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Academy Physician Seamus Edwin

Name Seamus Niall Edwin M.D.

Position Faculty

Rank Academy Physician

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Mutant
Age 55

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 179 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color green
Physical Description Seamus tries to keep in shape, but a lack of walking the halls of a hospital, many hours of sitting and only some exercise has helped him to gain a bit of weight, putting him nearly twenty pounds away from being two hundred pounds.

His hair is thinning in places, but baldness does seem to run in his family. He is still young looking for his age, thanks to his power of healing. His children like to tease him that he looks just like a very famous actor from a series of kid Wizard movies.


Spouse Rosa Edwin
Children Aiden Edwin, Susan Edwin, Catherine Edwin, Sean Edwin
Father Mathias Edwin
Mother Nola Edwin
Brother(s) Lee Edwin, Patrick Edwin(deceased)
Sister(s) none
Other Family There are a few aunts and uncles still alive in the Southern US, plus his in-laws in Louisiana.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Seamus is a friendly man, usually the cool head to his wife’s tough action type of personality. He is good at keeping his cool in pressure situations, as he is a doctor who has worked trauma centers. He is also the voice of reason to his wife when the kids are involved.
Strengths & Weaknesses Seamus's strengths happen to work in tandum with his powers.

+ Trained doctor from a trauma ward
+ Has the ability to heal with a touch
+ Can help control emotions in a person or small crowd
+ Body is in constant state of healing itself. He has not been sick in almost forty years.

- His powers are governed by his stomach. If he is starved, he can't heal
- His empathy control works on a maximum of five or six people.
- He is not much of a fighter
Ambitions To grow old with his wife, see grandchildren and maybe great grandchildren and help as many kids as they can.
Hobbies & Interests Seamus likes to go fishing, camping and even hiking. He’s as comfortable in the outdoors as he is in the operating room. He is big into classic rock and hanging out with his children
Languages English, some French Creole, Spanish, Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic

Personal History Seamus was born in Margret GA. He stayed there with his parents, Mathis and Nola, plus his two brothers, Patrick and Lee, until he was fourteen. When he turned thirteen, he learned he could heal people with a touch. He also discovered his ability to control emotions. This made his parents look for someone to help him out and they found the Townsend Tower.

After he graduated School, he moved onto college, then med school. After Med school, he became an intern in Savannah GA. After he finished his residency and fellowship in trauma surgery, he stayed in Savannah. It was there that he met Rosa LaFountaine, a Sargent from the local military base.

They were an on and off again kind of couple. Going on dates, but both so busy with their careers that neither had the time to commit to a serious relationship.

When Rosa was close to finishing her eighth year in the Army, she wanted more from the relationship. To her, Seamus was moving too slow. So on her first night out of the army, she went to the hospital and gave him the ultimatum. Get serious and make it offical, or lose her. Seamus picked her and within a year, the two were married.

After the marriage, they moved to Atlanta, where Seamus got a spot in one of Atlanta's busiest hospitals. Rosa started with the Atlanta Police department.

After a little while, Their first set of twins came along. Rosa took some time to raise the children, with the help of one of Rosa's cousins, and his Great Aunt, watching them while he worked. Finally the call of action was too great and Rosa returned to the police department. A couple of years later, she went on miternity leave again. And then a again year later.

During her last pregnancy, Rosa was attacked by a magic wielding lunatic, who knew Rosa's family. In the attack, Seamus almost lost his wife, but they did lose one baby.

When Sean was aged five, almost six, they moved to Boston. Seamus managed to get a job at the Boston Children's hospital, in the trauma ward. While he was there and his wife was with the Boston PD, his children attended school in Boston, except Sean, who was at MIT

When Susan turned fourteen, her powers kicked on and she was sent to Atlanta to live in Townsand Tower. When Aiden began to gain weight, he moved with Aiden, so they could keep up good ties with the Tower. By this time they had been helping the Tower locate those with power for several years, and had been building contacts within the New England area.
Service Record _____

Seamus has two different powers. The first is a broadcast empathy. He is able to use this to sway the emotions of people in an area, although the most he can affect is anywhere from five to ten people. Normally he uses it to clam people down, giving people a chance to let cooler heads prevail.

His other power is that he is a healer. To heal he must make contact with the skin of another. He can heal almost all wounds and has managed to help gunshot victims. The worse the wound, the harder the strain is on him. He because a doctor after his Grandfather told him that because he could heal, didn't mean he could do it right. So now he uses both his power and his skills learned at medical school to save lives.

It must be noted, while he isn't telepathic, he can hear telepathic voices easier than normal people can. He can not transmit his own thoughts to others.

Seamus is a trained surgeon, with many years of experience.