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Freshman Dominic Dunny

Name Dominic Dunny

Position Student

Second Position Excelsior Team Member

Rank Freshman

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 19

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 200 Pounds
Hair Color Dark Blonde/Brown
Eye Color Pale Blue
Physical Description DD looks a couple years older than his 19 years, a product of his outdoor lifestyle. He keeps his hair cut short and neat, rarely letting it get more than a couple of inches in length. He stands confidently, usually with a smile or a smirk on his face, and a twinkle in his eye.

He’s usually spotted wearing something casual, a reference to some TV show on his shirt, or a tank top if he has been working out. DD is well built, more than happy to show off well developed muscles.


Father Edric Dunny (Adoptive)
Mother Kathleen Dunny (Adoptive)
Brother(s) No biological brothers that he knows of. 3 adoptive brothers; Kenny (20), Darren (17), Rico (15)
Sister(s) No biological sisters that he knows of. 2 adoptive sisters; Keira (17), Shanie (13)
Other Family Dominic is unaware of any other family he may have.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Known as DD to his friends, Dominic often described as the oldest 19 year old that people know. Growing up in a family full of adopted children, he learnt at a young age to be independent, something his parents encouraged. As a result, he has a maturity and outlook on life that is rare for someone his age.

He considers himself happy, although he has a short fuse and his lack of patience sometimes gets in the way of his long term goals. Although slow to trust people, his friends describe him as being loyal and fiercely protective.

He is close to most of his adoptive family, although he has something of a rivalry with his older brother Kenny, whom he views as wasting his potential.

A self confessed fitness freak, DD loves working out, and is proud of what he considers his ‘outdoor education’. He is practical, often spending time away from work out in the wilderness of Canada, or building something in his workshop.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Positive outlook on life
+ Practical, strong and able to handle himself in a fight
+ Has a practical knowledge of engineering
+ Friendly, tends to get on well with people

- Impatient, preferring to forge ahead with an initial idea rather than think it out.
- Short fuse. DD does not like people pushing his buttons, and those doing so quickly find out.
- Can be quick to judge those he views as wasting their lives.
Ambitions Although DD lives most of his life one day at a time, he does have some semblance of a master plan. Whilst he enjoys working on rigs, he doesn’t view it as a commitment he wants for the rest of his life. He wants to be able to apply his knowledge to something like a full engineering degree, and then see where life takes him.
Hobbies & Interests DD enjoys engineering, and it’s rare to find him reading a book that isn’t related in some way to something practical like blacksmithing or outdoorsmanship.

In his spare time, he enjoys camping, forging, leatherworking, woodcarving and above all, working out.

He will occasionally admit to enjoying cooking, something he picked up as a necessity to facilitate his diet.
Languages English

Personal History Dominic knows he is 19, although his exact birthdate is unknown. He knows nothing on his life previous to being fostered by the Dunny family, Edric and Kathleen. They tell him that he was found by a stranger in a car park in Toronto, a few months old, crying and shivering from the cold.

To DD, that doesn’t matter so much anymore. He found a home with his new parents, who were unable to have children of their own, adopting when they were able. As a result, he grew up with many brothers and sisters. Some stayed for a few months, others permanently. He saw the best and worst of what the system had done to kids, and swore that he’d never end up like them. Instead, he forced himself to be as much help as he could be to his parents.

Getting his first job at 13, he was an avid cub and scout, before making the decision to leave home at the age of 16 to take on an apprenticeship in oil rig work. It allowed him to spend a few months out at a time learning more practical skills, and then have large periods of off time to be able to spend doing what he wanted back home in Toronto.

Now 19, DD has been working on the rigs for 3 years, and is considered to be one of the regulars, a hard worker who does what is needed of him. Although he still technically lives with his parents, his long work shifts on the other side of an ocean, coupled with his periods of time out in the wilds of Canada means he is rarely at home.

Historically, he has struggled with relationships, as he has yet to find someone who can deal with the long distance nature of his life.