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Unawakened Melissa Wilson

Name Melissa Thalia Wilson

Position Unawakened

Rank Unawakened

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 17

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 160lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Melissa's not the sort of girl that jumps out at you - figuratively OR literally!

To say that she's unassuming is putting it a little bit mildly. She's as quiet a wallflower as she looks, with thick glasses that seem to often slide down her nose, long dark hair that is almost always tied up with very little care and attention, and clothes that look just a little too big, Melissa doesn't generally show up on anyone's radar.

Unless they're looking for someone to pick on. Or do their homework.

She might be pretty if she put some effort in, looked up from the floor once in awhile, didn't slouch, and wore more fashionable clothing and eyewear, perhaps even lost a little bit of weight. As it is, she doesn't get rated very highly.

She's okay with that.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Anthony Wilson
Mother Talassa Cyparissus
Brother(s) Kyle (16)
Sister(s) Lisa (19)
Other Family Tina Cyprissus - aunt
Xanthias Cyparissus - uncle (in Kalymnos, Greece)
Devon Spencer - cousin
Several aunts, uncles & cousins in England, on her father’s side, who she has not met.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Melissa is shy, quiet, and exactly what you'd picture when you imagine the quiet bookworm hiding in the corner of the library, pouring through books. She has the look about her of someone who likes books more than people, and, for the most part, that's fairly true. Melissa would much rather read than talk to people - she's not, really, all that sure how to DO that. Books always say the right things and don't make fun of her when she doesn't.

The thing is, that's only part of Melissa's story. The public face she shows the world isn't quite the one she lives online, where her life is her own and she can be whoever she wants to be. She'd never admit to having a 'net addiction, but the fantasy life she lives online is more fulfilling to her than her real life is. Her online role-playing game, Worlds of Myth, might not be real, but her heroine is everything she wishes she could be in real life - beautiful, strong, witty, quick-thinking, flirtatious, brilliant, able to talk to cute guys... it's little wonder that she spends most of her time there.
Strengths & Weaknesses Melissa is as intelligent as she is well-read. She consistently achieves high marks at school, without as much effort as she makes it look.

She does have a bit of an addictive personality, which ties in to her feelings of limited self-worth. Her time engrossed in Worlds of Myth is when she feels happiest and most fulfilled, and those feelings feed her addiction.

She likes doing the things that feel good, and dislikes doing things that don't, or that she's been made fun of for. She's not particularly fond of athletics, in any form, as a result.

She is very shy and incredibly quiet.
Ambitions At the moment, Melissa's ambitions are somewhat nebulous. She knows that she plans to go to university like her sister Lisa - Aunt Tina has already promised to help fund that - but she has absolutely no idea what she'd like to study when she gets there.

She would like to study something that will get her a job that will pay a lot and let her have lots of time free. And, maybe live on the water some day. She visited the Greek island of Kalymnos once, visiting family, and it has always seemed like a beautiful, exotic sort of place to her. She'd be happy to have a private island like that one day.
Hobbies & Interests Aside from reading and gaming, Melissa doesn't really do all that much. She has dabbled in writing, but felt that she wasn't very good at it.

She used to play piano - badly.

Melissa does pick up a few babysitting jobs here and there, mostly for neighbours and friends.
Languages English, and a basic understanding of Greek

Personal History Melissa's life really isn't that interesting. At least, that's what she'd say.

Born in 1993 in London, England, to Anthony Wilson and Talassa Cyparissus, Melissa was the middle of three children. The eldest, Lisa, tended to steal the spotlight just by her very nature. Her younger brother, Kyle, took whatever was left by virtue of the fact that both Anthony and Talassa thought having a son a phenomenal achievement. Melissa, quiet and introverted by nature, seemed content to hide in Lisa and Kyle's shadows.

After Anthony lost his job in 1997, the family decided to emigrate to America. Talassa's cousin, Tina, worked in a small Maryland town by the name of Shady Side as the town's only doctor. Tina assured them that she'd help out, proving her case by giving Talassa a job working as a receptionist in her clinic. Anthony was able to retrain and took a job as a mechanic in town, eventually taking over the shop. Although Lisa resented the move, finding the bright lights and culture of London far superior to that of small town Maryland, the family has settled in to Shady Side quite well. They've happily made it home.

Melissa, for one, enjoyed the change of scenery. London was too busy for her liking, too loud and bright and with far too many people. Shady Side's quiet, friendly atmosphere was more her style, and she found a number of hidden little areas along the shore or in the surrounding forests that awarded precious peace and quiet.

Kids can be cruel, and Melissa often bore the brunt of this. Entering first grade as a transfer student was bad enough, but entering as a transfer student with a British accent was much worse. Her classmates started on her accent, then moved on from there. Each day, they tried to find new things to torment Melissa with, new ways to prove that words could hurt. Sensitive, Melissa took these to heart, and her self-esteem has never really had a chance to recover. Her only allies, her parents, Aunt Tina and her brother Kyle could never really relate. Her sister, Lisa, didn't see what all the fuss was about.

When Melissa reached high school, very little changed. She was withdrawn, quiet, and rarely spoke unless spoken to. She preferred to listen, taking in what people said and learning from that. She read profusely, having quickly learned that books never hurt her or called her names. The only times she seemed to ever come out of her shell were on rare visits to her mother's family in Kalymnos, Greece, or when with her closest friends.

In an effort to help their daughter - with school and otherwise - Melissa was given her own computer for her 14th birthday. She has become somewhat technologically savvy, reading computer books with as much fervour as any other. She's no expert, but she does troubleshoot her father's computer and provides tech support for Tina's clinic when necessary.

Just over a year ago, Melissa was introduced to the online RPG Worlds of Myth. In the game, players create characters in the ancient Mediterranean cultures (Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Minoan, Persian, Babylonian & Phoenician), completing quests from the gods and levelling up to become demigods. Although she'd be the first to admit that it's anachronistic and the basis in mythology is shaky at best, she has become hooked. Although her parents realize that Melissa has a problem, they see her socialization in-game as a good thing, since at least she IS socializing! It seems to be helping Melissa's self-esteem a little bit, though it's barely noticeable to anyone who doesn't know the young woman well. For those who do, the characters Melissa plays in the game are dramatically different from what she's like in real life. Some might call it Melissa's way of exploring her secret inner self. Some might call it a way to act out her deepest desires. Some might just think she's nuts. There's a good reason Melissa keeps a public and a private gamertag. The public one is far less interesting!

During her previous year in high school, Melissa briefly dated a boy named Jeff, thinking that he was a player in Worlds of Myth named Ankhramesses. It turned out that Ankhramesses was actually a boy named Tim LaFontaine, who was unable to attend school in the conventional sense due to an illness that required him to be hooked up to a dialysis machine for a few hours most days. Melissa developed feelings for Tim, which culminated in a kiss on the beach - which was, unfortunately, witnessed by Jeff. Jeff beat Tim to within an inch of his life, then proceeded to slander Melissa’s name at school with rumours of her sexual infidelity. Melissa decided, for Tim’s safety, not to pursue a relationship with him, though they remain friends and there is still definite attraction on both sides. The rumours died over summer holidays, but Melissa remains uneasy and nervous at school.

With her final year of high school halfway through, Melissa is starting to feel the pressure of what to do when school is over. Choosing universities feels difficult and complicated. She has reacted to this by spending more and more time in-game.