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X-Men: Awakening is an R rated group. 18 years of age or older is required to join. All posted subject matter must be suitable for this rating. Anyone found violating this policy will face penalties, up to and including removal from the group. If anyone is found to be under the age of 18, they will be removed from the group immediately. Under no circumstances is graphic sexual content allowed to be posted to this site.

X-Men: Awakening is an all volunteer gig. This is all for fun. No one gets paid to write these characters, and no one is paid to upkeep the site. No profits of any kind are generated. All copyrights to the base material are maintained by The Walt Disney Company and Marvel. No infringement is intended.

“Mutation, it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve into the dominant species on the planet. This process normally takes thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward.”

--Professor Charles Xavier


Hello and welcome to X-Men: Awakening!

If you’re here, you’re probably curious about what it is that we do around here. The short answer is that we write stories that are based loosely on Marvel’s X-Men, with a portion of the rest of the Marvel-verse tossed in for good measure.

The long answer? Well, here goes.

We are a group of writers that roleplay characters of our own creation in print. Sure, we use X-Men/Marvel as a basis for those writings, but we don’t limit ourselves to canon only ideas. We do try to live up to the spirit of creativity from the comics, television shows, and movies.

We do not use canon characters for anything other than cameo-type appearances, and any canon characters that are submitted will not be approved. It is also highly unlikely that we will approve any offspring of canon characters. We write our own original characters. First, it keeps us from running afoul of any copyright issues. Second, it’s just far more fun to write your own creation than it is to have to mimic someone else’s.

We do things a little differently around here than some may expect. Most places want you to create your characters, in all of their fully fleshed out glory, and submit them. This isn’t the case with X-Men: Awakening.

Yes, we want a good background for your character, but here’s the deal: Your character is a mortal in a world tinged with metahumans. You live your mortal life, as boring or as exciting as that may be, up until the point that you enter our realm. Once you enter our realm you start writing your character’s mortal life from where their background ends. No powers, no hint that your character is a mutant. Your character is simply living their life.

Your background is not your character’s origin story. What you write after joining the group will evolve into your origin story. The speed at which your character enters the metahuman realm is dependent on your level of participation. We have no rules demanding how many posts that you have to make in a month. However, for instance, if you post once a week your character is likely to advance more quickly than those that only post once a month.

Yes, as the Head Admin/Evil Overlord, I read everything that’s posted on the site. Not only for Admin purposes, but for inspiration as well. Your writings are my inspiration for your character’s powers. No, you do not choose your own powers. Just as it should be, they will be a surprise for your character. I will discuss said powers with the writer, as I want people be able to write their powers comfortably. However, no mutant chooses their powers, nor when they awaken. They simply have to learn how to live with them when the time comes.

There are three separate factions that are available to writers within our realm:

Townsend Tower is led by Headmistress Absynth “Syn” Drake, and serves as our version of Xavier’s School. They’re a bit less on the pacifist side of things and are not directly affiliated with Professor X’s group of X-Men. They are aware that there are those that seek to destroy and control and they are prepared to do what it takes to keep that from happening. As such, they take in and train mutants in order to prepare them for the realities of the world that they live in. This includes a full education, as well as combat and power training. We are in need of those willing to write student-aged characters at this time.

The Mutant Underground is alive and active in this world and led by US Marshal Dyami Bentley. Much more militant than those at Townsend Tower, they take the fight directly to those that seek to destroy those with metahuman powers out of fear and prejudice. They conduct missions to aid mutants in distress as well as wage war on the mutant-hunting entity that is known as Nexus. They are allied with Townsend Tower, though that is not something that is widely known.

The Findelion Watch, operating out of the Villain’s Spire, is our villain faction. If you want to try your hand at penning a villain, this is the faction for you! It is run by a congenial madman named Lorde who is convinced that mutants should be running things, since they are, after all, the apex predator of our times. It is the duty of the strong to protect the weak, is it not?

So there you have it. If our group sounds like something that you might be interested in, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at myzphoenyx@gmail.com

Absynthe “Syn” Drake
Lead Administrator
X-Men: Awakening

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January 8th 2012

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January 29th 2012

“I’m going to find you bitch.” The burly man said as he walked around what looked like a playground at night. "You can't hide forever!"

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Syn walked with Dyami and took in the surroundings in the strange, enclosed cavern. She smelled strange flowers, and stooped to allow the cool stream to run between her fingers. The small woman splashed a little of that water at her lover playfully, then stood, drying her hands on her…

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Mission: Every Day - February 2012
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Carefully, cautiously, Syn opened her door and stepped out onto the cold evening air. She noticed the small simple box only shortly before the candles lit around it. Was it a bomb? “Please don’t let it be a bomb,” she muttered. The Tower had suffered enough explosions as of late.…

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