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Unawakened Lauren McArthurs

Name Lauren Catherine McArthurs

Position Unawakened

Rank Unawakened

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 140lbs
Hair Color light brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Lauren presents herself like the typical suburban soccer mom. She is always neatly put together despite chasing after her three children. Her hair falls just past her shoulders, and there is never a hair out of place. The fact that she attends regular pilates classes shows, and she prides herself on her trim physique. She’s toyed with the idea of running a marathon, but isn’t sure that’s all that trendy anymore...

Lauren dresses conservatively, despite her physique. She feels that to do otherwise would put a spotlight on her that she’d really rather not have. Lauren feels that she needs to always look her best in part to support her husband and further his career.

Lately, though, her image has started to slide, just a little bit. Since the birth of her youngest child, Bryan, Lauren has occasionally been less than perfect in her appearance - not much so, of course, but enough that those closest to her notice. She has also become inexplicably fond of the colour violet...


Spouse Paul McArthurs
Children Olivia (9), Jake (6), Bryan (1)
Father Arthur Evans (birth father: Clay Roberts, also known as Ramesses)
Mother Sharon Evans (birth mother: Catherine Roberts)
Brother(s) Stephen (41)
Sister(s) Andrea (44)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lauren is conservative, maternal, and the very picture of the suburban housewife. She presents an image of the perfect domestic life that she is supposed to have. She does it well. At times, she even fools herself. She prides herself on how she keeps up with her neighbours, supports the anti-mutant agenda that her husband, Paul, espouses, and makes her children the focus of her life - though she does work part time as a medical receptionist at Dr Tina Cyparissus’ medical clinic.

She has dreams sometimes that her life was different. She doesn't always remember them, other than periodically waking up in a cold sweat. If she was being honest with herself - which she isn't sure she wants to be - there are things about her life that feel wrong. Her husband's voice. Her home. Her parents. Her friends. She feels restless, though she is doing everything she can to ignore it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Lauren is a caring and loyal friend. Once she becomes fond of someone and forms a connection with them, it takes a great deal for her to challenge that bond. She is maternal, with a nurturing, caring side that comes out not only in her desire to cook and bake for people, but also to serve as a surrogate mother for any of the ‘kids’ around her who seem to need one.

However, Lauren does not deal with change or things that challenge her world view particularly well. She clings to what is familiar for longer than she should, afraid of what is around the next corner. She has built her life on what is safe... but safe isn’t always what it seems.
Ambitions She doesn’t really have many. Her life’s ambition was to become a caring mother for her children, a good wife to her husband, and an active citizen in her community. She’s done that. To Lauren, maintaining the status quo should be enough.... though she feels a vague sense of dissatisfaction with this that she can’t quite explain.
Hobbies & Interests Baking, cooking, knitting, needlework, parenting, the Shady Side Elementary School PTA (she’s the current vice president).
Languages English

Personal History If you asked Lauren, she would tell you that her story is a simple one. Born and raised in Shady Side, Maryland, she was raised with an older brother and a sister, that she did moderately well in school (but could have studied more), married her high school sweetheart, Paul McArthurs, after they both graduated from university (she was an English major), and settled down in Shady Side because it was a great place to raise a family. She would proudly share how Paul is a lawyer who does very well for himself, how she works part-time at the medical clinic in town, and she would go on for some time about her three children, Olivia, Jake and the baby, Bryan.

Those who knew Lauren before things changed would tell a very different story.

Although Lauren doesn’t remember any of this, she was born in an alternate timeline to Clay and Catherine Roberts. The two had joined the service of Seth, using the names Ramesses and Nefertari, though Catherine didn’t realize the implications at the time or that Clay would become the avatar of the god and that she was little more than a pawn in a game much bigger than she was. With the birth of Lauren (named Meshkenet in the cult), Catherine escaped with the help of her servant girl, Isetnofret, through powers she barely understood that allowed her to enter a mirror universe and emerge in Shady Side, dying, to hand her newborn off to her older sister, Sharon.

For all that Lauren’s present story isn’t strictly true, there is truth to it. What Lauren remembers did happen, but that was far from all that did. When Olivia was 5 and Jake 3, she began to develop purple markings on her skin, and matching violent, almost fiberoptic strands in her hair. Both had a tendency to glow when she was particularly emotional. Given Shady Side’s - and her husband, Paul’s - rabid anti-mutant stance, Lauren enlisted the help of her friend Dr. Tina Cyparissus to help her hide the changes that were happening to her. This only lasted so long. When Paul found out the truth, he took the children and ran. Lauren, under immense stress and attack by the people of Shady Side, awakened - powerfully and violently. Tina was vaporized in the process, along with an entire city block.

Tina got better, though. She came back as a Seraph, none the worse for her time spent dead. Lauren felt a little bit less guilty after that.

Lauren moved into the Atlanta tower, searching for her children and learning about her powers. She had the ability to teleport, using the same mirror universe that her mother had used. She could access this by touching at a reflective surface and crossing through. She also had connections to the Lanteen people and the mother goddess of all the pantheons, though she rejected these notions as she felt a good, Christian girl should. At the tower, Lauren met and fell in love with Donovan, a bard who looked very much like her husband, Paul, but whose playful spirit and Irish accent brought out a much more fun-loving, open side to her. She formed a close friendship with Bryan, who teased her and helped her challenge her tightly-laced world view, and she baked him lots of cookies when she was feeling particularly stressed.

Discovering her children were in Egypt with the god Seth, Lauren set out to rescue them, learning the truth about her parentage and meeting her father for the first time. Ramesses had remarried Isetnofret, the servant girl, and the two had two children - Neferu and Ankhet. The children were eventually rescued and brought back to Atlanta. Paul was killed in Egypt, leaving Lauren a widow - but not an unhappy one.

She continued to learn about her powers, until things shifted. She was sent to the current world with no knowledge of her life before, though there are hints that she can’t quite interpret. Things about her life feel off, and she cannot explain why. She has dreams about people she doesn’t know, abilities she doesn’t have, gods and priestesses and assassins and her best friend being an angel.... but none of it makes any sense. She’s thought that it all might make a pretty interesting story, if she had any writing ability to speak of.