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“Mutation, it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve into the dominant species on the planet. This process normally takes thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward.”

--Professor Charles Xavier


In a burst of colored light a blonde-haired man appeared in front of an auditorium of potential students. He placed a briefcase on a large desk with a wink and a nod. When it opened a loud noise could be heard throughout the room. The strange man began write a name on the blackboard. “That’s right, Lord, with an e. I will be your professor for the next four minutes and thirty three seconds.”

He tapped on something inside the case and an image appeared on the wall behind him. “This is the Spire. The most magical place on earth, as everyone who knows will tell you.” He zoomed into a section of the city containing a barracks and further still until members of his team could be seen. “The senior members of my staff are always ready to help new people with any and all problems. Don’t forget we do have an accredited University that you won't owe your life to after getting your degree.”

Then the map zoomed to a different location in the town. “As you can see we have entertainment venues of all sorts and always wanting ideas for bigger and better ones. Just recently someone asked me about starting a sports team and thus giving me an excuse to build a stadium for them. ‘Course, as for me I might like one for a decent human chess match anyway. Of course we always need more pawns. After all not everyone can be a queen.”

After a few more keystrokes the emblem of The Findelion Watch replaced the holographic map of The Spire. “We at the Watch strive to free mankind of the shackles he has been under for as long as history has been written. If you should join our band of merry men this is the one thing you need to take to heart.”

Lorde pulled a ridiculously large pocket watch out and held out his hand counting down. “Three, two one....”

The doors to the left and right of him burst open with alarms faintly heard.

Rosa Edwin was crouched on the other side of the door to the blonde man’s right. A futuristic looking gun in her hands. She had been looking over the weapons built by her fourteen year old son when the alarms had started to ring. Thankfully she had gotten carried by her other son. “Mister, you have five seconds to identify yourself, but don’t make any sudden movements.”

The tall, pale blonde man held up something akin to a smartphone. “Hey hey before you start up I am listed as a substitute teacher today.”

“You. So you were the one listed as A. Pompous Douchebag on the register?” Rosa asked him as she moved into the room, gun barrel never lowering. Placing his face was easy, but she wasn’t happy he was here. Not at all. “Do we call you Mr. Bag, or Douche for short.” She cringed slightly. Clearly she spent too much time with the teens from the tower, her own kids included, if the quips were flying this fast.

“That would be Mister Dee Bee to you.” Chuckling, as Lorde was from another dimension after all.

From the door at his left Talon entered the room quietly. Two security guards entered behind him. Each was holding a silenced MP5, and took positions on either side of the door, crouching low to minimize their profile. Upon seeing the trenchcoat clad man standing in front of the group gathered in the amphitheater, The Indian Shaman said casually to him, “Ah, come back for round two have we?” then cracked his knuckles in both his hands by tightening his fists.

“You're assuming round one ever ended.” He jiggled his pocket computer showing his teacher's certificate. “But nope just trying to educate the next generation. After all don’t they deserve to hear both sides of the coin?”

Talon shook his head and answered, “I am not the person you should be asking. You should probably ask her.” He pointed at the desk in front of the blonde-haired man.

A moment later, a small, red-tinged Asian woman with red reptilian eyes, and dressed in a black satin gi, emblazoned with a golden dragon, appeared to materialize on the desk beside Lorde, her feet dangling off of the edge, her arms crossed over her chest. The look in those eyes flashed darkly, and a small smirk curved the edges of her lips. “I can never tell if you’re incredibly brave, or absolutely insane, Lorde,” Syn said, shaking her head slightly. “That ID looks about as old as dirt. Who did you steal it from?”

“Hey, hey, do you have any idea how hard it was to get this in the eighteen hundreds?” Then he tapped the small screen. “It says right here, what time I am supposed to be here filling in.”

Rosa fought the urge to shake her head. But the jokes would not be stopped. “Ah, the dark side to affirmative action. Even the villains get a chance.”

Lorde turned back to the students with a smile. “Well it's been a pleasure filling in today. It’s getting a bit crowded in here. So without further ado you people know how to get ahold of me if you decide to come for a visit. Remember we even do field trips.” After speaking he raised his hand and light beginning to emanate from his palm, he quickly added, “Don’t forget; the Dark Side is so much sexier than Light.” Then in an instant he was gone.

Talon was waiting for just the right moment, and as Lorde began to fade he rushed forward with blinding speed. His hand attempting to grasp the mage’s arm but he was just an instant too late. Instead, his hand closed around the arm of Miss Evans, the teacher that was supposed to be hosting this particular orientation meeting.

Miss Evans let out a shriek at being summarily deposited in the middle of a showdown and grabbed around by the arm by a six foot two inch indian. Eyes wide she exclaimed “Well I never!” and swung around slapping Talon full force in the face. The sound of which echoed through the now quiet room.

Talon quickly released Miss Evan’s arm saying to her, “You have my apologies Ma’am.” seeming to ignore the slap to his face.

“Nothing like being called ugly by a man still stuck in the eighties. That hair reminds me of kids from my high school years.” Rosa stated as she searched the room, in case he was pulling a sneak attack, but she lowered the barrel of the weapon she held.

The diminutive dragon lady sighed, rolling her eyes as she lowered herself off of the desk. She motioned one of the security guards over and said, “Take Miss Evans to the medical wing and have her checked out. Goodness only knows what Lorde has done to her.” She put a gentle hand on the stunned woman’s back and guided her towards the helpful security guard, that was dressed in a set of stylized white armor.

