicide. Esper was too shocked to know what to do. She somehow made her way through the funeral and headed off to university in Rome.

Sharing a flat with Stephanie, Esper also spent a lot of time with Stephanie’s parents, who had moved back to Rome from New York after the death of Selina Roman years before. Bella Luciano managed to get the story of the fratricide from Esper. Angered at this betrayal, she insisted Esper should seek revenge as the last living member of her family. This led to further small arms training alongside her university studies, becoming a Consigliere in the Luciano family in Rome.

Graduating from university, Esper returned to Miami and the Roman Cosa Nostra run by her uncle Claudio, working her plans to take revenge for her father.

Seducing her cousin Alberto, Esper gained access to the Family's books and, disguised as the lady in white, La Dama Blanca, began to take down their various enterprises one by one. Realizing this would take too long, and was mostly only an annoyance, Esper realized she needed help. She met a grown-up Marco Montague and established a partnership and romantic relationship with him, gaining access to the Montague resources to aid in her revenge.

Her plans going awry due to various unknowns, Esper was given a one-way ticket to the bottom of the Gulf by her uncle, but she managed to take him with her over the side. However, he escaped her grasp as she struggled for air.

Esper Awakened on the seafloor and managed to walk miles underwater to the beach where she met Travis Townsend.

Meanwhile, Marco Montague staged a coup and took over the Roman territories and started consolidating the other criminal enterprises in Miami under himself as Kingpin.

Claudio survived, however, and behind the scenes maneuvered Esperanza into returning to Miami to take revenge on Marco, allowing Claudio to return to power as the Kingpin.

Esper and Claudio have settled into an uneasy truce, with Esper running the legitimate side of Roman Enterprises (entertainment and hospitality) and Claudio running the illegal operations. The understanding is that eventually Esper will succeed Claudio at the head of the organization.

The Roman Enterprise offices are located in the Tower in Atlanta and at the Coliseum Hotel and Casino in Miami.

Esperanza currently continues an illicit relationship with Marco Montague whenever he is in town for business.

Claudio Roman (51) - Esper's paternal uncle; exposed to gamma irradiation decades ago that left him with green hair (which he dyes), greater intelligence, and superhuman strength. Runs the criminal side of the Roman family business.
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Stephanie Luciano (33) - Esper's cousin and best friend. Excellent hacker and tech specialist. Runs the technology needs of Roman Enterprises from Miami. Married to Marco Montague and mother of Selina Montague.
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Marco Montague (33) - Esper's lover and Stephanie's husband. Mutant (Gravity control via touch) Childhood friend of Esper and scion of a rival crime family. Briefly took control of the Roman illegal operations when Esperanza and Claudio were presumed dead and he married Stephanie. Upon Esper's return, the Montagues were fully absorbed by the Romans and Marco survived Claudio only by Esper's and Stephanie's efforts. Marco currently manages the Special Projects division of Roman Enterprises where he overseas new development. This often requires him to travel, and he often visits Esper, continuing their romantic relationship.
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Selina Hope Montague (10) - Marco and Stephanie's daughter and Esperanza's goddaughter. Unknown if she inherited the mutant gene from her father.
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