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Freshman Athena Singh

Name Athena Kali Singh

Position Student

Second Position Excelsior Team Member

Rank Freshman

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 19

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 140lbs
Hair Color light brown - originally
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Athena maintains a very earthy style, which she feels compliments her grounded, activist lifestyle. She wears her hair in dreadlocks, often with some of them dyed, and frequently strings beads, flowers, yarn, or other adornments in with her natural hair. She wears natural fibers, always sustainable, often made by herself or local artisans to combat the poor ethics of global capitalistic greed and child labour. She refuses anything that includes leather or fur, seeing these materials on people as a sign of their complacence with murder.

Athena is tall and slender, though somewhat curvy. She doesn’t often wear clothing that emphasizes this fact, as she’d prefer that people judge her based on her identity, rather than purely her appearance - though she will concede that her appearance is a facet of her identity. Mostly, she doesn’t want to be gawked at by boys that find her attractive, yet aren’t confident enough to approach her, or interesting enough for her to want to approach.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Sunil Singh
Mother Olivia Yu
Brother(s) n/a
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview Athena is a great believer in causes - feminism, environmental activism, animal rights, LGBTQIA issues, mutant rights, and has an opinion on pretty much any cause you’d care to discuss. Her beliefs are always passionate, always supporting the underdog particularly against the corporatocracy, and she never hesitates to stand up for what she believes in.
Once you get past the passionate attentiveness that she pays to her causes, Athena is quite an intelligent woman who cares very deeply about the things - and people - that have meaning for her. She will risk her life for those she considers important in a heartbeat, and would give a homeless person the shirt off her back if it would help them. She has. More than once.
Strengths & Weaknesses +passionate
+accepting of differences
Ambitions ‘To save the world’ seems a bit cliche, but if she could find a way to phrase it in a less cliched manner, she would. She wants to travel to poor communities to teach, build houses, provide clean water, or anything else that would help them thrive.
Hobbies & Interests writing poetry, Spoken Word, rallies, philosophy, knitting, sewing, helping in homeless shelters, swordfighting (she’s part of the Scottish Catalan Broadsword club at Dalhousie (yes, that’s a thing)), and running.
Languages English, French, Hindi (a little bit, spoken) & a very introductory amount of Mi’kmaq.

Personal History Athena has lived a privileged life, the daughter of two university professors at Sackville, New Brunswick’s Mount Allison University (commonly known as Mount A). Her mother teaches Women’s Studies, while her father teaches Philosophy. Both are tenured, and Athena grew up with dinnertime discussions on the meaning of truth, internationalism, and the justice - or lack thereof - in the way women are treated both around the world and at home. She grew up in a large home, wanting for nothing, and now that she is at university, she has a great apartment overlooking the ocean.

She has known all of her life that she was adopted - it’s hard to hide when you are white, your ‘father’ is ethnically Indian and your ‘mother’ is of mixed race with a very Oriental look. Her parents were open about it from the time they adopted Athena.

What she knows of her early life is that she was found in a parking lot in Toronto, and brought by police to Child Services, where she was put into foster care. Her parents - who were unable to have a child on their own and were completing their respective doctorates at the University of Toronto and York, respectively - were able to adopt her. Although her exact date of birth is unknown, it was estimated that she was about six months old at the time she was adopted. They had been specifically looking for a daughter, as Olivia wanted to make sure that she brought a girl up with the right kind of pro-feminist beliefs that she felt strongly about. They named her Athena - goddess of wisdom and war, to create for her a sense of her feminine power, that, by associating her with greatness, she would realize her potential.

The family moved to New Brunswick from Toronto when Athena was ten. She found Sackville to be boring at first, but spending time at the university opened her eyes to new things. Her parents were pleased to let her explore her interests, whether that was a fondness for dolls (which her mother found a very trying period), acting, or, most recently, social activism. She went to her first rally at age 14, baring her breasts along side her mother at a Slut Walk, to speak out against the objectification of women by overtly sexualizing herself to raise awareness of the cause.

She never really got on all that well with others at her high school... though some of the boys were a little more friendly after the rally. She found that offensive. They eventually classed her as a lesbian and dismissed her as such. Athena considered that a compliment, as she’d known several wonderful lesbians, particularly a married couple who were close friends with her parents. She’s been intimate with women, though, while fun, she found that it didn’t particularly excite her, so she feels fairly confident that she’s not a lesbian. Her parents were very open about discussing sex (and any other topic she felt the need to discuss), and encouraged her to explore sex as soon as she felt herself ready, with whomever she desired - even leaving the house on the occasional weekend to make it less uncomfortable for her prospective sexual partners.

After finishing high school at 17, Athena spent a year backpacking through Europe with a friend before returning home. She started university at Dalhousie, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is currently in her first year. She’s studying general arts at the moment, unsure of what major to declare. Most of her focus has gone into her activism - she has joined the campus’ clubs for Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Artists for Animals, and several others of a similar theme. Her grades seem to be suffering at the expense of her causes.