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Senior Headmaster Rosa Edwin

Name Rosa Lupe Edwin

Position Faculty

Rank Senior Headmaster

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Magical (Does not have the X-gene)
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 145lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Rosa is from a mixing of races. In her family tree there are Hispanics, Spaniards, French and African Americans. She has more of a tanned look, and sports brown hair with brown eyes. She keep in shape with an exercise routine she does every day. Her husband is there to help her body mend any injuries she has, so the only scars she has was from her youth.

It took a few years, but she finally got rid of the extra weight she had gained from having four children.


Spouse Seamus Edwin
Children Aiden, Susan, Catherine, Sean
Father Able LaFountaine
Mother Zara LaFountaine
Brother(s) Gustav, Pierce, Wainwright, Lael
Sister(s) Cordelia (deceased) Mary, Marguerite,
Other Family Her husband's family stays mostly in Margaret GA. While she does have a lot of aunt’s, uncles and cousins all along the gulf of Mexico

Personality & Traits

General Overview Motherly is the best word to describe Rosa. Very motherly, but behind that warm smile and huggable body, is a tiger waiting to protect her young ones.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rosa's cop side, paired with her military training give her the biggest strengths she needs.

+ trained on weapons and tactics
+ trained in hand to hand
+ powers increase strength, agility and toughness
+ has a good understanding of the law and its many loopholes
+ loving mother of four
+ at ease with magic, having grown up with it
+ can live off the land if needed

Her weaknesses come from the fact that women in her old line of work are often either targets, or over looked.

- Can be stubborn
- has often lept before she looked
- While she tires not to, she does favor Sean over her other children
- Tends to recall the worst of people from what she seen while a cop and fights to not "correct" them on their actions
Ambitions Currently her ambition is to rescue as many kids as she can from either bad situations, or the street. Then to retire with her husband and spoil all their grandchildren. Due to the young age of her children, she is willing to wait at least a decade before having to worry about grandchildren.
Hobbies & Interests Rosa enjoys curling up with a glass of wine and a good movie. Her husband too. As for hobbies, she is busy trying to spend time with each of her kids that she has little time to herself.
Languages Fluent in English, Spanish, French creole, French, some Irish Gaelic

Personal History Born to Able and Zara LaFountaine back in the mid sixties. She is their third child and first daughter. As with tradition in the LaFoutaine family, the husband is the one who took the LaFountaine name. This is the way it has been since the LaFountaine women learned of their magical prowess.

Rosa was the first of her sisters to get a glimmer of power, but not in a normal sense. She was able to climb trees like a monkey, run through the bayou, barely sinking on the soggy marsh like land.
Service Record Attended Townsend Tower until she was 18. Then she moved onto the bigger world. Served in the U.S. Army for 8 years many of those years was as an MP, retired at the rank of Staff Sargent

Attained Sargent rank in the Atlanta P.D. and the rank of Major in the Boston P.D.

She has returnedto the tower, working whatever odd jobs they send her way, but she also is very active in the underground, helping identify children with mutations and magic, before the Government gets to them. She does this while using the cover of many side jobs, some of those are Bounty Hunter, Pharmaceutical rep, charity worker, private investigator

Rosa is lacking in the X-Gene. Her powers stem from the magic that wells in her family, but she has never been able to get past her first spell, the animal mimic spell. This spell grants her an increase in strength, where she can lift things that rival an Olympic power lifter and her agility is on par with many animals.