Once they left the room, Syn turned back to the potential students and offered a reassuring smile. Well, as reassuring as it could be coming from a tiny, reptilian eyed woman. “I suppose I should take over at this point. My name is Absynthe Drake, and I’m the headmistress of Townsend Academy.”

She motioned to the gun wielding woman to her right and continued, “This is Rosa Edwin, the Assistant Headmistress.” Then Syn motioned to the large, dark haired man to her left, “And this is Dyami Bentley, the leader of the Mutant Underground.”

Rosa looked for a safety switch on the weapon she held, but found it had none, so she passed it off to a security team member. “Put that in the special amory, tell Sean to build safeties in his weapons, please.” She whispered. Then she looked to the assembled masses. “Hello.” She wasn’t good at this. She was a beat cop that worked to almost detective. She had also been an army grunt. She never meant to be part of a school’s administration.

“Greetings to all of you,” Talon said raising his hand in his people’s tradition gesture of friendship.

“Welcome to X-Men: Awakening and Townsend Academy,” the tiny woman said, giving a short, respectful bow to those that were gathered. “X-Men: Awakening is a collaborative, Marvel fan fiction based, multi-user simulation. Or a Sim for short.

“We are a collective outlet to explore our creativity, based in a realm of fandom that we all share a common interest in. Each writer pens their own, unique character, starting with their own origin story, each contributing to the overall story in their own, various ways. We come together to create a realm of fantasy and illusion for our own amusement and enjoyment. An imaginary world where a group of adults write out the adventures of heroes.

“After all, who hasn’t had dreams of flight without assistance? Of being able to run faster than trains, planes and automobiles? Of being able to lift great weights, jump great heights, or delve into the deepest, darkest parts of men’s minds to turn their very fears against them?” Syn pointed out, with a small, mischievous grin.

“Oh, but you saw “X-Men” and read the quote from professor Xavier. Isn’t this like an X-Men comic book?

“The easy answer is “Yes.” This site deals with mutants and stories familiar to anyone reading X-Men comics. This is intentional.”

The short, dragon-eyed woman continued to explain, “The X-Men are mutants, a subspecies of humans, who are born with superhuman abilities. We fight for peace and equality between normal humans and mutants in a world where anti-mutant bigotry is fierce and widespread. We write in the same realm as, however we are a separate entity from, Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and his team of X-Men. While we draw widely from the Marvel Universe, the main focus of our writings are based on the X-Men series.

“You knew there was a “but” coming, and you’re right.

“In order to create an environment that allows you to play a character, we have to step out from the comic books. We make our own world inspired by the comic books. For this reason--and legal reasons--we can’t let you write as any hero from the actual comic books. Who wants to do that anyway? X-Men: Awakening encourages you to make your own hero, from their humble beginnings as mere mortals. In our little fantasy world, you have your own adventures and share them with others.

“The Townsend Academy is located in Atlanta, Georgia and, as an entity, holds itself as neutral in global politics. As often as is possible, anyway.” Syn gave a small chuckle, then continued on, “The administrators have opted to focus on the education of their students, with some high level world saving going on in the background. Never heard of that giant oil slick in the Pacific? Or the Yellowstone Caldera going up and taking out the breadbasket of the world? There’s probably a good reason for that.”

“As you’ve been made aware of, there are various factions that you can work towards joining up with. Lorde has already made his pitch for The Findelion Watch, our villain faction. Townsend Academy is our hero faction. The Mutant Underground is a separate faction, bent on protecting metahumans by any means necessary.

“The choice of your faction is up to you.” Rosa said as she sat on the edge of a nearby desk. “Are you the type of person who wants to fight the good fight, with all the odds stacked against you? Hated and cursed by the world you swear to save? Standing against adversity?“ She paused for just a moment, then continued. “Or do you sit back and twirl your mustache, while proving how strong you are by refusing to back down and using all the tricks in your book to make the governments of the world quake at the sound of your name? Of course, the lines can be blurred. Even those who are rough around the edges can be a good guy. And Mr. Lorde proved that the most sophisticated or debonair man, or woman, can be very evil.”

The Cherokee Shaman stepped forward and said, “My name is Dyami, also known by my code name ‘Talon’. I have been a freedom fighter for mutants since there were gunfights in the wild west. Now, in this modern time, I run the Mutant Underground.

“We are the ones who tread the fine grey line between good and evil. We accept both Good and Evil characters as long as they have the yearning to see the mutant race free of the shackles that many in our world are all too eager to place on us.” Talon paused, “Oh and also be able to follow orders from people in charge of them.

The blue eyed man then turned and motioned to Syn saying, “I think that is enough for now, if you are interested in any of these factions please speak with Miss Syn, she will be more than happy to do the tons of paperwork that is involved.” Continuing Dyami added with a chuckle and a wink of his eye, “Something I have personally sworn never to do.”

“Dyami, promises like that get broken so easily.” Rosa said with a chuckle. She began to swing her legs in front of the desk. “I can personally attest to that. I promised I’d never take on major paperwork, yet here I am.”

Dyami laughed and responded “Yes, there you are. And here I am, still with no paperwork. You should take your promises more seriously.” The smiling Shaman poked her in the shoulder with a finger. Turning to the class Talon said, “As you can see we try to foster a sense of community, a place to belong, to fit in, and for some that don’t have it anymore a family.”

“If we’ve piqued your interest, let us know! We’re always accepting applications for future students of Townsend Academy,” Syn said, stepping forward to face the class, giving those gathered a reserved, respectful bow and a bit of a mischievous grin. “We now return you to your regularly scheduled...schedule.”

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