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Civilian Tamar Todd

Name Tamar Elisabeth Todd

Position Civilian Contractor

Second Position Faculty

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Mutant
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 115 lbs
Hair Color Red, with blonde streaks and a white forelock
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Caucasian with green eyes and longish red hair streaked with blonde and a white forelock that she usually wears in a ponytail or pigtails, or blowing free. Very seldom does she do anything with it, except for Sundays. A good amount of freckles speckle across her nose and cheeks, enough to notice but not dominate or darken her complexion. Her skin is a pale alabaster and her freckles are an almost metallic bronze. Her frame is fit and athletic, but not muscled. She is toned, but not defined, from being active. A bit small-chested, she's pretty enough, but not beautiful. What she lacks in 'Wow' factor, though, she makes up for with a brilliant, ready smile, bright eyes, and an expressive face. People may not give her much of a second look, but get into a conversation with her, and you're bound to be entranced.

For clothes, she usually wears jeans or cut-offs and short t-shirts or a tied off flannel. Sometimes a sundress, but usually nothing more fancy than that. Most often barefoot, when it's warm enough.

Nano tattoo: Starburst pattern over navel


Spouse None
Children None
Father Ernest Todd (deceased)
Mother Jean Todd (deceased)
Brother(s) Thomas (deceased)
Ian (deceased)
Stephen (deceased)
Matthew (17)
Kenneth (16)
Sister(s) Deborah (deceased)
Fannie (deceased)
Heather (20)
Mary Ellen (14)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tamar is gregarious and effervescent. She usual keeps the pain of life tightly locked in a corner, trying to be strong for others. She has a strong sense of responsibility. Tamar is highly imaginative and has a deep romantic streak.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Very compassionate. Willing to step in the way of trouble. Responsible. Athletic. Very musically gifted.

Weaknesses: Sometimes naïve. Not very academically smart.
Ambitions Tamar wants to provide for what's left of her family. She's always had a strong desire to be married and start her own family, but so far has had little luck in the romantic department.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, music, theatre, hunting
Languages English, bad high school Spanish

Personal History Birthday: May 13

Tamar was the fourth child and third daughter of a very large family in West Virginia. Her father was a coal miner and they also lived on a small farm where they grew mostly subsistence crops. They're rather poor, with such a large family.

Tamar's father, unfortunately, was an alcoholic and rather a mean drunk. He often beat his wife and kids. Tamar took on the role of distractor. She got loud, exaggerated, and funny. This had the added benefit of allowing her to hide her true feelings, leaving her to deal with them in quiet tears at night. Ironically, Ernie enjoyed Tamar's antics and the two actually grew quite close. Ernie often took her out hunting and did other things with her, and so she became a bit of a tomboy, unlike her older sisters. This saved her from beatings and also allowed her to lessen the beatings others got.

In school, Tamar was a C-average student. She's much smarter than that, though. Her problem is that she's really rather a spacecase, often off in daydreams, another coping mechanism for her hard life.

Tamar's older sister Debbie brought home her boyfriend Joel Silverstein at Thanksgiving. He was everything their father hated: black, Jewish, and mutant. Ernie arranged a 'hunting accident', which Tamar witnessed, and he forced her to keep quiet. What they didn't know, however, was that Joel, like a snake, healed and shed his damaged body. He returned with a band of other mutants and slaughtered the Todd family. Tamar managed to get her four youngest siblings to safety but was captured herself. On the verge of being killed, her powers manifested in a giant fireball, and she was taken in by Travis Townsend and his band of mutants to the Tower in Atlanta.

Since graduating from the school, Tamar has worked for the Academy in various capacities to provide for her family and currently works as "housemother" for the students. She has also begun taking nursing classes at Emory University.

Heather Todd (20) - Telepath and telekinetic; can make herself an astral black hole, shutting down psionic powers in an area and making it dangerous for astral travel. Student at MIT, math and physics.
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Matthew Todd (17) - Healing and physical empathy; biological control. Senior at the Tower. Assists in the infirmary. Works at Nighthawk's Diner in Mutant Town and volunteers at a clinic there.
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Kenny Todd (16) - Absorbs, manipulates, and redirects sound. Sophomore at the Tower. Works at Guitar Center in the Tower Mall.
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Mary Ellen Todd (14) - Charismatic, persuasive voice and pheromones to influence people's emotions and minds; eventually full on succubus, with enhanced physicality if fully sated. Works at X-Jeans in the Tower Mall.
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Service Record Powers and Abilities:

Tamar absorbs and stores solar energy. She can produce hot blasts of plasma and fly by surrounding her body with plasma to create thrust. She also has the ability to survive in space. She is essentially a mini star.