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Category V: Supervillain Frederick Hollywood

Name Frederick Aaron Hollywood

Position Villain

Rank Category V: Supervillain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Mutant
Age 52 years old when he was removed from the timeline and taken to the future. Apparent Age: 21

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 235 lbs.
Hair Color Golden blonde
Eye Color Hazel with dark mirror flecks
Physical Description Frederick’s long blonde hair goes down to the middle of his back. If to some people his face looks a bit famous this is because during the hydra reconditioning process (at least, so he believes) the computer aided him in selecting the most desirable features from people in his memories, which are typically out of some movie from his youth. His build is quite athletic, though, that is due totally to the reconditioning process, as far as he knows. Something the man from yesteryear was quite happy with, seeing as he was a pudgy, unhealthy man before. His skin was still quite pale, something the system didn’t see as needing to be changed. This may have been due to his own personal taste in the pale and gothic. His taste in clothing tends to also run into a millennium Goth Rocker look; lots of chains, leather and trench coats. Again, likely influenced by too many vampire flicks of his day. His nails are normally kept long for quite a few reasons.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Davy Crooke
Mother Mary Marie Hollywood
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family Aunts: Yaya (Margot) Yousinda (Hollywood), Lizzy (Sin) Hollywood, Diana Pilafsky (Hollywood), Lillith "Lilly" Dragon (Hollywood)
Uncle: William Hollywood

Personality & Traits

General Overview Frederick looks at the world through rose colored mirror shades. Everyone is either already dead, or just a ghost in the machine in his own, personal universe. Likes to make references to movies, TV shows, and games, because to him many of the characters in them seemed more like family than the one that he had.
Strengths & Weaknesses Frederick’s greatest advantage is his mind. His imagination can sometimes think of answers logic can not. Sometimes he sees solutions to problems before thinking them through.
His dire need for human connectivity has brought him to where he is in life, and that can be used against him.
Ambitions To make the world the stuff of dreams. To make anyone pay who stands in the way.
Hobbies & Interests Gaming, computers, sciences, history, psychology, sociology, cars, aircraft, martial arts, arts. drama, cosplay, scifi, comics, collecting, religion
Languages English