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Senior Susan Edwin

Name Susan Karyme Edwin

Position Student

Rank Senior

Character Information

Gender Female
Species mutant
Age 18

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight none of your buisness
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Susan is slightly curvy, but not obese. She knows she has the curves that drive many men wild, but that doesn't bother her. She keeps her hair to her shoulders, or longer at times.

She has just a few scars from injuries as a child. Other then that, her body is in good shape for an eighteen year old woman.


Spouse none
Children Melody
Father Seamus Edwin
Mother Rosa Edwin
Brother(s) Aiden Edwin, Sean Edwin
Sister(s) Cathrine
Other Family Few Aunts and Uncles left on her father's side. Also her paternal Grandmother is still alive and in Margret GA with Seamus’s older brother Lee and his wife. Her maternal grandparents and their extended family live in the South, all along the Florida and Louisiana coastlines. Her Grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother all live in the Bayou of Louisiana.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dubbed the friendly Edwin by those who know her siblings, she lives up to that title, being very open and friendly to those around her. Always helpful and willing to meet with those new to the tower, Susan goes out of her way to make sure everyone lands on their feet when first arriving.

While many boys have tired, Susan is lesbian and has never harbored a desire to see any male naked. she also has issues with too much touching from a male. When pushed against a wall, she can lose her cool and become very unreasonable.
Strengths & Weaknesses Like most telepaths, her recall is prefect. She has been trained in Krav maga and in fire arms by her mother. Her father made sure she had first aide training as well. She is also friendly.

Her biggest weakness is her power. If Susan doesn't dreamwalk, she is forced to live memories she picked up. Too many nightmares causes her to lose sleep. When her power first came out, she was reliving nightmare type dreams from memories she got from both her trauma surgeon of a Dad and her mother's police job. She also can get very emotional when her sexuality is brought up.

She has no superhuman reflexes or strength, so she is just human.
Ambitions To have a dream of her own one night, without drugs of magical aides.

Other than that, she doesn't really have plans. College is an option, she just doesn't know for what.
Hobbies & Interests Susan's hobbies are easy to keep track of. Mostly music and reading. She is a big fan of dance music, techno and anything she can shake her butt to.

Her favorite types of books are romance (lesbian romance if she can find it) sci fi and some historical fiction.
Languages English, Spanish, French Creole, Irish Gaelic.

Service Record Powers:

Dream telepathy

This comes in two ways. While she can read minds and project thoughts, her ability in that field is limited while the subject is awake. Susan's strength lies in being able to play back strong memories she picks up on during her awake time and replaying them while she sleeps. They are always in a first person point of view, and never able to be changed from what had happened. It could be any memory, recent or distant, usually what is on the mind of the person she gets it from when she gets close to them.

The other style is she has the ability to leave her body and enter the body of another person sleeping. While in their mind, she enters their dreams and can interact with them, Over the past two years, she has been focusing her skills on learning how to control a dream. Normally she has decent control, but sometimes she has none. She has changed one good dream into a nightmare, so far. She has also managed to reach into a subject's mind and use a memory of their for a dream, making the subject, this time a 16 year old girl relive the night of sex that led to her pregnancy. Due to her telepathic focus on dreams, any dream she has or is a part of, she can recall with great accuracy, down to the smallest detail..

Like most telepaths, she is able to send thoughts and receive them, usually they have to be within several feet of the target.

She gets nightly training in her dream walking, as she no longer has her own dreams, not without outside help. So she has a list of people she is able to visit, to keep from watching traumatic incidents. Normally she is given as a helper to the new students who suffer from nightmares. Her normal dream form is that of a warrior clad in a white tunic and holding a silver sword with white flames.

Skills: Susan has kept in shape, keeping with a training program that her mother works as well. This is also part of her hand to hand training. She is learning to use her telepathy as a stun power, but it is slow going on that front.

She has also been trained by her mother in firearms use and by her father in first aide